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Overview and review of the Rogue loadable dumbbell [Article, Video]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Nov 16, 2019 8:00:00 AM


Which dumbbell to get from Rogue?

Overview and review of the Rogue loadable dumbbell 

The Rogue loadable dumbbell combines the design of a barbell with a dumbbell. This saves space and cost to have a full set at home. The loadable dumbbell costs $135 and is not sold in pairs. This article has been originally posted in "which dumbbell to get from Rogue".


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Overview of the Rogue loadable dumbbell

The Rogue loadable dumbbell is basically a shortened Rogue Ohio bar. The Rogue Ohio bar is the best selling backbone of the Rogue barbell portfolio. The loadable dumbbell is available in a 15 and 10 lb version. The 15 lb version doubles the available sleeve space so you can add more weights. The Rogue loadable dumbbell is compatible with your barbell plates. You can also get specially fitted dumbbell weights with a smaller diameter which I recommend. The big plates are usually in the way when they get close to your body. On a barbell, they are further away as the shaft is longer. The specs of the Rogue loadable dumbbell are: 
  • Sold Individually, NOT in Pairs
  • Made in the USA
  • DB-10 - 200,000PSI
    DB-15 - 200,000PSI or 190,000PSI Tensile Strength Steel
  • 28.5MM diameter knurled handle
  • Bronze Bushings & Snap Ring Design
  • Length:14.25" (DB-10) 20.5 (DB-15)
  • Load Capacity: ~100LB (DB-10)
  • Rogue branded endcaps
  • Available as package with set of Rogue OSO Collars
  • Compatible with any standard Oly plates and/or Rogue Dumbbell Bumper plates
A solid combination of a barbell, dumbbell and the idea of the power block to save space. Probably one of the best executed of its kind in the market in terms of design and finish. 

Pros of the rogue loadable dumbbell

They look great and the finish is a high standard. The loadable dumbbell will also save a lot of space in a home gym setup compared to a whole wall of kettlebells or dumbbells. Compared to the power block the mechanism to change between weights is easier and a lot more durable. They are functional, nice to look at and can be dropped without risking to break them. 

Cons of the Rogue loadbale dumbbell

In a commercial gym setup, I think they are too expensive as they are not sons in pairs and not user-friendly enough. I can already see the mess when purple start loading their own dumbbells and leaving all the little parts scattered on the ground. In most gyms, it’s bad enough with plates and the usual rubber dumbbells. Imagine if all of the dumbbells also have multiple parts to them. 

Alternatives to the Rogue loadable dumbbell

Alternatives to the Rubber Hex dumbbells are
The rubber hex dumbbell is pound for pins the cheapest dumbbell with a rogue logo on it. They are also sold in pairs. If you like the hex design for your commercial gym I think this is the one to go for in bulk.
The Rogue Urethane dumbbells are slightly higher quality than the rubber hex. As the name suggests they are made of urethane instead of rubber which makes them more durable. Personally I think the main reason would be aesthetic and functional to get them over hex dumbbell. They are round instead of a hexagon. I never liked that design myself.
The Power block dumbbell is a classic design for home use. It follows the same idea as the loadable dumbbell to save space in a home setting. This is the most compact it can get for lifting dumbbells with many options in denominations. The only downside is the clicking mechanic to change between weights which is prone to break and that the block can a little too big when moving big weights. Here the loadable dumbbell might be less error-prone if you have the space to store the change plates. 
Kettlebells are always a good alternative to dumbbells. You can do almost all dumbbell movements with kettlebells while kettlebells also offer the Turkish getup and kettlebell swing as great conditioning exercises. The only negative with kettlebells is that I haven’t seen a great loadable Design for them yet to save space. If I was in the market for a big set I dumbbells I would get a wall of kettlebells instead. Especially if you have very heavy kettlebells it will set you apart from other gyms. It all depends on the clients you want to target as bodybuilders usually prefer dumbbells

Summary for the Rogue loadable dumbbell

The Rogue loadable dumbbell is a great option for the dedicated home gym owner who wants to save space and doesn’t mind the cost per dumbbell. This is a purchase that will make you happy and doesn’t make you look cheap. If you have to buy in bulk to cover the needs of more than five people you are probably better off with the hex dumbbells to save cost. Unless you are a rich university or NFL team who can afford to only buy the best for your athletes. You pay them millions, don’t be cheap on the equipment. Sends the wrong signals to your best athletes. 

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