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TITAN indoor tire flipping machine vs TITAN power tower bench

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jan 11, 2021 9:00:00 AM

TITAN indoor tire flipping machine vs TITAN power tower bench

This is a comparison between the TITAN indoor tire flipping machine and the TITAN power tower bench including pros, cons, and alternatives. Follow the links for more details.

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Overview and review of the TITAN power tower bench 188.99

This is an overview of the TITAN power tower bench including pros, cons and alternatives. This article was originally posted in Which gym machine to get from TITAN. Follow the links for additional information. 


Overview of the TITAN power tower bench

The power tower bench is a variation of the multiple power towers that TITAN has in their line up. This version will also make it possible to do bench press motions and flyes while lying down. Combined with a pair of dumbbells it takes care of many of the shortfalls of a regular power tower as the bench gives you access to a wider arrange of exercises to get to your goals. The downside is that this power tower will eat up more space because of its T shape than a regular power tower. The full specifications of the TITAN power tower bench are:
- Full size bench
- Adjustable j-cups
- Dip station
- Multi-grip pull up bar
- Push-up handles
- Length: 79 1/2"
- Width: 34"
- Height: 86 1/2"
- Bench Length: 43 1/2"
- Weight: 99 lbs
- Capacity: 350 lbs
This is a good training station if you do not go crazy with it. I would not recommend using at for barbell bench presses, especially not if you go very heavy, as the hole thing might tip over or you might get your fingers caught on the awkward hooks to rack the weight.

Pros of the TITAN power tower bench

The pros of the TITAN power tower bench are:
  • You get a bench
  • Price
  • Great for bodyweight exercises
The biggest advantage of this product is that you get a bench including a power tower. With many vendors in the market you would be ard pressed to even get a bench for this prize. Never mind an entire exercise station that can function as a gym in your home. For what it does the TITAN power tower bench is great value for money.

Cons of the TITAN power tower bench

The cons of the TITAN power tower bench are:
  • Racking hooks
  • Low weight
  • Space requirements
  • TITAN finish
The hooks for racking can be become a real health hazard. They are not optimized for racking a heavy barbell including weights. The cups have a small metal disc in front to keep the barbell in place. This can easily turn into a finger cutter if you have the pressure of a heavy barbell and a metal disc with some fingers sandwiched between them.
The whole station also has a pretty low weight for hanging yourself from it. If you do not attach it to the ground or to the wall it is likely that you will topple it. Especially if you like to go apeshit when you are training. It is not a good idea to get the cheapest possible equipment and than put the maximum amount of stress on it except you want to break things and humans.
This TITAN power tower bench will roughly take up the same amount of space as a small power rack. As you can not put this outside in the rain based on the bench pad you might want to reconsider and save up a little longer to fill your home gym space with something proper.
In addition to all of this you always have to take the TITAN finish into account. TITAN is know for parts that won't fit or completely missing parts. If the bones of the product are already flimsy and you combine this with lax quality controls you get recipe that won't necessarily make you happy. It does not mean that you can not train with TITAN equipment, it just will not more caution and DIY to make it work compared to other vendors like Rogue and Eleiko.

Alternatives to the TITAN power tower bench

Alternatives to the TITAN power tower bench are:
The TITAN outdoor power tower is built a little sturdier than the TITAN power tower bench. It has also has been stripped off any parts that do not do well in the rain. In addition the tubing is a bit thicker as with the power tower bench and an extra coating has been apllied. If you want to invest a little more and train outdoors this is the safer and better choice than the power tower bench. The only downside is that you will not get a bench with your purchase.
The TITAN rack combo plays in a different league than the power tower, but you still get a bench and other options to train. Rack combos are aimed at powerlifting meets and are easy to assemble and transport.  With the TITAN rack combo you save some money compared to the competition and do not take your fingers off when you are bench pressing. In return it can not be used for pull ups or dips.
The Rogue jammer bar is a great indoor pull up bar to put above your kitchen door. Whenever you walk through, you do as many pull ups as you can muster. Keeps the entire family fit, is safe and does not take up a lot of space. Nothing to not like about this product. Except the price as it costs the same as the TITAN power tower bench.

Conclusion for the TITAN power tower bench

If you use the TITAN power tower bench together with some light dumbbells and do not play tarzan while hangin from it it is a good budget option to keep generally fit. Still, I am not a huge fan as the production is cheap, it takes up quite a bit of space and does none of the things it claims really well.

