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Horizon fitness EX-59 elliptical vs Concept 2 model E rower

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Apr 7, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Horizon fitness EX-59 elliptical vs Concept 2 model E rower

This is a comparison of the Horizon fitness EX-59 elliptical and the Concept 2 model E rower including pros, cons, and alternatives. Follow the links for more details.

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Overview and review of the concept 2 model E

The Concept 2 Model E comes in at $1100. In this article you will learn more about the product itself, its Pros and cons and alternatives you might want to consider. This article has originally been published in the overview "Which conditioning equipment to buy from Rogue".

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Overview of the Concept 2 model E

The concept 2 model E tower is one of the top of range rower options from concept 2. The main difference to other rowers is the seat height and protection of the chain. Think of this as a beefed up version of towers that you can easier get on and off. 
Concept 2 also delivers the PM5 Monitor with the Model E rower. This computer gets very good feedback a across the board in the industry. It enables you to link multiple rowers together to have a race. Whatever you get, make sure that it has a function to store your times and race against yourself. That is very satisfying and useful. The concept 2 model e rower comes with the following specifications: 
  • 54” monorail length
  • 20” seat height 
  • 5-year warranty frame parts
  • 2-year warranty all part
The concept 2 Model E is a great option to beef up your existing rower assortment or to directly start with a model that has been perfected over time.

Pros of the concept 2 model E

The pros of the model E rower are: 
  • Static arm 
  • Higher seat 
  • PM5 monitor
  • Bulkier frame 
The PM5 monitor is fixed on a status arm compared to other rower models. This makes it easier to keep it in place and the material is less likely to fail. Even though the adjustable arms seems nice they actually cause more trouble than extra value. Over time you have to tighten the screws and take care so that monitor will not be all over the place during a challenge challenging workout. A static arm is much preferred in my opinion as long as it fixed at a height that makes sense to do the readings.
A higher seat has several advantages. If you have very big athletes or someone who can not get on the lower seat option from other rowers, than this is the solution. It is also great if you want to switch between workouts quickly in circuit training. 
The PM5 monitor is also an advantage of other models. This monitor is becoming standard across the concept 2 range but just check before purchase whether it is really on or you need to select another option. I hear a lot of good about this monitor. 
The bulkier frame will make it possible for the model E to take more of beating if your intention is to use it in a gym setup. 

Cons of the concept 2 model E

The cons of the concept 2 model e are 
  • Price 
  • Specificity 
  • Space requirements 
The price of the model E is quite a bit higher than for most other rower options. If you only want to row you might be able to save the worth of a barbell or a couple of plates by going for a different option.
Rowing is not very specific to most sports except CrossFit and rowing itself. If you are building a team that competes in some kind of major league you will still need treadmills besides the rowers. In addition, the higher seat is also less specific to actual rowing. The Olympic rowing boats are tiny and you sit very closely to the ground. 
The last disadvantage of a rower is the space requirement. Compared to a bike, especially for a home gym, the length of the unit can turn into a real headache. 

Alternatives to the Concept 2 model E

Alternatives to the concept 2 model E rower are
The concept 2 model d rower would be the logical choice if you want to save some money. It is basically the same machine, just with slower seat and less fancy. If you want to row and be budget conscious this might be the option for you.
The Rogue echo bike is a solid alternative for the home gym to kick your butt. It costs considerably less than the model E and delivers a challenging, maybe even better impact on your cardiovascular system.
The air assault runner is the budget option for self-propelled running. It is still a lot triple the price of the model E. If you are running an establishment to produce the best you probably need a rower and one of these self-propelled machines. 

Summary for the Concept 2 model E

The model E is a sound upgrade on the model E aimed at rehab or big boys. It is also one of the best things money can buy from concept 2. Is it worth the extra money compared to the model D? Probably not if you care more about the budget than having the best things in life.

Overview and review of the Horizon fitness EX-59 elliptical

This is an overview of the Horizon fitness EX-59 elliptical including pros, cons, and alternatives. This article was first published in Which Horizon fitness elliptical to get?

