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TITAN plate loadable kettlebell swing vs TITAN Neoprene dumbbell

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jan 13, 2021 9:00:00 AM

TITAN plate loadable kettlebell swing vs TITAN Neoprene dumbbell

This is a comparison of the TITAN plate loadable kettlebell swing and TITAN Neoprene dumbbell including pros, cons, and alternatives. This article was originally published under which titan kettlebell to get. Follow the links for more details.

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Overview and review of the TITAN Neoprene dumbbells

This is an overview of the TITAN Neoprene dumbbells including pros, cons, and alternatives. Follow the links for more information.


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Overview of the Neoprene light weight Dumbbells

Neoprene lightweight dumbbells are a good option for the entire family at home or in special areas in your professional gym. They are easier on the hands, lighter, and can takesweat a little better than the metal and chrome alternatives. As neoprene is easier to work with you will also find more color options on these dumbbells than just the usual black and metal designs of urethane or rubber dumbbells. TITAN sells three different packages of neoprene dumbbells ranging from 1lb to 10lb. Do not discard them fully, even if you are already a beast. Light dumbbells can be used to work through rehabilitation or very stiff ranges of motions. The full specifications of the TITAN Neoprene options are:
- Neoprene coating helps prevent the dumbbells from slipping out of your hand while in-use and gives a comfortable texture.
- Comes in pairs of  1lb to 10lb
- Color coordinated with corresponding white lettering to denote poundage for easy identification, making grabbing dumbbells mid set a breeze
- Hexagonal shape prevents dumbbells from rolling all over the floor when set down between sets, also makes them stackable for easy storage
These are fun, low cost additions to any gym which can be used by kids, women or athletes for exercising and rehabilitation. They will also not make your place look like a dungeon.

Pros of the Neoprene light weight dumbbells

  • Colorful
  • Low weight
  • Low investment
These colorful,light dumbbells can be all you need to stay fit. Especially if you like 20- 30 Minute high intensity cardio workouts or yoga with a bit of weighted assistance. These can also be a good choice for someone more mature who stillw ants to stay fit. In a professional gym or ambitious home gym it will help with warm ups or attacking the very last fiber in your body. In addition the investment will also not put you back too far and when stacled these dumbbells also do not take up a lot of space in your home gym.

Cons of the neoprene lightweight dumbbells

The cons of the neoprene lightweight dumbbells are:
  • Very small
  • Limited use
You can do a lot wrong with a set of dumbbells that puts you back less than $100. However in a crammed space you do not want anything that just sits there and is not being used. If you are already very fit the chances are high that these dumbbells will only gather dust in your home gym. In a professional gym you might need a special rack to store them as they are too small to fit standard dumbbell racks. As they are small and light there is also a higher of them being stolen than regular dumbbells. So keep them within sight of staff if possible or only get them out for the respective classes you are running.

Alternatives to the Neoprene lightweight dumbbells

Alternatives to the Neoprene lightweight dumbbells are:
  • Mini kettlebells
  • Foam rollers
  • Bands
If you want to train and start with small weights you can also work with mini kettlebells. While these are usually harder to get and a bit more expensive than neoprene dumbbells, they leave you with more option. You can almost anything youcan do with dumbbell with a kettlebell. This logic does not apply the other way around as you can not do swings and Turkish get ups with a dumbbell.
For $70 you can also get a very good foam roller or two cheaper ones. In a home gym scenario where you already have regular dumbbells you will get more use out of these for warm ups and stretches than with neoprene dumbbells.
Bands are also an option in this price range. A good set of resistance bands can be used for stretches, mobility exercises and even in combination with a barbell for the westside method. If it was me, I'd rather invest the good bit of $100 into resistance bands than small dumbbells. I would do the same for my wife.

Conclusion for the Neoprene lightweight dumbbells

The neoprene lightweight dumbbells are great for beginners who do cardio circuits and want to do a little more than just bodyweight. They can also be a good in rehab or for focusing on weak spots of professional athletes. Ultimately I think that resistance bands are the better buy for these purposes as they have the same price range, but provide more band for your buck.

