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Overview and review of the Rogue Urethane plates [Article, free download]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

May 17, 2019 9:30:00 AM

Rogue Urethane plate

Overview and review of the Rogue Urethane plates


The Rogue Urethane plates will set you back about $1150 dollars or $7.46 dollars per kg. These plates are especially good to use for gyms who want long lasting plates. This overview has originally been published in the article "Which rogue plates to buy" which you can find on this blog.


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What else to consider from Rogue

Overview of the Urethane plates

The Rogue Urethane plates are the second most expensive ones in the Rogue portfolio per kg. What you get in return are the longest lasting, all weather plates you can obtain from Rogue. These plates are 450mm in diameter and made to IWF specs. They have a chrome insert and dead bounce on the drop. The chrome piece provides easy loading on the bar and reduced friction on the sleeves. This is the plate to buy if your last competition plates fell apart at the chrome insert. 
Weight / Color / Diameter / Thickness / Price per pair
55LB / Red / 450mm / 58mm / $310
45LB / Blue / 450mm / 53mm / $260
35LB / Yellow / 450mm / 48mm / $220
25LB / Green / 450mm / 40mm / $160
10LB / Black / 450mm / 20mm / $70
Available sets
210lb, 2x 25-35-45LB $750
300LB, 2x 25-35-4x45LB $1050
320LB, 2x 25-35-45-55LB $1100
340LB, 2x 10-25-35-45-55 $1150

Pros of the Urethane plates

This is an all-purpose plate which will last a long time and is hard. It will take the abuse of many users of different experience levels and still look good. This is a great plate for high demands and someone who does not want to replace the plates as often compared to other plates with a chrome insert.

Cons of the Urethane plates

The biggest con is the high price. If you go for Olympic or bumper plates you will get a lot more kilograms per $$$. You might be buying twice in this scenario and you will also know that you took the cheap road to success. I personally stopped doing this and it yields great results.

Alternatives to the Urethane plates

Alternatives to the Urethane plates are:
Competition plates will not last as long as they have a tendency to pull apart between the rubber and the chrome insert. They also bounce more. Still, if you want to get as close as possible to the real world championships, then these are the plates to go for instead with the slight risk that they might fall apart after years of heavy use. 
The black training plates are a great design from rogue which combines the bumper plate effectiveness with the excellence of Rogue's competition grade plates. You will find color coding and extra touches to make the plates more user-friendly and robust. This is the elegant choice of the professional.
Calibrated steel plates are the plates for anyone who wants to put the maximum amount of weight possible on the bar while still having color-coded plates. These plates are also approved by the IPF and are used in competition. If you want to get serious about powerlifting, this should be your choice.


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