My personal marathon & crossfit goals


Run a 5mile race / achieved 29.06.2013

Run a 10k race /achieved 21.07.2013

Run a half marathon race / achieved 21.09.2013

Run a marathon race / achieved 24.10.2013

1k in under 3:50 minutes

1k in under 3:30 minutes

5k in under 19 minutes

5k in under 18 minutes

5k in under 17 minutes

10k in under 40 minutes / achieved 19.07.2014

10K in under 35 minutes

Half marathon in under 1:30 hours

Half marathon in under 1:15 hours

Marathon in under 3:30 hours

Marathon in under 3:00 hours


Squat body weight achieved 30.08.2014

Squat 1.5x body weight achieved 01.04.2015

Squat 2x body weight

Squat 2.5x  body weight


Deadlift body weight achieved 13.08.2014

Deadlift 1.5x body weight achieved 24.09.2014

Deadlift 2x bodyweight achieved 02.04.2015

Deadlift 2.5x bodyweight


Bench Press Body weight achieved 05.11.2014

Bench Press 1.5 body weight achieved 01.04.2015

Bench Press 2x bodyweight


Clean body weight

Clean 1.5 bodyweight

Clean 2x bodyweight


Snatch half body weight

Snatch body weight

Snatch 2x body weight


Overhead squat 5 x empty barbell

Overhead squat 5x half body weight

Overhead Squat 10x ody weight

Overhead squat 15x 1.25 body weight


Do Angie in

under 25 minutes

under 20 minutes

under 17 minutes

under 15 minutes


Do Annie in

under 15 minutes / achieved 08.03.2015

under 10 minutes

under 8 minutes

under 6 minutes


Do Barbara in

under 30 minutes / achieved 09.11.2014

under 25 minutes / achieved 09.11.2014

under 20 minutes

under 17 minutes


Do Diane in 

under 10 minutes

under 7 minutes

under 4 minutes


Do Elizabeth in

under 10 minutes / achieved 10.12.2014

under 8 minutes

under 5 minutes


Do Fran in

under 10 minutes

under 8 minutes

under 5 minutes



Drive a Ferrari  Done Independence Day 2015

Do a parachute jump

Qualify for Ironman in Hawaii

Qualify for Escape from Alcatraz

Qualify for Boston Marathon

Become a beast tamer

Become an elite lifter (170kg bench press, 220kg Squat, 250kg Deadlift)

Lift the McGlashen Stone

Lift the Inver Stone

Lift the Dinnie Stones

Lift the Menzie stone