Overview and review of the TITAN plate loadable kettlebell swing

This is an overview of the TITAN plate loadable kettlebell swing including pros, cons, and alternatives. This article was originally published under which titan kettlebell to get. Follow the links for more details.



Titan Plate loadable Kettlebell swing $45

The Titan plate loadable kettlebell swing is a loading pin that can be loaded with regular to adjust your weight. This makes it a dark horse if you really want to go down the adjustable kettlebell road. For swings, and especially for very heavy swings, this can be a great option as long as you already have the necessary plates. The full specifications of this product are:
Overall length: 19.3 in
Overall base: 3.5 in
Handle diameter: 33mm
Finish: Powder coated black
Weight capacity: 500lb
Empty weight: 8lb.
- Plate loadable, fits Olympic size plates
- Kettlebell shaped handle allows you to get a kettlebell style workout
- Remove the kettlebell style handle and load the pin to the desired weight
- Targets your shoulders, back, hips, glutes, and legs with various kettlebell style exercises
- (9) adjustable positions in 1-inch increments to secure plates to the pin
- Rounded base prevents the kettlebell from getting caught on protruding surfaces such as stairs during use
For $45 this is a great tool for swings of all sizes. You can scale the load to what is necessary and the construction is near unbreakable.

Pros of the Titan Plate loadable Kettlebell swing

  • Cheap
  • Robust
  • High capacity
$45 is a great price for a kettlebell that can scale up to 500lbs. With this loading pin, you can go very heavy on your swings and use the plates you hopefully already have.
This design is simple and therefore nearly indestructible. You can throw it on the floor or against the wall and it will still do its job. There not a lot of moving parts to this, so it will last.
With up to 500lbs which can go in increments as little as 250 grams, depending on the plates you own, this is the cheapest adjustable kettlebell you can get from TITAN, given you already have the plates.

Cons of the Titan Plate loadable Kettlebell swing

The cons of the Plate loadable kettlebell swing are:
  • Technically not a kettlebell
  • You need to have plates
  • Only really works for swings
Technically this product is a loading pin with a kettlebell handle rather than a kettlebell. The only exercise you can do with this is a kettlebell swing. You might also go for sumo deadlifts and holds, but that is the end of it. With that, it negates many benefits of the kettlebell to train the entire body as presses and get-ups are hard to do with this.
If you factor in the plates to make this kettlebell work it is actually not that cheap. So this is only an option if you already have the plates which would suggest that you already have a home gym of considerable size. In that scenario, you might as well get multiple kettlebells and bypass the challenges that adjustable kettlebells pose.

Alternatives to the Titan Plate loadable Kettlebell swing

Alternatives to the TITAN Plate loadable Kettlebell swing are:
The TITAN adjustable competition kettlebell is in my opinion the best option for an adjustable kettlebell from TITAN. It provides the form of a competition kettlebell and is 19 in 1 kettlebell for a price of $200. The disadvantages are the multiple parts that can be lost and render it useless or less useful depending on what you lose.
The TITAN adjustable kettlebell is only an option if you want 5-20lbs in adjustable kettlebell weight as cheap as possible or if you want to change weights very fast with the click and go system. I personally think that the plastic on this is not acceptable because the mechanics break on the first drop of the kettlebell. But still, if you do not like metal and want an adjustable kettlebell this is the only option from TITAN.
Classic cast iron kettlebells are the best option in my opinion. You only need a set of 3 - 6 to get all your training needs covered and this will maximally cost you around $350. With that, you are set up for success and quick changes of weight if needed. The only downside is that you have to store multiple kettlebells somewhere.
The Rogue kettlebells 2.0 are cast Iron kettlebells that are made in the U.S.A. the steel is sourced in the US and manufactured by Rogue. If you want to do keep your money local and feel good about your purchase as it creates jobs in the US, this is the kettlebell to go for.

Conclusion for the Titan Plate loadable Kettlebell swing

If you want to swing 500lbs between your legs, then this is possibly the only way to do it without getting a custom kettlebell made for you. Apart from that, I do not see a lot of use for this loading pin with a kettlebell handle if you want to do more than swings.

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