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Total Gym fit vs VersaClimber LX [Article, Video]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Aug 1, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Total Gym fit vs VersaClimber LX

This is a comparison of the Total Gym fit and the VersaClimber LX. Follow the links for more details.

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Versa climber LX Model

The VresaClimber LX comes in at $3995 - $4200. In this article you will learn more about the product itself, its Pros and cons and alternatives you might want to consider. This article has originally been published in the overview "Which conditioning equipment to buy from Rogue".

Overview of the VersaClimber LX

The VersaClimber range has been on the market for more than four decades. The LX model is one of their mid-range options which sits between the SM and H models from a budget perspective. The machine is hand welded and has the following specifications: 
  • Weight 150lb
  • Height 7’ 10’’
  • Footprint 48’’x48’’
  • Color black 
  • Climb angle 75 degrees 
The VersClimber LX comes with a computer and fully assembled to stand upright in your home gym or professional facility. For $200 you can upgrade the handles for more options. VersaClimber recommends this option for anyone taller than 6’ 3’’. For an extra $100 it comes with a branded floor mat to protect your floors from scratches and sweat. 
The VersaClimber range is a great alternative to treadmills, bikes, and towers. It offers some of the highest intensity cardiovascular workouts on the smallest possible footprint with minimum impact on the joints. Everyone who ever used this hates it. This is usually a good reference when it comes to workout machines.

Pros of the VersaClimber LX

These are the pros of the VersaClimber LX series compared to other options you might consider: 
  • Small footprint 
  • High intensity 
  • Adjustable resistance 
  • Unfamiliar workout 
Compared to most treadmills and elliptical machines you will be able to fit a lot more VersaClimbers into your facility. When it comes to calories burned per square foot the VersaClimber is very hard to beat. The LX offers a commercial grade machine for a lower cost than the SM model.
The Versaclimber itself offers you and your athlete a great opportunity to power yourselves out. If the weather is bad or if you want to throw them a curve ball, this is the machine. Many climbers use this is a morning routine and climbers are usually quite good when it comes to endurance. Loss of grip means death for them so they won’t mess about with the equipment they pick. 
This machine can adjust the resistance from 1-500 lb which makes it better than older models from VersaClimber. 
If you are planning on establishing the best gym in town you will be able to offer extra diversity with this machine. Especially in Europe, I have not seen many of these around which might swing some reliable clients your way instead of to the gym around the corner. 

Cons of the VersaClimber LX

Here are some cons of the Versa Climber LX:
  • Not specific 
  • Not for beginners 
  • Old computer 
  • Price 
Most people compete in sports to which a vertical climb is irrelevant. Treadmill and cycling training is more relevant to the movement patterns for long distance runners and endurance athletes. If it is not just about burning calories but also improving technique on relevant movements the VersaClimber might not be the right choice. 
As this workout is super intense it might not be for beginners. If you have a lot of beginners in your gym you might want some alternatives for people who just walked through the door. Throwing something completely frustrating at your beginners will drive them away. You have to give them some small successes and build from there. Only very few of your clients will be like “yes another machine I can kill myself on”. 
The computer unit on the LX is a bit outdated. The SM has a better one as this is the most recent update to the line. Personally, I think this does not matter that much. Most of the programs are not used anyway. 
The price is a big con to the Versaclimber LX. The H version comes in for $1000 less but has no commercial use warranty. The SM costs $1000 more. What I would really consider when I built my own gym is what else I could do for $4000. For two VersaClimbers I can get a ten pack of concept 2 bikes to run spinning classes. For a home gym, I can get a rack fully equipped with barbell and plates. 

Alternatives to the VersaClimber LX

Alternatives to the Versaclimber LX are: 
The Versaclimber SM leaves you with more freedom around the machine as less material of better quality is used to build the frame for the VersaClimber. It also has a better computer and warranty. When you are in the market to buy a lot of these for commercial use, make very sure you understand the differences of the warranty and service differences between the LX and SM. 
If you are considering a VersaClimber for your home base go with the H option. It will save you a lot of money and still give you the benefits. Unless money does it really make a difference (for example if you are outfitting a house that costs 10 million I personally would not be picky between a 2000 and 5000 dollar option for the home gym and just get the best of everything).
If you are not looking at the VersaClimber for home use but for a professional setup be very mindful whether it is your first purchase. The Rogue Echo bikes are of high quality, only cost a fraction and deliver a great, challenging workout which is different from treadmills and ellipticals. This might be a better option for a bulk purchase.

Summary for the VersaClimber LX

The Versaclimber LX is a great option but suffers the pros and cons of most middle of the range of products. Unless you very specifically want this one it is better to go with the best or lowest budget option form the portfolio. Same goes here for the LX. I went for the H and I am happy. For a commercial gym, I would have gone for the SM and tried to argue with the bank for a loan extension pointing to the good warranty (basically you buy 2 for 1 if one breaks you get it replaced unless you threw rocks at It). Talk to other gym owners who wanted to make use of the warranty to be really sure. 

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Overview and review of the Total Gym fit [Article, Video]

Overview and review of the Total Gym fit

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TOTAL Gym fit $1599 - $2500

The total Gym fit is either a top range option for your home gym for individual use or an option for a professional environment where you have space and want to train more than one person in parallel. The main features of the TOTAL Gym fit are:
  • FREE streaming workouts
  • 12 Levels of Resistance
  • Over 85 Exercises on One Home Gym
  • 450lb User Weight Capacity
  • Arrives Fully Assembled
  • Lifetime Warranty on Frame, Extended 2-Year Warranty on Parts & Priority Processing
The Total gym fit still comes with accessories, but not as many as the GTS. Look closely at which attachments you want to get if the range of exercises is not sufficient compared to the TOTAL Gym GTS set. The warranty is shorter and also the frame is made of less sturdy material. In turn, you get a lower price point. 

Pros of the Total Gym fit 

The total gym fit has twice the levels of resistance and 2 years instead of 6 months warranty compared to the next model down, the Total Gym XLS. It is still a full commercial gym in one machine. You will also have fewer attachments to store and understand compared to the GTS. Overall this is a very solid option for home gym owners or a budget option for a commercial setting.

Cons of the Total gym fit

Compared to the Total Gym GTS the width of exercises drops considerably from 200 to 85. This is mainly due to getting fewer attachments. If you have a heavy use environment you will also have a higher likelihood of having no warranty left when the Total gym breaks down. The price is still high for a homeowner who just wants to exercise at home.

Alternatives to the Total Gym fit 

Here are some alternatives to the Total gym fit, if you were looking for something more challenging:
The concept 2 rower D is the gold standard of rowers in the market. If you want to workout from home and don't like running, this is the machine to get. It comes fully equipped with a computer and different resistance levels. If you have rowed before in a gym you will most likely have sat on the concept 2.
The Rogue Echo bike is the best value for money airbike which is currently available in the market. If you want to save space compared to a rower or just prefer cycling over rowing for your cardio training, then this is the right machine to get. 
If you prefer free weight training at home and have a shed to convert to a Crossfit gym, the Rogue Alpha package will give you everything you need to start and get going. You only might want to add a rack or squat stand if you do not have one already.