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Which greatest songs from 2004 boost your last minute workout? [Article, Video]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Sep 6, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Bildergebnis für 2004 

Which greatest songs from 2004 boost your last minute workout?

In 2004 bush wins the election against John Kerry after invading Iraq the year before. One of the worst disasters in the history hits the region of the Indian Ocean with a tsunami that kills over 200.000 people. After twelve years of judo, I quit wearing a black belt after not making the cut for a special winter camp. Was not so much about not making the cut but how it was handled. Showed me that I was not really an important club to the club anymore or never really was. In my second last year at school with the future ahead and I could not wait. The song of the year was Usher's yeah. At least in the EU, it was played wherever I went. Let me know what you were up to in 2004 and you find the playlist of songs in the post.

Spotify 2004 playlist
Significant events

  • The EU expands to the east
  • John Kerry loses the election to Bush
  • Over 200.000 poeple die because of a Tsunami in the Indian Ocean

Videos of songs

Drop it like it's hot, Snoop Dog



Just lose it, Eminem



Pieces of me, Ashlee Simpson



My band, D12



Take me out, Franz Ferdinand



American Idiot, Green Day



All falls down, Kanye West



My place, Nelly



Overnight Celebrity, Twista



Yeah, Usher



Vertigo, U2



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