Overview and review  of the Indoor tire flipping machine $1199

This is an overview of the TITAN Indoor tire flipping machine including pros, cons and alternatives. This article was originally posted in Which gym machine to get from TITAN. Follow the links for additional information.

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Overview of the TITAN tire flipping machine

The Tire flipping machine is probably one of the coolest and silliest machines I have seen in a long time. The basic idea is that you get a tire on a metal frame with some loading pins inside. This is great for a very specific use, which is not to get the floor dirty while still doing tire flips, but other than this I think this is expensive and a waste of space. Get a real tractor tire instead, especially for your home gym. The full specifications of this machine are:
- Achieve a full traditional tire training workout in one stationary machine.
- 125 lb. starting weight with room for an additional 60 LB worth of weight plates. 
- Compact design takes up minimal room.
- Handles and wheels for easy storage and movement. 
- High quality steel construction with 3.5-in rubber stoppers for a silent drop.
- Footprint: 48-in L x 57-in W
- Recommended Floor Space Required: 108-in L x 100-in W
- Tire Width: 13-in
- Tire Diameter: 48-in
- Tire Weight: 125 lb.
- Weight Post Loadable Length: 4.5-in
- Product Weight: 315 lb.
This is a good option in an urban commercial gym that wants to offer tire flips and has no access to the road. A crossfit box or garage gym probably is better of getting an actual tire/s to flip.

Pros of the TITAN tire flipping machine

The pros of the TITAN tire flipping machine are:
  • No dirt
  • Higher safety
  • Loadable
  • Fun
Compared to a proper tractor tire the TITAN Tire flipping machine produces less dirt. There will be no track marks and less impact on the floor compared to a traditional tire. In this sense the tire flipping machine saves a lot of the problems a main stream commercial gym would have with actual tires.
As the machine makes the range of motion more controlled and leaves less opportunity to grip or lift the tire in a weird way, it is also safer with beginners. The frame is sturdy and will not go anywhere once it is installed.
To progress beginners you also have the option to load this tire with additional weight to incrementally improve. This is a big advantage to an ordinary tire which will always stay the same weight, unless you get another.
The last thing about tire flips is that they are fun. Anyone who does them, likes them. Having this machine will definitely set you apart from your average run of the mill gym with a subscription fee of $20 a month. 

Cons of the TITAN tire flipping machine

The cons of the Tire flipping machine are:
  • Limited use
  • Space requirements
  • Price
Compared to an old tractor tire the tire flipping machine has limited use. Real tires can be dragged, pushed, flipped, and hammered. You can do only one of these with the machine. If you put a hammer to this tire it will over time warp the frame and wreck the construction as the tire has lost its integrity to be fitted for the machine.
This is definetly not an option for most home gyms. The Tire flipping machine will eat up a lot of space for very limited use and can also not be leaned against a wall to save space. Get a tire instead for your home gym.
Not everyone has the right connections, but if you do, you can get a big tire for free or the cost of the transport to you. Most people want to get rid of their old tires and it is a hassle to transport them. If you offer the transport you can usually pick them of for $20 to $100 or even for free depending on how well you know your local source. That is 11 tires for the price of one of these and they usually last forever.

Alternatives to the TITAN tire flipping machine

Alternatives to the TITAN Tire flipping machine are:
An old tractor tire is cheaper, has more uses and overall is cooler and more manly. If you can source one for a decent price and do not mind that your gym gets a little dirty, get this instead.
The volcano is in my opinion the better option for urban commercial gyms who want to offer flips to their customers. The volcano is easier to move around in your local gym, triples up as a yoke and plate stand, and still lets you do flips in a secure way without tire marks. It can also be loaded with more and a bigger variety of plates. The only downside is that it is $700 more expensive than the TITAN Tire flip machine.

Conclusion for the TITAN Tire flipping machine

The use case for the TITAN Tire flipping machine is narrow and better covered by a real tractor tire or the volcano depending on whether you are in a barn or urban setting.  I think there are many better ways to spend more than $1000 on your gym. I would use it, but definitely not buy it. Unless I owned a gym on the 32nd floor of a skyscraper in London or New York and wanted to keep some Yuppie clients happy who have been pestering me about tire flips for some years. Even then i would only do it If I happen to get a windfall for new, but ultimately non essential equipment.

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