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Overview and review of the TITAN T2 tough gym [Article, Video]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Sep 11, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Overview and review of the T2 Titan Tough Gym $788 - $2898

The Titan T2 tough gym will put you back about $800 - $3000. TITAN is well known for their very good prices compared to their competition and will get you started on your home gym. This review was originally posted in “which Titan rack to buy for over $500”.

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Overview of the T2 Home gym

The T2 Titan Tough Gym has the T2 TITAN rack at the heart of the setup. The pricing page has been designed to make it easier for you to order a complete home gym from one place, rather than having to add multiple items across the webshop yourself. With its 2x2 uprights, it is the smallest and therefore most affordable rack from TITAN. The T2 comes in multiple variations and can be extended at a later stage if your needs grow. Here is what you will get specific with the T2:
Short version
  • Capacity: 800 lbs 
  • 1" round steel j-hooks 
  • T-2 Series (2"x2" steel tubes) 
  • Chin up bar: 1 1/4" diameter 
  • Includes J-Hooks
  • Weight: 132 lbs 
  • Height: 71.5" 
  • Height of pull up bar: 68.5" 
  • Opening: 44" 
  • Depth: 45" 
  •  Inside front to back bar: 26" 
  • Floor space: 48" x 58" 
  • Material: Steel
Tall version
  • Weight: 107 lbs
  • Height: 83" 
  • Height of pull up bar: 80" 
  • Opening: 44" 
  • Depth: 48" 
  • Inside front to back bar: 26" 
  • Floor space: 48" x 48" 
  • Capacity: 700 lbs
  • Material: Steel
You can opt for one of the two versions with little difference in price. Just make sure that they actually fit your ceiling height. If you are planning a basement gym, always go for the smaller rack to avoid any problems, unless you live in a mansion.
You can get the following attachments / additional equipment with the T2 Titan tough gym
If you get a rack I would always recommend getting a pull-up bar with it. It is not that much extra but helps with your routines. 
If you want to store your plates on the rack themselves, get some additional holders. Otherwise, find a separate unit to store your plates. 
The blues city and bombshell barbells are Titans cerakote bars. Cerakote coating is a special way of treating metal so that designs can be applied. It is also less like to corrode and was originally developed in the weapons industry. The only downside is that it is more likely to scratch when it touches metal. So if you do a lot of work of the pins instead of the j cups maybe get another coating. 
The 86” bar is a no-nonsense bar for 1500 lbs load. It comes with a tensile strength of 190.000. The material is steel with a chrome finish. 
An Olympic technique bar might be of interest to you if you have many beginners in your gym or children at home. This is a lighter barbell to focus on technique and explosiveness for the Olympic lifts. For advanced athletes technique plates with a normal barbell are usually preferred. 
The atlas bar is the bread and butter barbell from Titan. A solid 20kg barbell for all purposes. 

Pros of the T2 Titan 

If you are on a very, very tight budget but still want to have a rack, this is the one to get. This is probably one of the cheapest racks you can get that isn’t welded by your dad or straight down dangerous. 

Cons of the Titan T2

People who like to lift heavy usually like big things and the best stuff, unless they are teenagers and don’t have a job to pay for it. The T2 does not necessarily meet this criteria. It is the rack with the smallest amount of options in the TITAN portfolio for attachments. It is also a rack that does not follow the trend of ever bigger racks in the marketplace. 

Alternatives to the T2 

Alternatives to the T2 are 
The TITAN rack is the top of the crop rack from TITAN. It has 3x3 uprights and 1” bolts. This is the heaviest and sturdiest rack you can get from TITAN. Compared to market prices it is also very affordable.
The X3 is basically the same model as the Titan rack with two differences. It doesn’t have numbered holes on the uprights and the keyhole design. This means that you can use fewer attachments with it which you have not necessarily bought from Rogue. 
The T3 rack model is also very similar to the Titan rack but comes at a lower cost. It is the same as the X3 except that it has 2x3 Gauge uprights instead of 3x3. 

Summary for the T2 

The T2 Titan is one of the lowest cost racks from Titan which can make it a good option for a home gym on a budget. Personally I prefer the lower cost options for outfitting facilities. I would rather get down waiting times and get more clients than provide them with the best rack possible if I work of a certain limited budget. For a home gym, as costs do not multiply by unit, I usually like to spend more on core items like the rack, barbell, and bench. Plates are something you can pinch the pennies on.

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