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If I wrote a book, what would it be about?

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Sep 8, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Edison deck

If I wrote a book, what would it be about?

If it was up to me I would write multiple books. When would I start this? How would I go about it? Those are the really interesting questions. Below you find some of the projects I am thinking about. Some ideas I had based on the prompts in the Edison and Wordsmith deck.
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How to be a better husband 

My wife makes me believe that I am doing a decent job as a husband. I have also seen some pretty shitty partners in our direct surroundings. I personally think that this is a topic worth exploring and write a book about. The only challenge would be that so much already has been written about the topic. Still, would be a great topic to explore. 

How to be a better dad 

There are a ton of shitty dads out there. I think the first step would be to show some good examples because these are the dads you don’t really see on TV. There is no story to report. “Does his job” does not really create a hit TV series like Breaking bad or successful soap-opera-like East Enders. For that, you need murder, betrayal and dishonesty. Take the good examples and shout them from the rooftops. I think that would be a good book to read. The dad who does everything for his disabled child. The stepdad who took care of four children who were not even his blood. The dad who adopted or fostered many children even though the family is not filthy rich. I think that would make a good book worth writing.

How to squat 200kg 

This, or something similar, will probably be the title of my first book. Powerlifting is my pet peeve and I love doing it. As I started pretty late in the game, I have to work harder to get these results. I am still working on it and it has been almost four years now. The internet will laugh but I am determined. This will be the best fitness book ever written by a German in English. 

How to make money online 

This topic is also all over the internet. I am making the first inroads into creating an extra income from different sources. That was my main take away from warren buffets book the intelligent investor. Your household needs more than one income stream for each person in it. If you accomplish this and keep transforming your revenue streams into the ones whereas others trade their time to make money for you instead of you having to donut yourself, then you are in the road to wealth. 

How to live abroad 

I have moved to Ireland successfully and formed a great life here. I also moved back to Germany and miserably failed. This would also be a topic very much worth exploring. I might have one or two pearls of wisdom to pass on. 

How to learn a language 

I have successfully learned Dutch and English in my lifetime. That’s two languages more than the average American will learn. I have forgotten most of my Dutch and still you with the idea of learning Chinese or Arabian. If I ever was to take up learning another language this might also be worth a book. 

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