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10 Creative ways I could make money which I am currently not using

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Aug 18, 2019 9:15:00 AM


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10 creative ways I could make money which I am currently not using

As I am trying to stretch out of my comfort zone for writing I used the Wordsmith and Edison deck from best self to prompt some headlines that I would do usually not write about. I hope you enjoy these money-making ideas which I have picked up over the last couple of years but did not try yet.
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Edison deck


I know quite a few painters. Our neighbors paint and already sell their paintings in Dublin City center. My sister and mother in law are also avid painters. My wife recently send me a video on how to paint with a funnel. It gets quite psychedelic and looks easy to do. That would be the kind of stuff that I would see in some new sweet shop for children. My painting skills are barely existent as I suck at it. I had a horrible art teacher in primary school who was cruel to me and said that my art “was the most terrible she had ever seen”. Ever since then I lost complete faith in myself when it came to art. I didn’t even try. To pass my art class I’m upper school my mother helped out and painted something for me as I sucked at it. When I had to bring it to school on my bike a snowstorm hit and I did not pass as the color was all faded and that painting was wet. I might give it a try again. Some artists pee on cooper plates and wait for it to react with the air and sell it. I will probably at least be able to do that. 

Write a book 

Since I was a teenager I always wanted to be a journalist or writer. I guess this blog kind of is a step towards that cool. Still, I would love to have a book in print which actually does well and makes other people happy or more successful. At least, somewhat helpful. Currently, I am torn between writing something about step-parenting, moving abroad or fitness. I have the readiest material for a book about fitness based on the blog. It will be exciting to explore different ways of publishing. I recommend the Tim Ferris blog on this topic. He has done well for himself and explored all the different types of publishing. My sister in law already got some of her poems published. 

Make a tutorial series on blogging 

This has been done before, but I think not through the lens of fitness for an individual blogger. I have about five years of data now which I can use to give some insight. The main parts would be about how to actually produce 7 blog posts a week as an individual on a constant basis. When I was at HubSpot that was what agencies moaned most about. That they did not have the time to write the content.

Video series on sales 

This is another idea I am tinkering with for quite some time. This also has been done before. Still, it would have been beneficial to me when I was younger if someone pointed things out to me like 
  • You can work on more than one project at the same time 
  • It’s a numbers game 
  • Activity beats skill 
  • Forecasting is bullshit (for reps)
  • GPCT vs BANT
  • Objection handling 
  • Pain chains 
  • Why CRMs are good 
And all of that beautiful sales talk. I have done well at it but not stellar and made some bad choices and good choices along the way. 


My brother in law is pretty good at woodworking as he did an apprenticeship for a while. I also enjoyed this a lot more when I was a child, even though I almost managed to cut my index finger get off. It seems like whenever I have to do manual labor I either hurt myself or the result is crap. Same goes for pottery. 


I have busked at old folks homes before Christmas before. If you want to make some money as a teenager, get in your Sunday best and hit the local old folks homes with your guitar. You make some people happy and a lot of them will give you a fiver or even more.
Being an opera singer 
My wife desperately wants me to pick up opera singing. In her opinion, I have the voice and the lungs for it. My German would also help with some of the more obscure material out there. I recorded myself to see whether I was good only to find out that the recording was ... decent ... at best.

Being a writer 

Apart from writing a book I could always try to make a little on the side creating content for other websites. Fiverr could be a platform to get that ball rolling. 

Loaning money to others

Micro and peer to peer loans are on the rise. I have not tried it yet but it would be something interesting to dabble in. 

Own ATMs

This is a source of residual income I recently stumbled upon but did not do a lot of research on. The idea seemed tempting I just wonder how much regulation would be involved. 

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