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TITAN Multi grip log bar vs TITAN Multi grip chamber bar

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jan 13, 2021 9:00:00 AM

TITAN Multi grip log bar vs TITAN Multi grip chamber bar

This is a comparison between the TITAN Multi grip log bar and TITAN Multi grip chamber bar including pros, cons, and alternatives. The Original was published in Which Strongman equipment to get from TITAN. Follow the links for details

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Overview and review of the TITAN Multi-grip Camber bar

The Titan multi grip camber bar will put you back about $150. TITAN is well known for their very good prices compared to their competition and will get you started on your home gym. This review was originally posted in “which barbell to get from TITAN”.

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Overview of the TITAN Multi-grip Camber bar

A camber bar is a great option to bring your bench press to the next level. It is especially interesting when you have been training for years and have wrist pain or if you want to follow the west side method. The camber bar will enable you to use different variations of hand positioning easily on the bench press to let you work the chest muscles from different angles. This technique is often used by experienced powerlifters and strongman to either push through plateaus or to make sure that they can tackle the same weight from various leverage points. The features and specifics of the TITAN Camber bar are:
Camber bar details:
  • 2" Camber for greater range of motion
  • Multiple grips points to target different muscle groups
  • Knurling for a secure grip
  • black powder coat
  • Fits Olympic weight plates
  • Overall Width: 82"
  • Sleeve to Sleeve: 54"
  • Sleeve Length: 13.75"
  • Sleeve Diameter: 49.55 mm | 1.95"
  • Grip Width's: 10" / 20" / 28.5"
  • Grip Diameter: 1.25"
  • Weight: 47 LB
This is a good addition to the existing barbell line up in a commercial gym or as a additional bar for the experienced lifter at home.

Pros of the Multi-grip camber bar

This is a good tool to throw something new at your constant gym class members in your commercial gym. Experienced lifters might appreciate giving their shoulders a break from the straight bar bench press which can be taxing on the shoulder joints, especially at very high weights. Strongman competitors will see the benefit of variety in grip set up to be prepared for unforeseen bench press variations in competition. 

Cons of the Multi-grip camber bar

The camber bar is probably not the best idea for beginners as they are confused enough to find the right setup for themselves on a straight barbell. Knuckle down on this one first. The benefits will also be marginal for beginners who are just starting out and can also be achieved with EZ bars and other equipment which is readily available in most commercial gyms. As with the Safety and log bar, the camber bar needs a lot of welds to be finished. Unfortunately, this is an area where TITAN has been reported more than once to be behind the competition when it comes to the finish of their product. Your equipment will still be functional, but more prone to wear and tear and look less aesthetically pleasing. 

Alternatives to the Multi-grip camber bar

If you want to mix things up a little for the bench press you can also use a log bar. This will make the weight feel different and also put less strain on the wrists than a straight bar. 
The Bison bar has a slight curve but is still very similar to a straight bar. This bar can be used for squats and bench presses to put less stress on the wrists or the back. 
The Rogue Multi-grip bar is a higher-priced alternative to the multi-grip camber bar from TITAN. Ordering from Rogue makes it less likely that the welds and finish will be of inferior quality, but you will pay a price for this security. This is based on averages, you can still be lucky or unlucky with your purchase from either vendor.

Summary for the multi-grip camber bar

A nice gift for a special occasion or someone who already has a gym. A great addition for a commercial gym to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. Not necessarily your first buy. 

Overview and review of the TITAN Multi grip log bar

This is an overview of the TITAN Multi grip log bar including pros, cons, and alternatives. The Original was published in Which Strongman equipment to get from TITAN. Follow the links for details. 

