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Why barbell squats are bad [Article,Video]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Feb 11, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Why should you use a barbell

Why Barbell squats are bad

There are many reasons to use a barbell. The main one is to push your one-repetition maximum to new heights. 
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Why barbell training

Barbell training has become widespread and a staple of most NFL teams. While there are also things to be said for natural and more specific training, the barbell is one of the safest tools to move big weights
Yes, you can pull trucks, hit tires and push a sled. Yes, you can do tackle training all day long. You also should do these things but there is also so much these activities can do to overload certain parts of your body to adapt and grow stronger. You can let your prized athletes pick up very heavy stones for the ground. You can let them squat with another player on their shoulders. Should you? Well if you do, you better make sure that the performance improvements are very high and no one gets injured. Otherwise stick with the safer option for pushing the maximum strength of your athletes, which are barbells
Of course, it is also easy to go I to the other extreme and have your athletes chew plates all day rather than having them in the field. Remember, they are not powerlifters are weight lifters. Chasing PRs in the gym is only useful as long as it also produces results in specific sports. For rugby players, linebackers, defensive tackles, full back, half backs and tight ends it definitely doesn’t hurt if they can hit like a train. Barbells can help with that. 
Fast players might lean more towards band work and sprints. Big guys who hit hard usually also do well with moving big weights safely on a barbell. 

Why barbell squat

The barbell squat is one of the key exercises to bring up leg strength. It is one Of the first lifts taught to Olympic lifters. It will develop the biggest muscles of your body which are situated in the leg. 
Alternatives to the barbell are hard to come by. How else will you safely add a couple of hundred pounds to your back to get stronger? A safety bar or hip belt squat are options, but more costly than a barbell

Why barbell squats are bad

Barbell squats can hurt your lower back. This is especially true if you do not know how to build tension and have weak lower back muscles. They are also not ideal for jump training as the spine gets compressed too much when you hit the ground. It can help here to just hold on to dumbbells instead. 

Why barbell curl

The barbell curl is an exercise that has gotten a bad reputation. This is mainly due to people taken up rack space when they could perfectly curl the barbell outside of the rack. The barbell curl can be loaded heavier, easier in a regular gym. If you want to curl anything more than 50kg on each site you will have trouble to find the matching dumbbells in a regular gym. With the barbell, you will not have a problem to find one and stack 2 20kg plates in each end. Also in lower ranges, I find the pump I get from barbell curls a lot more effective and satisfying than from dumbbell curls. The risk is on your wrists. Excessive curls with a barbell can hurt your wrists quite bad. 

Why barbell bench press 

The barbell bench press is one of the exercises which is easiest to learn. At the same time, it is hard to master. The barbell bench press will help to build power to push away your opponents. It will also build a bigger chest. Compared to dumbbell bench presses the long piece of metal will provide stability and there the possibility to press more and heavier. 

Why barbell deadlift 

The barbell is the ultimate lift to show strength. It is part of al ist any strongman competition. The deadlift forms the pinnacle of “How heavy can the stuff get we pick off from the floor”. It will train your lower backs, glutes and amaze you. Do some deadlifts to feel alive. 


Barbell Training can add a structure to your day. If you go to train in the morning before work or school you can feel like you already achieved something and nothing can get you down. 

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