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6 words that describe me in 2019

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Aug 11, 2019 9:00:00 AM


6 words that describe me in 2019

As I am trying to stretch out of my comfort zone for writing I used the wordsmith and Edison deck from best self to prompt some headlines that I would usually not write about. I hope you enjoy these 10 words which describe in 2019. Which ones would describe you? Gladly leave a comment
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Edison deck


In 2019 I am very determined to create a secure home for the family in Ireland for generations to come. I want to increase my productivity so that I can spent more time with family while still getting the same outcomes in business. This takes care, determination and creativity. I think I am getting better in all accounts even though the road is long.


When I look back ten years I just finished college. I drink less, earn more, have a family and live up to what is expected of me. I think i have come a long way and that is mainly down to moving to Ireland and my wife. 


I will soon become a dad. I am still a little confused about what needs to be done next and how to cover all the relevant angles. At least I started with reading a book about parenting which my wife gave me. 


After some lower back injuries and other ailments I am finally back on track for improving my powerlifting total. I feel stronger than ever after moving back to Ireland. The new program from Juggernaut Training Systems does me good and I am looking Ford to pushing on. 


The next big project going forward will be the YouTube channel. I should hit 1000 blog posts somewhere in the middle of of 2019. If I want to hit 1000 videos by end of 2020 I have to produce more than three videos a day. This will an interesting ride. 


The Summer of 2019 is making me tired. I also feel 2017 and 18 creeping up to me. We left Ireland and came back and got married. A lot has happened these two years and I didn’t really take many days of. And even if I take the days of I will still be thinking of growth. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it all goes back in the box. 

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