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Overview and review of the TITAN plate loaded deltoid machine

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Nov 20, 2020 9:00:00 AM


Overview and review of the TITAN plate loaded deltoid machine $479.99

This is an overview of the TITAN plate loaded deltoid machine including pros, cons and alternatives. This article was originally posted in Which gym machine to get from TITAN. Follow the links for additional information.

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Overview of the TITAN Plate loaded deltoid machine

The TITAN plate loaded deltoid machine is another two in one machine from TITAN. With this machine you can do seated presses and deltoid raises. The machine is solid, but nur overbuilt. Resistance is added by loading plates on the respective pins. The machine fits standard Olympic plates. This is a great machine for a home gym with more than average floor space. In a commercial gym you might wan to get two separate machines with their own weight stacks. The full list of features for the TITAN deltoid machine includes:
- Independent arm movement
- Shoulder press sealed bearings
- Olympic sized plate sleeves
- Adjustable seat height to fit athletes of all sizes
- Square steel tube frame construction
- Shoulder press has (2) sets of stationary handles
- Delt raise has 10-in. forearm pads with fixed handles
- Includes rubber feet for secure contact
- Overall Height (U-Frame Extended Up): 65-in.
- Overall Length: 39-in.
- Overall Width: 35-in.
- Back Pad Dimensions: 18-in x 9.75-in x 2.25-in.
- Seat Pad Dimensions: 10.5-in x 11.25-in x 2.25-in.
- Arm Pad Dimensions: 10-in x 5-in x 1.75-in.
- Sleeve Diameter: 50 mm.
- Weight Sleeve Length: 9.75-in.
- Handle Length: 5.25-in.
- Finish: Powder-Coated Black
- Material: 2-in x 2-in 11-GA Steel
- Weight Capacity: 700 lb.
- Product Weight: 149 lb.
Great machine for anyone who has the space in their backyard or basement gym and does not want to shell out money for two separate machines.

Pros of the TITAN Plate loaded deltoid machine

The pros of the TITAN deltoid machine are:
  • 2 in 1 design
  • Price
  • Plate loaded
The two in one design of this machine saves space and cost. This is especially interesting for anyone who wants to but a big home gym for themselves. If your clients are into loading plates on a machine it might even be for a commercial gym.
As with all TITAN products the deltoid machine is optimized for price. This means that it undercuts the competition by almost half and therefore makes your dollars last longer.
The fact that this machine is plate loaded means that you also save on paying for the weight stack that normally comes with machines. If you already have plates and do not mind loading and loading them in the machine, this is another welcome saving.

Cons of the TITAN plate loaded deltoid machine

  • Plate loaded
  • Build
  • Space requirements
Having a plate loaded machine is great when you are a single person in a basement. It is also ok in a that has a few people around who know what they are doing. This would be a private gym or dedicated powerlifting and weightlifting gym where the general public feels too intimidated to train. In a commercial gym for the masses you are better off with a weight stack for your machines. This results in fewer opportunities to trip up, the clients are in and out quicker and fewer plates for the staff to clean up.
This machine is been built with the average make in mind, which also holds true for almost all TITAN products. As TITAN uses as much material as necessary, but not more that makes things cost effective. That does not mean that TITAN has the most stable and durable equipment in the market. Rogue and Eleiko follow the philosophy of overbuilding their products. This means you pay more but your stuff is also bullet proof. This is a other reason why TITAN is a great choice for the average Joe who builds a massive gym. If you are a monster, professional lifter, or run a gym with a crowd of roid rage fanatics, than you need to step up a little.

Alternatives to the TITAN plate loaded deltoid machine

The TITAN plate loaded neck machine is an alternative to the deltoid machine to train your your neck. It comes in at roughly the same price as the deltoid machine and therefore might be something to think about for anyone who wants to strengthen their neck.

Conclusion for the TITAN plate loaded deltoid machine

This is a great 2 in 1 machine for the spacious home gym and fits right in this TITAN strategy. TITAN has multiple of these plate loaded machines that downtown things to save time and space. For a commercial gym this machine might be a little too haphazard but for home use it is ideal, as long as your basement, garage, of attic is big enough to take a rack and a couple of machines.

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