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Overview and review of the TITAN Strongman Log bar [Article, Video]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Oct 29, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Overview and review of the Strongman Log bar

The Titan Strongman Log bar will put you back about $150. TITAN is well known for their very good prices compared to their competition and will get you started on your home gym. This review was originally posted in “which barbell to get from TITAN”.

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Overview of the Strongman log bar 

The Strongman log bar is a staple of Strongman Training. The pinnacle of this lifting practice is the Austrian oak competitions at the Arnold. This exercise will challenge your balance and all body strength. The log also loads competition plates, which often can be a problem with these bars. The features and specifications of the log bar are:
TITAN log bar details: 
  • Now fits Competition Plates,
  • welded end caps
  • 1.65" knurled handles
  • Neutral hand grips at 26" on center.
  •  Fully welded seams for great fit and finish.
  • 14.25" loadable sleeves
  • Weight: 75 LB
  • Overall length: 75.5"
  • Sleeve diameter: 1.9"
  • Log diameter: 10"
  • Loadable sleeve length: 14.25"
Good tool to press big weights overhead. 

Pros of the log bar 

The neutral grip position puts less stress on your wrists for the bench press and the overhead press. It will also teach you better to deal with cumbersome objects to lift them up. The price is also attractive compared to barbells and other competitors. 

Cons of the log bar 

A log bar can be quite intimidating for beginners as they are heavier and harder to handle than a barbell. They can sometimes be a pain to fit the plates you already have in your gym. As this piece of equipment has a lot of welding to be done and TITAN is known to cut not so the best job on these you might want to opt for a piece of equipment which needs less welding or is from a different vendor. 

Alternatives to the log bar 

The Atlas bar is TITAN’s all-purpose bar at a reasonable price. There are no welds on this bar which eliminates the risk of getting poor quality. It will also not be as intimidating for beginners as a log bar. 
If you still want a log bar you can invest a little more and go for the Rogue Log bar. You will pay more but there are usually no complaints on the Rogue finish. 
The hex bar from TITAN is an option too. This will enable you to do deadlifts in a safe and practice farmers walks for a better grip and the carriers which are a part of Strongman competitions. 

Summary of the log bar 

A good budget option, but you might want to look somewhere else because of the many welds. 

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