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Overview and review of The Rogue 5 Affiliate package

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Sep 16, 2019 9:30:00 AM

5 Affiliate

Overview and review of the 5 Affiliate package

You can buy the 5 Affiliate package from Rogue at $7.005 to set up for 5. It will provide the infrastructure and material you need to get going. This article was originally published in "which equipment package to buy from Rogue".

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Overview of the 5 Affiliate package

The 5 Affiliate package is a great starter package for a new CrossFit outlet. The shortlist of items is: 
This package gets your affiliate starting with the basic assortment of necessities without covering any infrastructure. You have everything ready to run classes of five. 

Items of the 5 Affiliate package

This is the overview of all the items of the 5 Affiliate package with more detail on each of the line item. 

Over 1000LB of ROGUE HG Bumpers:

  • 10 - 10LB
  • 10 - 25LB,
  • 10 - 35LB,
  • 10 - 45LB bumpers
  • 2.5LB Rogue Steel plates
  • 5LB Rogue steel plates 
Bumper plates are a great solution to train indoors or outdoors. They are unlikely to chip and easy on the fingers and toes of your clients if they get between two plates or the plates and the ground. They can be dropped from overhead regularly. The only downside to bumper plates is that they are not as accurate in weight as calibrated and competition plates and that you have to put more real estate on the bar to get the same weight. 

(5) Ohio Bars - Black Zinc Shaft, Bright Zinc Sleeves

The Ohio bar builds the backbone of the Rogue barbell portfolio. This is the all-around bar for weightlifting, powerlifting, and CrossFit which comes in at the best value for money. If you want a cheaper option look into the Rogue Echo bar. For a little more color look into the Fraser and Froning edition of the Ohio bar or design your own barbell with the Rogue Zeus System. 
This set of Kettlebells is made of cast iron. They are great when all you do with them or kettlebell swings and farmers walks. If you do a lot of kettlebell cleans and Turkish get-ups you might want to go for the rubber coated or competition barbells. 

(5) Pairs of HG 2.0 Collars

The HG collars will keep your plates in place for repeated drops from overhead. Compared to the spring collar budget option they will be easier on your barbells and produce fewer scratches.

(5) Sets of ROGUE Wood Rings

Rogue wooden rings can be used for all kinds of gymnastics for your advanced athletes. For beginners, you can use them to progress them towards their first pull up. The rings come including the straps to hook them up to your racks. For complex movements, it is recommended to hang them from the ceiling. Get the necessary anchors for this separately.

(5) Rogue Medicine Balls - Choose a weight for each up to 20LB

The Rogue medicine balls are great for wall balls and slams. If you want to save some money you can also opt for rubber medicine balls. To protect some faces go for slam balls. Somehow someone always manages to hit themselves in the face when you do slams with medicine balls. 

(1) 20' x 1.5" Manila Climbing Rope w/eyelet

If your ceilings are high enough use them for rope climbs. If they are not you can also use this rope for sled pulls. 

(2) 20" Wood Plyoboxes 

With these Plyoboxes, you can cover the need for box jumps. There are also multi-sided competition boxes which leave you with more options. 

(2) Rogue S-1 Squat/Press Stands

The rogue S1 squat stands are the smallest squat stands you can get from Rogue. They will set you up for heavy back squats and bench presses. For a little extra you can pick up the Y1 yoke from Rogue which would also enable your box for yoke carries and provides some plate storage.

(1) Concept 2 Model D w/PM5 Rower

The concept 2 model D rower is the worldwide standard for rowing machines. With the PM5 you get a great monitor that can chain multiple rowers together to have a virtual race. 

(5) Abmats 

The Abmat is one of the best ways to supercharge your sit-ups. They are part of many WODs and don’t take up too much space. You can get an upgraded version of them to protect your clients against chafing.

(1) Rogue Echo Gym Timer

The ultimate torture device for any dedicated trainer. Make everyone see how slow they are or how much time is left on this grueling task. 

Pros of the 5 Affiliate package

This package makes no fuss and gets you ready to reason five individuals with high-quality material in a group setup. With this package, you will obtain the basics and beyond. 

Cons of the 5 Affiliate package

With this package, you will need to rotate individuals as you have only one rower. When you have two it is usually easier to set up races. If someone is slow they just stay on one machine and you use the other. You will also need to look into pull up stations to complete your setup. 

Alternatives to the 5 Affiliate package


Summary of the 5 Affiliate package

The 5 Affiliate is the upper range package to get started with CrossFit classes of 5 when you already have a rig in place or another solution for doing pull-ups. The two squat stands provide some addition to your gym to do heavy squats. For bench presses, you would need to buy extra equipment. 

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