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Which dumbbell is best? [Article]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Mar 23, 2020 9:00:00 AM



Which dumbbell is best?

Here is the quick start guide for anyone on dumbbells.

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Which dumbbell is best

You can look at this question from two directions. One is the weight of the dumbbell the other one is the design. 
In terms of weight for dumbbells, the best one is 12kg for men and 8kg for women. This is true for the general public for all exercises. You can always perform a certain exercise slower and with pauses. There many variations you can try and get alt out of the weight. Of course, it is better to have more options to vary your training. But this is the unlayered answer to a question that oversimplifies the matter at hand. 
In terms of design, the best dumbbell is the loadable dumbbell from Rogue. It combines the idea of an adjustable dumbbell with the design of a barbell. This is the best way to save space, money and still have a well functioning piece of equipment. 

Which dumbbell is best for weight loss

The answer would be the same as before, 12kg for men and 8kg. Still, there is a more detailed answer to this. 
The best routines for weight loss are usually TABATA exercises or circuit training. The idea is to stay active for a prolonged period of time while continuously moving. You pick your weight in a way that it is challenging to keep moving for the entire time. Challenging but not impossible. If you have to stop during the prescribed time intervals, go down in weight. For most exercises and fitness levels, this will fall in the 8 to 12kg bracket. Adapt based on fitness level and exercise selection. 

Which dumbbell set

To choose which dumbbell set is right for you to determine the look and feel of your overall gym. 
  • Which clients to you want to attract? 
  • How much space do you have?
  • What is your budget? 
In my opinion, a set only makes sense and n a commercial setup with a rack. For personal use, get a loadable dumbbell which takes up less space and is more cost-efficient. If you get a rack of dumbbells they are usually steel or rubber and round or hexagonal. 
My preferred option is round and rubber. They can be dropped with the least a pint of hassle and moved around the easiest. They are usually higher quality as it as harder to produce perfect circles than hexagons. 

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