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TITAN functional trainer vs TITAN Floor glute and hamstring developer

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jan 10, 2021 9:00:00 AM

 TITAN functional trainer vs TITAN Floor glute and hamstring developer

This is a comparison between the TITAN functional trainer and the TITAN Floor glute and hamstring developer including pros, cons, and alternatives. Follow the links for more details.

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Overview and review of the TITAN Floor glute and hamstring developer $259

This is an overview of the TITAN floor glute and hamstring developer including pros, cons and alternatives. This article was originally posted in Which gym machine to get from TITAN. Follow the links for additional information.

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Overview of the Titan floor and glute hamstring developer

The TITAN floor and glute hamstring developer is a compact machine that you can easily transport and lean against a wall to develop your glutes and work your core. The price is low and it can also be stored against a wall easily to save space in a crammed home gym. If you want a Glute and hamstring developer in your hoe gym, but always though other solutions are too bulky, this is the solution for you. The full specifications of this machine are:
- Handle and wheels for easy mobility and storage.
- 6 adjustable foot roller positions. 
- Low profile allows for easy storage. 
- 2" thick pad and 4" thick foot rollers for your safety and comfort. 
- Heavy duty steel construction.
- Pad Dimensions: 23" x 49" x 2"
- Overall Footprint: 24.5" x 58"
- Foot Roller Length: 7.75" per foot. 
- Foot Roller Diameter: 4"
- Adjustable Foot Roller Height: 2.5"-7.5"
- Foot Plate Dimensions: 19.5" x 10"
- Material: Steel
- Weight: 115 LB
This is a good compact solutions for small gyms or physiotherapists with small offices where they want to work with their clients on rehabilitation after a sports injury.

Pros of the Titan floor and glute hamstring developer

  • Compact design
  • Low price
The two main positives about this Glute ham developer are its compact design and low price. Compared to the bigger machines this cuts your invest by two thirds and you usually do not load Glute ham development exercises heavy anyway. This can be stowed away under the bed and wait for you in the mornings or evening to do your prehab and rehab before you do your heavy lifting somewhere in the day.

Cons of the Titan floor glute and hamstring developer

  • Can move around while you are exercising.
  • Close to the ground might not be for everyone
If you are giving it your all on this machine with yanking movements it can start to travel on the floor. If you get this and use it regularly I recommend that work with very controlled movements. With the bigger machines you can get away with more and of course also fit bigger athletes on them to train.
With this machine you are very close to the ground. Depending on where your gym is, what type of floor you have and how regular it is being cleaned not everyone might like to have their face in the mud.

Alternatives to the Titan floor glute and hamstring developer

The TITAN Glute and hamstring developer is the best machine you can get from TITAN to train your posterior chain. It combines a GHD and a reverse hyper based on the Economy H-PND. The pad might be a bit small depending on your own size, bu overall this is a solid option for all your posterior chain needs if you can fit it in your gym.
The TITAN H-PND is the biggest reverse hyper you can get From TITAN. It has a massive table and steel tubes. The padding can take almost anyone on and you will not be disappointment. This is a good option for a Iron den gym that is looking into getting a reverse hyper and a separate GHD.
The Rogue Donkey is the current gold standard in the industry for reverse hypers and GHD machines. It is build like a tank, has a great pad and is finished with great stitching and leather. All of this also comes at a high price and space requirements. We are in the range of $2000 for this machine and it takes up considerable space.

Conclusion for the Titan glute and hamstring developer

The TITAN Glute and hamstring developer is a great option for a home gym or a commercial gym with very limited space. It is easy to store and move and does not cost a lot to train your glutes. The only downside is that it can not be loaded with weight and might move around on the ground of your exercising like a maniac on it. 

Overview and review of the TITAN Functional trainer $1.999

This is an overview of the TITAN functional trainer including pros, cons and alternatives. This article with originally posted in Which gym machine to get from TITAN. Follow the links for additional information.

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Overview of the TITAN Functional trainer

The TITAN functional trainer is an all in one training solution for the home. It can also be used in commercial spaces which want to offer a maximum variety of resistance training on a small footprint. The design uses two vertical plate towers which range from 10lbs to 200lbs. The weight is moved by pulleys which can be adjusted in height separately. This makes the TITAN functional trainer a versatile machine, especially when your main training goals are toning and definition. It is not a replacement for free weight training, especially when you are aiming to build big muscles and compete in power lifting and strongman. Here the functional trainer can be a good central space in your gym for most of your accessory movements to train all of the minor muscle groups and areas which are otherwise easily left out. The full specifications of the TITAN functional trainer are:
- Comprehensive pulley options including lat, row, and pulldown
- Comes with tons of accessory options right out of the box
- Tough steel construction will last for years to come
- Sleek black and silver design
- Titan Fitness faceplate included
- Overall Height: 82-in.
- Overall Width: 64-in.
- Overall Depth: 44-in.
- Long Bar Length: 49-in.
- Short Bar Length: 15.5-in.
- Pulley Grip Length: 4.5-in.
- Pulley Ratio: 2:1
- Product Weight: 672 lb.
This is a good option when you and your family are the only ones training on the machine. It is also good when most of your clients are working out for leisure and rehabilitation. In a power gym or other facility where serious athletes who want to win medals train, this will be not the main training station but one where they go to for accessory rehab or work through specific weak points in their physique.

