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5 Essential Tips On How To Get Ripped On A Vegan Diet [Article]

Posted by Gregory Brown

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Oct 24, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Vegan diet for men to get ripped

5 Essential Tips On How To Get Ripped On A Vegan Diet

We always think how are we going to lose weight on a vegan diet, how to have a healthier life out of this, or how can this help us get more toned muscles. We hear athletes and bodybuilders do it in a vegan way, which made vegetables more interesting and intriguing. Now, what do we get from shifting into a vegan diet? Losing weight and having enough nutrients are some, but this blog will tell you how to get ripped on a vegan diet

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Learn how to count your calories. Get a diary for all the calories you had this day

Diaries are not just for students and kids. These are also helpful to people who are aiming something for their lives, and so every single detail has to be noted. It is then necessary for you to keep a sort of "diary" where you can take note of all the calories you have been taking up the whole day. Place a cap or ceiling on some calories that you need per day (ask your nutritionist about it) and make sure to get enough daily. Counting your calories will ensure that you are not overeating and that you are getting enough calories which will then be converted in the form of energy your body's can use as you work out.

Consume more calories! Eat and drink them all (but be cautious)!

The first thing to do here is to consult with either a nutritionist or a medical practitioner who knows how to prescribe the right amount of calories you need to give your set of activities. Next is to list down all the sources of calories that you have given your vegan diet. In your list, make sure to maximize all the possible sources of calories including drinks. A lot of people have forgotten this, but calories can also be drunk. You may have a huge amount of calories if you will pick some of the drinks that are high caloric but does not defeat the purpose of your vegan diet.

Do not cull out carbs. 

One of the misconceptions in the field of getting into a more conscious lifestyle is that you have to cull out carbohydrates from your diet design. Carbohydrate is one of the most important elements if you are planning to have a healthier lifestyle which makes it wrong to avoid it in your meals. The best thing is to diminish the intake of carbohydrates to avoid having too much, making the bulk in your tummy.

Eliminating carbs like bread, pasta, and rice is never helpful if you want a healthier lifestyle because carbohydrates are also a huge source of calories. Without enough carbs and calories, we will not be able to perform our intense workout routines because we will feel weak, and we do not have enough energy to do a plethora of things. 

Grab more protein through protein powders and supplements 

In addition to the need for more carbohydrates for the sole purpose of getting more calories, we also need enough protein for our muscles’ health. Of all the nutritional elements that should be involved if you question how to get ripped on a vegan diet, that is to add up more protein either through performing culinary experiments on protein powders, or taking up protein supplements.

Engage passionately with your workout routines, but leave allowances for sleep and recovery 

Knowing how to get ripped is not just about being on a vegan diet but also being committed to your workout routines. You need to exercise and perform other activities to burn these calories and exhaust all the nutrients you derive from your vegan diet.

After proper diet and exercise, make sure that you will put time for sleep and recovery in to avoid fatigue. 

Pro tips before you start getting ripped on a vegan diet: 

The tips mentioned above would be enough to remind you how to get ripped on a vegan diet, but there are other more things that you need to consider knowing so as to achieve the maximum results. Here is this additional advice:

  • Check yourself and your status. List down your statistics (weight, height, and body mass index) and your current doings such us your current workout routine and schedules.
  • Read the labels of everything you get from the grocery stores. Your boxes of drinks and your supplements' content matter hugely so as not to defeat the purpose of your vegan diet.
  • Monitor your calories. We need to make sure that you are getting ripped while having no excess fats. While we tackled how we can maximize our calorie intake in spite of being on a vegan diet, it is also important to ensure that you will not go beyond the target or average calorie intake per day to avoid getting fat.


It is not that easy to get both bold and healthy by just changing your current diet to a vegan one. Good thing is there are these tips on how to get ripped on a vegan diet so you would know what else you can do to have a better physique. Just make sure that you also consider following the pro-tips to have a more quantifiable and relevant result!

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