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Cheapest and easiest way to stay fit (advanced)

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jun 15, 2014 4:34:00 PM

Convict Conditioning Progressions

Cheapest and easiest way to stay fit (advanced)

There are many excuses to not start training. I have no time, I have back problems, I ate too much yesterday and this is just to name a few. This Nike spot might help for getting things into perspective. My excuse was "I don't have the right gear" even though I had perfect runners out of a special shop in Munich. Not having a workout plan to get fit is a valid excuse. Especially beginner workouts and workout plans have a tendency to either be to challenging or boring for my taste. For strength I found a very interesting approach: Convict Conditioning.


The interesting part about the starting strength routine of convict conditioning is that anyone can do it. The progressions help you to find a starting point from where you can move on. The final stages of each progressions are the most cool body strength moves you can possibly imagine:



I personally love this program and women do not seem to be intimidated by the program. The goals are always right in front of you and easy to track. Don't feel discouraged by the colourful title of the page. The advise given is professional, to the point and pragmatic. If you do not want to pay for the gym, being stared at and have your house crammed with equipment, this is the way to go. The only downside is that this program will not do enough for your endurance. I will post the masteries of this program to the blog, once I have achieved them. If you are interested in the progress just post a comment and I will upload a video of where I'm currently at.


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