Pros of the TITAN functional trainer

The pros of the TITAN functional trainer are:
  • Price
  • Size
  • Full range of equipment
  • Versatility
As with all TITAN fitness products the price point of the functional trainer is very competitive. Functional trainers like this come in many forms and shapes ranging from $1000 to $5000. On the higher end you usually find more technological gadgets in the machine itself to track your fitness levels and workouts. The same goes for the mechanics which become more comprehensive the more you pay. I personally used most of them and a simple machine will almost always give you the same results as a complex machine will. Therefore the main reason to buy something in the higher price class is the design which might fit your high end home better than the rough and ready basement look of this machine. At the lower end you will find the machines you can buy via Amazon. Often these are produced in China or are independent companies that run fitness month / week like TESCO or Walmart. While these are cheaper, they usually have less warranty and no customer service when something goes wrong. If you buy a functional trainer like this used, you usually need to touch up the pulley and / or cables. This places the TITAN functional trainer in the middle, ticking all of the boxes at a reasonable price while delivering customer support and warranty.
For a fully functioning gym including multiple directions of work this machine is quite small. If you are a hotel, local sports club or leisure center that wants to offer their clients some extra fitness, this is a great option. If you have a home gym in your two car garage, basement or attic this can also be a good use of your space. There are some designs which are more space efficient, but they often do not address both arms or legs at the same time.
Another great add on is that this machine comes pre-packaged with a range of handles and pulleys. If you buy these separately you can easily end up with another $500 out of your pocket as these range from $20 - $50, sometimes even $100 a piece. It is also practical that these items ship together and you can get started right away after assembly.
A big bonus of this machine is that you can simulate almost any resistance exercise you will find in most fitness books with this. There is nothing you can really not simulate. Whether a pulley is always the best form of resistance for your training goals is another question. For having everything in one place it is versatile and has everything you need.

Cons of the TITAN functional trainer

  • Plate stacks and pulley
  • Price
  • Space requirements
  • Leg exercises
  • 2:1 ratio
Generally speaking plate stacks and pulley are prone to break. This is not just true for TITAN functional trainer, but for any kind of plate stack machine. One major error area are the holes and the pins. The pins can get easily get lost or broken. The holes can be misaligned on production and not run smooth. The same goes for the pulley mechanics. There is a lot that can break in any pulley mechanic and it need mores attention than simple free weights. As you are buying this item from a vendor who needs to cut corners to stay competitive in price and makes no secret about that low price is their strategy, you are entering a risk area. If you are good at DIY, unscrewing and oiling things, this is not a big issue. But if you are not a handyman some breakage in the machine usually means that it will not be revived or at least not used for months on end. You will not run into this problem with kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells.
While the price is great value for money for a fully functioning gym with all the bells and whistles, $2000 is still a lot of money if you compare it to a yoga mat and some little free weights. If you do not want to define and shape yourself to the highest standards and only lose weight, a yoga mat, a good pair of runners and kettlebells will often do. This can be had for $500 and you will get some of the best shoes, kettlebells and yoga mats within this budget.
The TITAN functional trainer is a great use of your space if you compare it to a full gym with 10 - 20 different machines. You might need be able to go as high in weight on each single exercise compared to a dedicated, but this is more than made up for the space you save. Compared to a pair of kettlebells and shoes, which can be stored under a bed or in a closet, you will need a dedicated corner somewhere in your house, where this rack lives.
Functional trainers biggest weakness is the amount of resistance you can put on your legs and the TITAN functional trainer is no exception. Even though it is advertised to be used for front squats and lunges, the setup with the pulleys is usually terrible. Heavy squats, deadlifts and bench presses can not be simulated on a machine like this. The same goes for heavy dumbbells work. If you want to become the next superstar lineman or rugby player this machine will not be enough for your home gym.
The last challenge with pulleys is that the weight you put on it usually does not translate 1 to 1 to resistance. In this case it is a 2:1 ration so if you go full stack on this machine you will be effectively training with 100lbs per rep on each pulley. Currently the gold standard for 1 to 1 weight transition has been set by the Rogue Rhino, if the reviews are to be believed.

Alternatives to the TITAN functional trainer

The TITAN plate loaded functional trainer only costs around $700 and saves you $1300 to effectively offer a very similar training experience. If you are building a gym for yourself and also get a rack, barbell and weights, this is a strong option to consider. Especially if you are young and fit and do not mind to o an occasional repair on the pulleys. If you already have plates or consider to outfit an entire garage I would save the money and go for the plate loaded option. I would not recommend the plate loaded version for a commercial setting or in a home where multiple generations will use the functional trainer.
If you are buying for your home gym and you do not have the space for a functional trainer and a rack you might want to consider getting a rack instead. For $2000 it is possible to source a rack, barbell, and plates from TITAN. You will also be able to get the better variations on the items . If you train mainly heavy in the gym and have to decide between a rack or a functional trainer, you might want to build a metal den instead.
If your main interest is to look pretty and get toned, you might consider the outdoor power tower. You do not need to give up any space in your home and will still get results. It is amazing what you can achieve with calisthenics and the Titan Outdoor power tower delivers all the basics for this form of training at about $400.

Conclusion for the TITAN functional trainer

The TITAN functional trainer is a great option for the home, if you train regularly with resistance to support your main sport. This sport might be track and field, martial arts or soccer. If you are mainly into bodybuilding,  powerlifting or heavy impact sports like football & rugby you will need some free weights in addition to complete your training schedule in your home. If you run a spa, hotel or retirement home, this can also be a good option. If you need a high polished design to match the rest of your interior to impress your affluent you might want to invest around $4.000 to $5.000 in a similar machine which comes with an in built instructor, screen and looks better. Might even save you on staff cost. If you own a gym full of Jarheads who lift heavy, grunt and like to throw stuff, you need a sturdier machine like the Rogue lat pull machine. I personally managed to break two of these functional trainers in gyms and I am not even that big.

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