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Can you do Stronglifts every other day? [Article]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Sep 12, 2018 9:30:00 AM

Can I do Stronglifts every other day


Can you do Stronglifts every other day?

Stronglifts can be done every other day when you are already fit. Starters should focus on the program as prescribed. If you already have a full schedule of your main sport, also stick to your three times a week.

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Why do you want to do Stronglifts every other day


The original Stronglifts 5x5 protocol sends you to the gym three times a week. The rest of the week you can pursue other goals. Maybe write a letter to your mom. A poem for your loved one. You could also simply get drunk on the weekend with your friends. Another road to travel is to train even more. Reasons for training more than three times a week:

  • You want to progress faster
  • You have free time
  • You are already fit


There is no harm in having grand goals. Aim for the stars an you might land on the moon. If you want to progress faster, that is already a good sign that you will go for in lifting. Where does this desire come from? Are you impatient? If that is the case take a step back.

Speeding up progress in lifting usually comes at the expense of injury. There is a reason why programs have been designed a certain way. This includes the rest periods. Whenever I did speed up things, I usually got myself injured. If there are other reasons than impatience for wanting to progress faster, outline them in writing and see how changing the program helps to achieve your goals.


Another reason for wanting to train every other day can be that you have a lot of free time. I strongly recommend that you design your training program in a way that keeps your weekends mostly free. Until I developed a better morning routine I struggled to get three sessions a week in. If you are serious about going every other day, establish a better morning routine to have the time. Once the commitments in your life get more, it will become harder and harder to keep training. 


The last reason to train every other day is that you already are fit. You might be a runner or martial artist who wants to get stronger. Your higher level of fitness can help you train every other day. Still, keep your overall workload with other sessions in mind. In these cases, your strength training should support your overall goals and not take over. 


What happened when I did Stronglifts


When I started Stronglifts I also wanted to train every other day. However, life got the better of me. Back then, I did my gym sessions in the evening. In the end, it became a strain on my relationship and family life. When I got home from work everyone wanted a piece of me. It was considered rude to just leave for the gym after dinner.


Also, once you sat down on the couch for Netflix, you do not really want to get up and get out of the house again. You had a long day at work, you have been asked to make social arrangements for the weekend and send out to do the last bits of shopping which were forgotten. 


If you are a single man in your twenties, fair enough. You probably do not have these challenges when you go to the gym. If you have a family, you will only do Stronglifts every other day in the morning.


How to establish a better morning routine


I got my training done more regular when I switched to a different morning routine. The first thing was to get up earlier. I managed that by setting my alarm five minutes earlier each day:


8.00 am

7.55 am





Until I ended up with three alarms at 4.50, 4.55 and 5.00. This gives me three more hours in the day. At first, I started having bulletproof coffee at home. Next, I started meditating for ten minutes. Once I had enough to hit the gym I did that after coffee and meditating. Now I do the kitchen, walk the dogs, have my coffee, meditate, train, brain train and get to the office early. I highly recommend an early morning routine to anyone who wants to get stuff done.




You can do Stronglifts every other day when you are already fit and make it your main focus. If this is the first fitness program for you or you run it beside a different training schedule, stick with the three times per week. Best results are had if you get to the gym before your day starts instead of the evenings.


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