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TITAN Cast Iron kettlebell vs TITAN Olympic dumbbell

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jan 13, 2021 9:00:00 AM

TITAN Cast Iron kettlebell vs TITAN Olympic dumbbell

This is a comparison of the TITAN cast iron kettlebell and TITAN Olympic dumbbell including pros, cons, and alternatives. This article was originally published under which titan kettlebell to get. Follow the links for more details.

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Overview and review of the TITAN Olympic dumbbell

This is an overview of the TITAN Olympic dumbbell including pros, cons, and alternatives. Follow the links for more information.


Overview of the TITAN Olympic dumbbell

Price: $42.99 - $74.99
The Titan Olympic dumbbell comes in three sizes. These are 36-inch, 20-inch, and 15-inch. With these sizes you get the possibility to have a shortened barbell and use it like a dumbbell. You can use your change and fractional plates to load the barbell. This saves money and space, especially in home gym setups. The full specifications of this dumbbell are:
- Knurled handles for better grip.
- Titan Branded endcaps
- Compatible with Olympic plates
- Overall Length: 20-in
- Handle Length: 5.75-in
- Handle Diameter: 28mm.
- Loadable Sleeve Length: 6.5-in.
- Sleeve Diameter: 50mm.
- Knurling: Medium
- Sleeve Coating: Chrome
- Weight Capacity: 500 lb.
- Weight: 12.1 lb. Each | 24.2 lb. Total
- Quantity: 2
Be aware that only the 20-inch version is sold in pairs and that the 15-inch and 36-inch come in singles. Read the fin print on each version to get their specifics.

Pros of the TITAN Olympic dumbbell

  • Price
  • Space requirements
  • Flexibility
One of the main point in favor of TITAN fitness equipment is their price.  TITAN strategically positions themselves at half the price to Rogue Fitness and Eleiko for comparable products. The Loadable dumbbells are no exception to this. If you are on a budget and like the idea of a loadable dumbbell, TITAN is a good vendor to get your supplies.
Loadable dumbbells have the advantage that you can adjust them with the plates you already have. This makes them a lot more space efficient than regular urethane or rubber dumbbells. Just stack the plates on and work away with the weight of your choice. If you lack space in your home gym setup a pair of loadable dumbbells is the best options to cover dumbbell exercises in a wide range without having to pole vault into your gym every morning.
Another plus of Olympic loadable dumbbells is that they are compatible with standard plates from all vendors. Especially if you already invested in your home gym and intend to get a barbell and rack too, this is cost and space efficient. There are other solutions in the market which provide flexible weight choices but they are usual not as flexible. The widely know  block systems only work with the same weights and once the mechanics break you need to get anew set of dumbbells.

Cons of the TITAN Olympic dumbbell

The cons of the TITAN Olympic dumbbells are:
  • Cumbersome setup
  • Needs more space than a stackable system
  • Only one pair of handles
If you like to run the dumbbell rack up and down for bodybuilding exercises, this is not for you. With regular dumbbells you have the advantage that you can switch fast between weights. With Olympic dumbbells you have to take the plates on and off between sets if you want to work with different loads.
Especially in hotels this might also not be the best solution. Most hotel gyms do not have plates and therefore the Olympic dumbbells are more trouble than they are worth. If you want to have a full set of dumbbells in a hotel on a minimal footprint, the stackable dumbbell systems are a better option even though they are more prone to break.
For a very busy gym Olympic dumbbells are also not the best solution. If you have a lot of clients training at the same time you also want to provide them with a lot of handles and material. With an Olympic dumbbell you are focusing all of the options on one handle to save space. In a commercial gym you want multiple weights so that multiple clients can train at the same time. 

Alternatives to the TITAN Olympic dumbbell

Alternatives to the TITAN Olympic dumbbell are:
Cast iron dumbbells are cheaper than rubber or urethane dumbbells as they are easier to produce. They are little more prone to rust and also not great for dropping on the ground. Apart from that it is easier to acquire a full set to have multiple options for your training, if you have the space to store them
If you want to switch fast between different weights and not wreck your floor rubber hex dumbbells are good value for money. The only downside is that you will not the space to store multiple pieces to work through a full range of loads.
Adjustable chrome dumbbells are a little cheaper than the Olympic dumbbells as they already come with the weights included. They are a good option when you just want dumbbells in your home to work on your physique and do not plan to build an entire gym. IN other scenarios they are not really the best option, as the weights only fit to the respective handles.

Conclusion for the TITAN Olympic barbell

Loadable dumbbells are great for home gyms to save space while still being able to train with a wide variety of different loads. The TITAN loadable dumbbells are also a budget friendly option to get a loadable dumbbell into your home gym. Commercial gyms should invest in a rack of rubber hex dumbbells or urethane dumbbells depending on budget. Very affluent home gym owners also might fill their massive space with a full rack of dumbbells.

Overview and review of the TITAN Cast Iron kettlebell

This is an overview of the TITAN Cast Iron kettlebell including pros, cons, and alternatives. This article was originally published under which titan kettlebell to get. Follow the links for more details.

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Titan Cast iron Kettlebell $16 - $140

The TITAN cast Iron kettlebells are simple, cost-efficient, and get the job done. Are they the best-made kettlebells in the business? No, not really, but you won't beat them on price. See if you want a lot of Iron relatively cheap with a handle, then this is the product of choice. The full specifications are:
- Drop Cast Iron
- One-piece design for strength
- Flat base for easy storage
- Extra-wide handle for easy grip
- Sold individually or as a set
Solid, near-indestructible, and cheap. What more could you want from a strength tool? Well, no sharp edges that you might have to sand down depending on whether you get lucky or not.

Pros of the Titan Cast iron Kettlebell

The pros of the Cast iron kettlebell are:
  • Price
  • Cast Iron
The TITAN cast iron kettlebells are cheap and will hold up for a lifetime. They are simple, but the best strength tools are.

Cons of the Titan Cast iron Kettlebell

The cons of the TITAN cast Iron kettlebells are:
  • Ugly
  • Not normed
  • TITAN finish
Let's face it, black cast iron kettlebells are not particularly inviting to train with. They do the trick, but they are not hip or interesting. There is no novelty factor about this, just a cannonball with a handle. So if you already have problems motivating yourself to train, this cold piece of metal might not be the best choice.
Another disadvantage of cast iron kettlebells is that they get bigger the heavier they get. That makes them quite useless for juggling and kettlebell complexes, especially when they get heavier. You can work with the 12 to 24kg range but below they get too small and above they get too massive to be balanced on your arm.
The TITAN finish is the bonus you pay for saving on the price tag. TITAN products are known for the risk that the finish might not be perfect and that also goes for their kettlebells. You can get a normal batch that is ok to use or a terrible one that is rugged and needs to be sanded down.

Alternatives to the Titan Cast iron Kettlebell

Alternatives to the TITAN Cast Iron kettlebells are:
The competitive kettlebells are a little more fun to work with than cast iron kettlebells. The handle is easier on the hands, they stay the same size and they have color. If it helps you to get motivated because your equipment is pretty, then competitive kettlebells are the better choice.
The Rogue kettlebell 2.0 is manufactured in the USA from American steel. If you want a Cast Iron kettlebell and help the local economy by creating jobs in the US supply chain, this is the option to go for.

Conclusion for the TItan Cast iron Kettlebell

A solid piece of equipment for a very reasonable price. Especially if you buy in bulk for your own gym or chain of gyms. I would take a set of these any day over a $200 adjustable kettlebell, but that is just me.

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