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How to keep garage gym clean [Article, Video]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Feb 9, 2020 9:00:00 AM


How to keep garage gym clean

This is an overview of how to keep your garage gym clean. Have a designated spot for each piece of equipment, keep the floors free of clutter and know how to clean horse mats. 
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Garage gym 

The first thing you need to keep in mind when you design your home gym is that it is hard to clean in corners which you can barely reach. Check the ground plan of your garage. Measure all the walls and doors. Check which way the doors and windows open. Make an inventory of what is already in the garage. Run through the following questions when you have done these preparations:
  • What will happen with the car or cars?
  • Which items in the garage need to be kept?
  • Which Items in the garage can be thrown away?
  • Have we maximized the storage in the garage?
  • Could there be smarter ways of storing?
  • Where will the bicycles stay if they are not stored in the garage anymore? 
  • How much space will the possible equipment take up?
One of the most important points to keep the garage gym clean is that every item gets its clear designated spot. Preferably already in the planning phase. Each plate, barbell, dumbbell, and kettlebell should have a place to go. The same goes for the material which is already in the garage. Once this has been established make also sure that there is enough space to walk around equipment. If you cram as much as possible in as little a place as possible it usually does not look clean. Firstly because it is cluttered, secondly because it is hard to clean around all of this stuff. 
Keeping these things in mind early in the process will avoid that you will have a dirty place or find it nerve-wracking to clean. Design place a big role in how to keep a space tidy easily. 


Shelves will go a long way to keep your place tidy. Take ideas from Marie Kondo on how to make most of these shelves you put into your garage. For items that are not often used but need to be stored in the garage, you can out in a steel frame hanging from the ceiling with a net. This way you can out things which would normally block the floor above your head and out of your way. 
Consider storing plates and barbells on the rack itself or on the walls. Even though most people will not need more than one barbell, plan that your collection might grow once you have the bug. Keep smaller items in little bags so that they do not clutter as much. If you still want to park your car in the garage look into a folding rack. 

Wall hangers 

Rogue Fitness provides wall hangers for most of their equipment. Barbells, plates, benches and even rowing machines can be hung up on the walls to save space when equipment is not being used. Definitely consider this when you want the space free when you are not in the gym yourself. Multifunctional rooms do the trick and maximize what you are getting out of your house.

Horse mats 

Horse mats are a great and cheap solution for a gym which is majorly focused on strength. Definitely put these over your concrete to protect the structure of your house and the equipment at the same time. Here is what you need to keep them clean:
You'll need the following tools to get the job done right:
- Disinfectant
- Water
- Garden sprayer or another type of sprayer
- Scrub brush
- Long pants and a long-sleeved shirt
- Gloves
- Rubber boots
- A fan
Remove all of the equipment which can be removed from your garage gym. If you can, also remove the horse mats and bring them outside near a water hose. Clean them once to get most of the dirt off with the water and a brush. After the first cleaning, use the disinfectant and give them another round of cleaning. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning your horse mats. After this process is done give the horse mats a day or two to dry. You can lean them on one of the garage gym walls for this. When the mats are dry, place them back to bring the garage gym back to its original state, clean and disinfected. 


Most importantly you need to plan ahead when you design the gym where all of the equipment will fo in the end. Also, leave some space around heavy equipment that you will not move for a cleanup job. Plan ahead if you intend to get further upgrades that you can not afford yet. 

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