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NordicTrack ACT 7 vs SE9i elliptical

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Aug 1, 2020 9:00:00 AM

NordicTrack ACT 7 vs SE9i elliptical

This is a comparison between the Nordictrack ACT 7 elliptical and the SE9i including pros, cons and alternatives. Follow the links for more details

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Overview and review of the Nordictrack SE9i $1799

This is a review of the Nordictrack SE9i model. You will learn about the specifics, pros, cons, and alternatives of this elliptical to make a decision. This article was originally published in "Which elliptical to get from Nordictrack".

Overview of the SE9i elliptical

The SE9i elliptical is the flagship rear-drive elliptical from Nordictrack. Its main features are a 7-inch touch screen, 18-flywheel, and 10% incline. The full list of features includes: 
  • 7” Smart HD Touchscreen
  • Includes 1-Year NordicTrack iFit® membership**
  • Integrated Tablet Holder
  • 0 - 10° Power Adjustable Incline
  • Auxiliary Music Port
  • Two 2” Digitally Amplified Speakers
  • Integrated, QuickTouch™ Handle Controls
  • Adjustable, Oversized Cushion Pedals
  • AutoBreeze™ Workout Fan
  • SoftTouch™ Upper Body Grips
  • Rear Drive
  • 18 Lb. Effective Inertia-enhanced Flywheel
  • SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance
  • 24 Digital Resistance Levels
  • 10% Power Adjustable Incline
  • One Touch® Controls
  • Commercial Solid Steel Construction
  • EKG Grip Pulse Heart Rate Monitor
  • iFit Bluetooth® Smart Chest Strap Included
  • 325 Lb. User Weight Capacity
  • 30 Preset Workout Apps
  • Integrated Handle Controls for Ramp and Resistance
  • Out-of-the-Box Easy Assembly
  • Rear-mounted Transport Wheels
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Vertical SpaceSaver® Design
  • 78.7" L x 31.9" W x 66.4" H Footprint
  • 10-Year Frame Warranty
  • 2-Year Parts Warranty
  • 1-Year Labor Warranty
This is the fancy version of the two rear-drive Nordictrack ellipticals with a touch screen. If you do not need a touch screen you can go for the SE7i instead.

Pros of the SE9i

The pros of the SE9i are:
  • Price 
  • Touch screen
Compared to the rest of the Nordictrack portfolio the SE9i is relatively cheap, even though it is the most expensive rear-drive elliptical in stock.  Compared to the lower cost SE7i it has the advantage of the 7-inch touch screen.

Cons of the SE9i elliptical

The cons of the Se9i elliptical are:
  • 18-pound flywheel
  • Size
  • Price
For buying something rather low tier from a vendor the price is still pretty high. If you want to save money, go all the way and get a machine that has been stripped of most things and focuses on the essentials. Otherwise, go for a different vendor or fitness machine where you can acquire the top tier products for $2000. 

Alternatives to the Se9i elliptical

The alternatives to the SE9i elliptical are:
The Nordictrack SE7i saves you an additional $600 by cutting out the touch screen in exchange for a backlit display. This will help you to save further money.
The concept 2 rower is a great alternative for someone who wants to go hard but has problems standing for along time. You have two different models you can choose from, the Model E and model D. 
The Rogue echo bike at $700 is, in my opinion, one of the strongest contestants for the best home gym workout machine. It is compact, affordable and packs a punch.

Summary for the SE9i elliptical

All in all, the Se9i is a rear-drive elliptical with a touch screen that has seen its best days. Newer designs have taken over and offer better value for money from Nordictrack. The only thing which would tempt me to go for a rear-drive is the folding option and if I was 20 years older.

Overview and review of the ACT commercial 7 1899

This is a review of the NordicTrack ACT 7 commercial including pros, cons, and alternatives. This article has been originally published in “which NordicTrack treadmill or elliptical to get in the UK”. Follow the links for more details.


