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My first crossfit Danny

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Mar 28, 2015 10:00:00 PM


My first crossfit Danny

In March I amped up my game in the new gym I am a member of, as they do not think that somebody who gives his all in the gym is weird. I did my first crossfit Danny and managed to do 2 rounds + 30 box jumps and one pull up. Great workout combined with Annie as a warm up.

What is Danny ?

Danny is a crossfit AMRAP workout. AMRAP is short for as many rounds as possible. One round of Danny is compiled of

30 Box Jumps on a 24 inch box
20 Push presses at 52.5 kg
30 Pull ups
you get 20 minutes to complete asmany rounds as possible of these exercise. You have to complete one of the stages to move to the next. You are allowed to take rest as you wish. 

How does Danny feel ?

Danny is agood workout which challenges you all around. In the third round my legs started to hurt really bad and I considerably slowed down with the jumps. Also the push press as not to be sneered at in my book. Really hard and makes you sweat. This is what I like about these crossfit exercises, you can tackle them at your own pace and scale them as you deem fit. 

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