Multi grip log bar $153


Overview of the TITAN Multi grip log bar

The TITAN Multi grip log bar is a good cheaper and smaller option for home gyms compared to other log bars available from TITAN. As this log bar is short it can not be racked and is also too small to reflect truly what you will have in a strongman competition. That being said it is one of the best options to get a log into a small space and get something else into your training than just barbell movements. The full specifications of this log bar are:
- This bar combines the best of a multi grip barbell with the girth and feel of a traditional log bar.
- 10" Diameter barrel measure 15" long to produce the same motion of rolling the log up your body for lifts. 
- Multiple grips let you target different muscle groups and makes this bar more suitable for athletes of varying size.
- Grip spread distances at 19" and 31" apart. 
- Heavy duty steel construction and thick powder for a durable training bar.
- Overall Length: 75.5"
- Grip Spread: 19" | 31"
- Grip Length: 5.5"
- Grip Diameter: 1.3"
- Log Length: 15"
- Log Diameter: 10"
- Sleeve Length: 14"
- Sleeve Diameter: 1.95"
- Weight: 60 LB
A good purchase as it is not too expensive, just be mindful of the space available in your home gym or commercial gym as you most likely will have to store on the floor or lean it in the corner as it does not work with most standard storage units for barbells.

Pros of the TITAN Multi grip log bar

The pros of the TITAN Multi grip log bar are:
  • Multi grip
  • Smaller size
  • Price
The multi grip options on this log bar can be used to make your workout as challenging as with a 12" log bar. Just use the wider grip and you will see how it challenges you. The smaller size also means that it better fits small environments and can be stored easier. In combination with the smaller price tag this is the ideal present for someone who is obsessed with strength and you want to get them something out of the ordinary. Not a lot you can do wring with this.

Cons of the TITAN Multi grip log bar

The cons of the Multi grip log bar are:
  • Not rack loadable
  • Not competition dimensions
  • Positioning of grips for big athletes
  • TITAN finish
This log bar is too short to be loaded into a rack to do presses from a certain height. If you want to train partial movements for the log bar lift, this is not the ideal tool to get. However, if you are considering partial log bar lifts, you probably want to get one of the bigger log bars anyway.
In most competitions the log bars will be bigger and not hollow. This makes their handling a lot different from what you get with the multi grip log bar. It is still a great tool which is easy to transport and dies not take up a lot of space. For the real deal you might want to look for the slater logs instead to train at home.
As the sleeves have been cut into to make space for the multiple grips, this log bar can be challenging for bigger athletes. You might have trouble to get your hands in the right way or load the log bar to your chest as some pieces or missing. This only applies when you are massive yourself, but definitely something to consider.
The last thing to mention is the TITAN finish. While there no negative reports about this particular log bar that I have found, you still run a risk with TITAN on finish of the products with many welds. That does mean that this must be the case for you, but there is a reason why TITAN can offer their products at such a low price. This usually shows in quality control, customer service and shipping. There is just a wider variance in experience compared to the more expensive brands like Eleiko and Rogue.

Alternatives to the TITAN Multi grip log bar

Alternatives to the TITAN Multi grip log bar are:
The 10 inch log bar from TITAN is the little brother of the 12" log bar. This size is usually used in female strongman competitions, but can also be a bit more approachable for the masses in a commercial gym to get them interested in strongman training. It also comes at a slightly lower price of $230, although I think that the size differences matter more for this comparison than the prices.
Rogue delivers their log bars in (2, 10" and 12" at prices of $345, $465, and $595. Their logs are considerably higher in cost. The log bars usually involve more manual labor and welding in production and Rogue is known for better quality welds than TITAN. Usually these differences are more cosmetic than functional in nature, but be aware that you tend to pay more for better craftsmanship at Rogue for the welding and that log bars, not like barbells, need more of this kind of work. 
The slater log is the real deal when it comes to log bars. If you want to purchase a ready made wooden log bar you can get your hands in three different versions from Slater costing $449, $549, and $695. These log bars weigh more for the same diameter and come closer to what you will handle in competition.

Conclusion for the TITAN Multi grip log bar

The TITAN MUlti grip log bar is a good tool to enter Strongman and build size. If you are already massive you might want to go with one of the bigger logs.

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