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10 Habits I want to break

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jul 28, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Edison deck

10 habits I want to break

These are ten bad habits I would like to break. I found that it is usually best to tackle them one at a time rather than all at once to make a lasting change. Otherwise, you will just be overwhelmed and disappointed at your constant failure. We want positive, not negative reinforcement. This post was inspired by the Edison and Worsmith decks to make my writing a little more personal.
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Chocolate is a really bad habit for me to break. I just can’t leave chocolate untouched. Whenever I do see chocolate o stiff my face with it. Rather than rationing it I will just keep at it until all of it is gone. Even if that means eating three entire blocks of Cadbury’s. 
When I get the munchies I have a tendency to get 2 - 4 bars and eat them all up. I just have such a sweet tooth and chocolate is definitely my favorite.

Jam Toast 

If there is no chocolate to be had the next stop is jam toast. I was introduced to it by my father's mom. I remember sitting in my grannies tiny kitchen in Krefeld when served tea and jam toast. She had a dishwasher right beside my stool and the entire kitchen was very dark. The cups were nice in white and blue with fresian motives on them. My granny was from the Leer region in Germany so she had to represent. She always served toast with a lot of utter and jam and I think that is where I got my love for jam toast from.
When it comes to jam toast I have been my own curse by getting a toaster with four slots. So when I get the evening crunch it is four slices in one go. 

Anger fits 

I don’t like to admit it, but I am prone to anger when things are not going my way. I like to think that I have gotten better on how often I pick a fight and whether to make a pint at all, but I can get very nasty and loud quick. This is probably because of my father and being an only child. I did not have to be a good example to my siblings and my father could fly into a rage from seemingly nowhere. 

Picking my toenails 

Yes, I know it’s disgusting. Also a habit I picked up from my dad. My mother once said when I did it that I looked exactly like him while being at it. She also said that I must have picked it up from him as she definitely did not show me. Coming to think of it now I also got my toes bloody several times at the local pool. The times around the pool were not laid down even and were a trip hazard or if you had very small feet you’ll just smash your big toe. One or two times my mother also cut accidentally into my toe when trying to get the last bit of nail. All of this didn’t help to make me cherish cutting toenails or embraced refraining from picking them.


I have a terrible habit of farting almost anywhere. I have to fix that. Enough said on the matter. 


I do want to do good in life and provide for my family. That sometimes gets me too focused on work and makes me miss out on the good things in life. I don’t spend a lot of money on myself and tend to make everything about work and career advancement. I bring my work home and that does not help to create a nice environment. My mom was no different.


At my time in HubSpot, a picked up a terrible coffee habit to cope with stress. At my height, I went through six double espressos a day. This is quite surprising is I did not like coffee for years. I actually found it quite disgusting. My wife loves the smell but hates the taste of the coffee. I am working on this by only having one cappuccino a day at work and switching to decaf at home. Our tea is already decaf only.


I have a terrible habit of Imbalance which runs through all of these points. I am either perfectly calm or a spitting volcano. I am either on a strict diet or stuffing my face with anything in reach. I work like a dog or laze around for days on the PlayStation doing absolutely nothing. Maybe it’s my zodiac. Apparently, Libras have a tendency to behave like this in the way to find their balance. 


My favorite to procrastinate is paperwork. I hate paperwork in all of its forms. Filling out forms and the small and steady grind of reminding some kind of bureaucratic mammoth to grind and spit out the desired result is abhorring to me. Getting to the tax office or getting some kind of paper stamped. Mz personal opinion is that that all of this red tape only exists, because of people not living up to their word and respecting agreements. Of course, that is a way of things that do not necessarily help me to get the paperwork itself done.


I spent too much time on screens and too little with friends and family. One or two evening a week completely off screens would do me some good. 

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