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9 Clever Tips to Get Out of Bed for a morning workout

Posted by Suzanne James

Mar 11, 2017 2:37:26 PM


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9 Clever Tips to Get Out of Bed for a morning workout

We all hate getting out of our beds in the morning, especially if we have something smarter to do. Procrastination is the mother of laziness, and we’re here to make sure you give up this awful habit with 9 easy workout motivation tips for getting out of your bed for a morning workout.

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1.Write notes to remind yourself that you should wake up earlier

It’s not that we forget that we should workout in the morning – we simply don’t feel like it. Heavy sleepers won’t get motivated by an alarm clock – it’s quite contrary. Writing notes to yourself and hanging them in visible places will bring the feeling of guilt at the beginning, but you will get motivated eventually. You’d be surprised at how effective a single note can be when it comes to getting up early.

Our brain memorizes each responsibility and it works as a personal alarm clock (this, however, doesn’t work this way for heavy sleepers). The only possible downfall of this strategy would be “ignoring the notes altogether”. Of course, you could ignore them, but if you’re that far gone, you might want to try some of the other tricks.

2.Reward yourself after workout

Reward yourself after each workout – get some extra sleep, play your favorite music, enjoy your favorite meal. It’s up to you what you will do – the results will be immediate and incredible. Simply knowing that something awesome awaits after you’re done will make you try harder each time. Eventually, waking up earlier will feel natural. The system of “rewards for a job well done” will significantly boost your confidence, and you will get to like mornings.

3.The golden rule – “get enough sleep”

It’s quite ironic that both too much and too little sleep can be bad for your health. The time you spent sleeping will determine how hard it will be to get out of bed, so make sure that you don’t get to sleep too late or too early.

People who don’t have enough sleep often suffer from fatigue, and they won’t feel like working out while people who sleep too much might experience drowsiness and similar negative feelings – it’s safe to say that you can kiss workouts goodbye if you feel this way. Get a good night’s sleep so that you can wake up easier.

4.Plan ahead – make sure that your “tomorrows” are interesting and fulfilled

Having a reason to wake up (besides going to school or job) earlier will make your workout much more bearable. You could always organize your time so that every day is filled with at least a tiny bit of adventure – start reading a new book, buy a new T-shirt, ask your sweetheart out, go to the amusement park for ice cream, and such.

5.Keep a calendar nearby

Knowing how much time is left before summer will trigger the alarm bells – most people make new year resolutions, but “summer body” resolutions are more realistic if you ask me. Keeping a calendar near your bed will passively remind you of that.

Whenever the word “summer” is mentioned (even if it has just passed), people think of vacations, parties, beaches, and other joyful activities. This could be a sufficient motivation to get you out of your bed and to your workouts.

6.Start small with your workouts

Knowing that you have a lot of work ahead of you is usually a turnoff when it comes to workouts, especially morning ones. Keeping it realistic and small in the beginning is a great way of motivating yourself.

Everyone knows that every beginning is the hardest part – you could set your goals to power walks, easy pushups, and some jogging for a start. After you’ve gotten into a routine, kick it up a notch, and reap the results. Get a pair of good crossfit shoes, find the right gym, and remember – start small.

7.Working out will feel more pleasurable after each goal you’ve accomplished

Setting your goal list will improve your chances of getting out of your bed earlier. You shouldn’t consider this as a formal responsibility though. By simply deciding that it’s time to make a change in the form of workouts, you’ve already set one goal. After each accomplishment, you will feel the determination flowing through you, so just embrace it.

8.Engage your family or roommates in morning workout rituals

With the support of your family or friends nothing is impossible, even getting out of bed early. Every family has an “early bird”, and you could engage him (or her) to wake up the rest of you for a nice morning workout.

Everyone could have their own pace – youngsters don’t need to jog or do pushups, the elders don’t need to exert themselves. The key concept is that you feel the bond between each other, and strengthen it further through morning workouts. This is, perhaps, the best way to get out of the bed early.

9.Keep the temperature and the atmosphere in your bedroom at pleasurable levels

Morning people don’t have trouble waking up early, no matter what. That’s not the case with everyone, though. Most people tend to remain in their beds if the “proper conditions aren’t met” – if it’s too cold or too hot, if the air is stagnant, and such. This will also affect the quality of your sleep.

If your bedroom is ventilated, and if it’s neither too hot or too cold, you will feel more inclined to waking up earlier. At the very least, you won’t be getting up any later, for all that matters.

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