Overview of the ACT commercial 7

The ACT Commercial 7 elliptical is a center drive elliptical which is very compact for home use or having a fleet in a commercial gym. The main features are a 7 inch HD touchscreen, 22" stride, and an integrated tablet holder. The full list of features includes:
  • 7" HD Touchscreen Display
  • Includes 1 Years iFit Family Membership
  • iFit Integrated
  • Integrated Tablet Holder
  • IPod Compatible Audio (2 - 2" Speakers)
  • Center Drive
  • 18" – 22" Adjustable Stride
  • 24 Digital Resistance Levels
  • OneTouch® Controls
  • EKG Grip Pulse Heart Rate Monitor
  • Soft Touch™ Upper Body Grips
  • Max User Weight 135kg
  • Adjustable Oversized Cushion Pedals
  • AutoBreeze™ Workout Fan
  • Included Water Bottle Holder
  • Transport Wheels
  • Product Weight 107kg
  • Boxed Weight 125kg
  • Assembled Dimensions - 182L x 81W x 170H cm
  • Boxed Dimensions - 131L x 75W x 64H cm
  • Warranty - 5-Year Frame Warranty, 2-Year Parts and Labour Warranty, subject to registration within 28 days of purchase
The ACT 7 commercial is a good option for anyone who wants an elliptical that does not eat up too much space. It is still a big machine but compared to rear- or front-drive ellipticals it is a lot smaller. 

Pros of the ACT 7 commercial

The main point that the CT 7 commercial has going for it is that it is a space saver. The center flywheel makes it possible to bring the machine in a little. Compared to the newer elliptical models it is less error-prone as it has not the three in one design which makes the design more stable.

Cons of the ACT7 commercial

The cons of the ACT 7 commercial are:
  • Old model
  • relatively high price
The ACT models are relatively old and Nordictrack has renewed and modernized their center flywheel product range with models like the FS7i which use Free stride. Free Stride enables the elliptical to be used as a treadmill, elliptical, and stepper. So if you can get your hand on one of the free stride models that might be money spend better. Just observe when they make their way from the US to the UK, if you can wait for your purchase. 

Alternatives to the ACT 7 commercial

Alternatives to the ACT 7 commercial are:
The Nordictrack X7i is a good alternative to the ACT 7 commercial in case you prefer a treadmill rather than an elliptical for your home gym. The X7i provides a treadmill that can go up to a 40%  incline and a 2.75 CHP motor. Best for home gym use. If you are a commercial buyer you might want to look for treadmill motors in the 3 - 4 CHP range to make sure that they will last longer, as they will have to take more miles.
The Nordictrack FS5i is an alternative elliptical to the ACT 7 commercial. It will take up more space, but comes in at a lower and provides a longer stride. You will also be able to use the Free stride technology which makes this a three in one machine. If you have space and want an elliptical, this might be the better option than the ACT 7.
The TrueForm Runner is a self-propelled treadmill that is targeted at high-performance athletes. This is a great option if you want to do sprints with abrupt starts and stops or very gradual acceleration. Commercial gym owners might be tempted by the savings in electricity, as this machine does not have a motor. The belt rests on bearing which makes it possible to propel it yourself. The TrueForm runner i generally considered one of the best of this kind of treadmills, This is also a reason why it comes in at a high price. 
The Assault air runner is a cheaper alternative to the TrueForm runner in the self-propelled treadmill space. While the cost is lower the reviews of this treadmill usually are not as positive as for the TrueForm runner. Main reason being is that the TrueForm runner seems to have a better calibration of the bearing. The Assault air runner tends to make you faster than you actually are which can create a weird experience. 
Last but not least I personally like the Rogue Echo bike a lot. Especially for use in a home gym. It is compact, sturdy, and comes in at a reasonable price for what you are getting. It is space-efficient and ideal for doing a 20-minute workout which will burn the maximum of calories. 

Summary for the ACT 7 commercial

The ACT 7 commercial is a great compact elliptical for home use or in tight gym settings. It will also be less prone to error than the other free stride models of Nordictrack based on the design. Overall, the ACT 7 commercial is not a focus design of Nordictrack's, but still available for purchase in the Uk market. 

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