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Overview of the EX-59 elliptical $699

The Horizon EX-59 is a high-quality elliptical for moderate use at home. The dimensions are kept as small as possible for an elliptical with a flywheel and the pedals are very close to the ground. This makes it a good choice for anyone who wants to workout at home, does not want to make a lot of noise and will not go crazy in their workouts. If you like something that provides a more challenging workout or better entertainment options during your workout than you might want to opt for a different elliptical.
Frame Type: Six Star Non-Folding
Flywheel: 14.3
Stride Length: 18 inches
Incline Range: N/A
Resistance Range: Magnetic, 10 levels
Step on height (inches): 10 3/4"
Extras: Built-in Speakers, Tablet rack, USB Charging, Bottle holder
Electrical requirements: 110 Volt / 220 Volt
Weight: 145lbs.
Assembled dimensions:74"x25"x64.5"
Max user weight: 300 lbs.
Warranty - Frame: Lifetime
Warranty - Brake: 1 year
Warranty - Flywheel: N/A
Warranty - Parts: 1 year
Warranty - Labor: 1 year

Pros of the EX-59 elliptical

The pros of the EX-59 elliptical are
  • Easy on the joints
  • Compact for an elliptical
  • Low price tag
  • Handles
The EX 59 is designed with ease of use in mind rather than chasing personal records and pushing the envelope. Therefore the stride is shorter and the pedals have been moved closer together while sitting close to the ground. This makes it a good machine for anyone who wants to be easy on the joints and simulate a jog on an elliptical. If you want to run long distances you might opt for something else.
Ellipticals with long stride and big flywheels can take up quite a bit of space in the home compared to bikes or treadmills. Horizon Fitness tries to minimize the footprint of this machine by keeping it compact which makes it better suited for use at home. A professional gym might want to upgrade to the Evolve series to compensate for more miles being put on the machine.
Another reason that makes this elliptical attractive for moderate home gym users is the price tag that falls way below $1000. There is not a lot to be scoffed at for a full machine at $699. There are cheaper alternatives when not using a machine but most indoor cycles and treadmills that are worth their salt start at $500.
The handles are helpful if you do not feel confident enough to go for long times without holding onto something. If you still feel like you can walk comfortably without using something to hold on to a walking treadmill might be a great alternative as they are easier to store under a bed or couch.

Cons of the EX-59 elliptical

The cons of the EX-59 elliptical are:
  • Space requirements
  • Small frame and weight
  • Console
For a machine that is aimed at lower intensities and home use, the EX-59 still takes up a bit of space. Especially the fact that you can not store it away easily like a tower, that can be hung on the wall, or a walking treadmill or Total gym, which can be stored under a bed or sofa, makes it a less attractive option for the occasional home activities.
The smaller frame and weight are good when you’ve not go hard at the machine. If you expect to go all out or a lot of heavy abuse in a commercial gym, then you might want to look into the Evolve series instead which is bigger and heavier.
The console on the EX-59 covers the basics of navigating the in-built programs, but not more. It also has no good surface to put down a tablet or bigger phone to look at while you are exercising. In times of Peloton and follow along with YouTube videos this is not up to scratch. Still, an understandable choice in the lower price ranges from a Horizon production perspective. Here Horizon might even make the console smaller for the programs to gain space for the user‘s own device.

Alternatives to the EX-59 elliptical

Alternatives to Horizon EX-59 are:
The Horizon 7.0 AE elliptical is one of the recent facelifts to the consoles of Horizon fitness. This makes it compatible with a wider range of devices and you can also do follow-along classes by watching at the screen. It is slightly bigger and more expensive than the EX-59 but I would recommend it to anyone over the EX-59 who is willing to make their budget stretch to $999.
The Horizon T101 is the smallest treadmill you can get from Horizon at the lowest price. If you prefer to jog or walk and want to burn more calories per minute, this is the better choice. The drawback is that if you need support to walk or run the T101 does not really provide a lot.
The Nordictrack SE7i is the cheapest elliptical you can get from Nordictrack. It compares better to the Evolve series from Horizon but might be an alternative if you want something fast and Horizon is out of stock.
The Rogue Echo Bike is the Ultimate Choice for serious home gym warriors who want to go hard on a small footprint. It is a well-built air bike that is especially well suited to High-intensity interval training. If you want to hit hard on the same budget as the EX-59 the Rogue Echo bike is your choice.
The TITAN fan bike is the lower-priced copycat of the Rogue Echo bike. The main differences are the bigger wheels and the price. If you want to build an entire garage gym on a budget TITAN is a good choice.

Conclusion for the EX-59 elliptical

The EX-59 is a great elliptical if you love exercising on an elliptical, have a smaller budget, and do not want to go crazy with it. I personally think that a walking treadmill is a better choice for people who still can walk and jog without support as it can be stored better. If you need lumbar support for your exercises, go for the Horizon R series instead.

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