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12 useful tips for goals and training for fitness

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Aug 29, 2016 10:00:00 AM


12 useful tips on goals and training for fitness

These are based on my experience as a mean entering his thirties he did not train enough to be great but also trains more than most. Enjoy.

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1. Have a clear goal

Clear goals are the first step to achieving them. Once the goal is formulated you can use it to break your progress down step by step and track your progress against it. This will help you to decide whether certain activities help you to reach your goal or not. Measure your progress doing a certain activity towards that goal. Kepp trying different methods and their outcomes. With no goal, nothing of this will be possible and you will feel lost and like you are getting nowhere.

 2.Have an inspiring goal

Picking up your lunch is not really an inspiring goal. You have to do that every day anyway.

  • Pick something that would make you proud.
  • Pick something which you have to work hard and change for
  • Pick something where you kids would say „Woah that’s cool“

Why do something boring or that you already can do. Make it clear and inspiring and then break it down to everyday habits which have to change.

3.Habits will get results

Getting up early and going tot he gym. Saying no to the sugar in your coffee every single day. Eating some eggs instead of cereal in the morning. Sitting down and going through the effort of making breakfast rather than getting a sandwich to go at the train station. Pressing in that one more repetition on each set in the gym. Getting your gym session one in an hour instead of two. Get your shit done at work more efficiently and effectively to make the time for your personal projects. Doing stuff now, rather than postponing it to tomorrow. This is how you reach your goals. You won’t reach them through that magical 30 day I turn you into Thor program or the one stop slick all you can lose Wonderwoman pill.

4.Focus on one thing at a time

Reaching your goals takes time and patience, i fit is worth aspiring to. Make a plan and focus on one building block at a time until you have it perfectly down. If you lay each brick oft he foundation perfectly square, the wall you build will stand the test of time. If you do not take the time to find the right spot to build your foundation and only cobble the stones together, you will build something that will collapse when the first troubles arrive. Bruce Lee said once:

„I do not fear the man who practiced a thousand kicks one time. I fear the man who practiced one kick a thousand times“

 5.Have quantity days

Som training days just have to be a lot oft he same over and over again. Pick those days and make them part of your habits. Work with less stress, not at maximum output to ingrain the movement patterns and make them fire quicker when needed at speed at a moment's notice.

6.Have quality days

On quality-days pick your exercise of choice and do it with very little resistance very slowly. Focus on the quality of the movement and that everything is perfect. Use your brain and seek each step to be perfectly well executed.

7.Have speed days

These are days where you will do not a lot of resistance or repetitions. Focus on the quickest execution that humanly possible for you. This will build explosiveness and quick development of force when prompted straight out oft he gate.

8.Have performance days

This is where you put everything together and practice at your best as if you were in competition. Put the speed, quality and quantity work together to simulate what happens in competition. These are usually very draining days mentally and physically so put them towards the end of a cycle in which you focused on a certain outcome.

9.Mix and match

 You can mix and match between these days for different days but not like with like. You can have a speed day for your main exercises oft the day and a quality for your accessory work, but not the same. A good rule of thumb is to do with your accessory work whatever is opposite of what you did in the main part in relation to quality quantity and speed.

10.Pills only help for the last few inches

Pill, powders, and tinctures can help you but only fort he last few inches. Nothing supplements hard work and dedication. You might be able to add another 5% or lose another 2% when all of the other pieces of the puzzle are in place like diet, having a clear goal and hitting the gym regularly, but you will not get two digit percentage benefits over a sustained period of time for any wondrous solution the quacks try to push on you.

11. Know your workarounds

There will be times when you are injured. Know how to work around it and stay fit. Focus on one of your trainable weaknesses during your injury. If you have to stay in bed, learn your trade. Read everything you can get your hand on and is relevant to the topic. If you break your arm, leg press. If you break a leg, bench press. Keep moving forward!

 12.Take breaks

Take rest to stay in the game for long. People and systems with no rest periods to recover break and get weak. Don’t break, rest when your body tells you to and push on.


These are all points which helped me to train harder for longer without taking any roids and with very little time to dedicate to training. I hope you can take something from it!

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