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NordicTrack ACT 7 elliptical vs Schwinn Airdyne pro

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Aug 2, 2020 9:00:00 AM

NordicTrack ACT 7 elliptical vs Schwinn Airdyne pro

This is a comparison between the Nordictrack ACT 7 elliptical and the Schwinn Airdyne pro including pros, cons and alternatives. Follow the links for more details

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Overview and review of the Schwinn airdyne pro

The Schwinn Airdyne Pro comes in at $999 - $1200. In this article you will learn more about the product itself, its Pros and cons and alternatives you might want to consider. This article has originally been published in the overview "Which conditioning equipment to buy from Rogue".

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Overview of the Schwin Airdyne Pro

Schwinn has been in the game of producing bikes for over a century now. The Schwinn Airdyne pro is their flagship take on the Airbike market. The special features of this design are the handles and how the fans are formed. This machine will blow some serious air into your face. Great if you train in a hot environment. The handles of the Airdyne pro give you many options to vary your ride and burn calories.
Air bikes are unique as the resistance increases the faster you go. This makes for very intense workouts which burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time. You also have less impact than on a treadmill. The Airdyne comes with the following specifications:
  • Length 42” 
  • Width 20”
  • Height 52”
  • Color black 
This is a solid option for your gym which looks a little more space than comparable products. If you care about looks, that is, but why have a gym otherwise. 

Pros of the Schwinn Airdyne Pro

The pros of the Schwinn Airdyne are
  • Noise canceling design 
  • Handles 
  • Design 
  • Experience 
  • Price 
One of the biggest pros of the Schwinn is the noise canceling design. Schwinn was one of the first Airbike companies in the market to look into belts rather than chains to propel the wheel on the Airbike. This makes the bike more reliable and silent. Since then it has become an industry standard. 
The new handles are clever and take a leaf out the treadmill and elliptical industry. Most Airbikes have simple handles which leave fewer options. I personally liked and some might say this can get in the way of a very intense workout. 
Design is always a matter of taste. I personally like the Schwinn. It looks spacey and tasteful and might even make it even a little interior design statement if out in the right spot. I don’t see that happening with other, more down to earth, models in the market. 
Schwinn has been building bikes for a while now. You can be sure you will get a top-notch product with a great finish. 
For the quality, you are getting it is aggressively priced just around the $1000 mark. Most other Pro/elite/sport models are usually priced nearer to the $1200 to $2000 mark. 

Cons of the Schwinn Airdyne Pro

  • Specificity 
  • Price 
What you do on an Airbike is not specific to most sports. Most bikes do not have self-moving handles or blow air in your face while riding them. A gym which trains athletes who compete in team sports will still have to invest in equipment like treadmills and run rockets to offer specific training. 
If you only want an Airbike and don’t care that much about design or noise canceling there are cheaper options which can be had to get an Airbike into your place. 

Alternatives to the Schwinn Airdyne Pro

Alternatives to the Schwinn Airdyne Pro Are:
A concept 2 bike will come in a little cheaper than the Airbike and is more specific for cycling indoors when you can not get out on the road. It will not burn as many calories in the same amount of time but offers you a solid alternative.
The Rogue echo bike is a very solid alternative if you want an Airbike. It sells like hot cake and is very popular in the CrossFit community. It is built like a tank and comes in at a good price. Like everything from Rogue, it is designed to work, not to look pretty. In some gyms, it might look displaced. 
The concept two rower is solid, time tested machine to build cardiovascular endurance. If you are a fan of water sports this is probably the better option for you than any of the bikes and treadmills. The only downside is that it takes a bit more space than other options. 

Summary for the Schwinn Airdyne Pro

The Schwinn Airdyne Pro has a good design at a good price point. For a flagship product, it is reasonably priced and comes from a vendor with experience in the market. If you are budget conscious there are also solid Airbike options at a lower price. 


Overview and review of the ACT commercial 7 1899

This is a review of the NordicTrack ACT 7 commercial including pros, cons, and alternatives. This article has been originally published in “which NordicTrack treadmill or elliptical to get in the UK”. Follow the links for more details.

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Overview of the ACT commercial 7

The ACT Commercial 7 elliptical is a center drive elliptical which is very compact for home use or having a fleet in a commercial gym. The main features are a 7 inch HD touchscreen, 22" stride, and an integrated tablet holder. The full list of features includes:
  • 7" HD Touchscreen Display
  • Includes 1 Years iFit Family Membership
  • iFit Integrated
  • Integrated Tablet Holder
  • IPod Compatible Audio (2 - 2" Speakers)
  • Center Drive
  • 18" – 22" Adjustable Stride
  • 24 Digital Resistance Levels
  • OneTouch® Controls
  • EKG Grip Pulse Heart Rate Monitor
  • Soft Touch™ Upper Body Grips
  • Max User Weight 135kg
  • Adjustable Oversized Cushion Pedals
  • AutoBreeze™ Workout Fan
  • Included Water Bottle Holder
  • Transport Wheels
  • Product Weight 107kg
  • Boxed Weight 125kg
  • Assembled Dimensions - 182L x 81W x 170H cm
  • Boxed Dimensions - 131L x 75W x 64H cm
  • Warranty - 5-Year Frame Warranty, 2-Year Parts and Labour Warranty, subject to registration within 28 days of purchase
The ACT 7 commercial is a good option for anyone who wants an elliptical that does not eat up too much space. It is still a big machine but compared to rear- or front-drive ellipticals it is a lot smaller. 

Pros of the ACT 7 commercial

The main point that the CT 7 commercial has going for it is that it is a space saver. The center flywheel makes it possible to bring the machine in a little. Compared to the newer elliptical models it is less error-prone as it has not the three in one design which makes the design more stable.

Cons of the ACT7 commercial

The cons of the ACT 7 commercial are:
  • Old model
  • relatively high price
The ACT models are relatively old and Nordictrack has renewed and modernized their center flywheel product range with models like the FS7i which use Free stride. Free Stride enables the elliptical to be used as a treadmill, elliptical, and stepper. So if you can get your hand on one of the free stride models that might be money spend better. Just observe when they make their way from the US to the UK, if you can wait for your purchase. 

Alternatives to the ACT 7 commercial

Alternatives to the ACT 7 commercial are:
The Nordictrack X7i is a good alternative to the ACT 7 commercial in case you prefer a treadmill rather than an elliptical for your home gym. The X7i provides a treadmill that can go up to a 40%  incline and a 2.75 CHP motor. Best for home gym use. If you are a commercial buyer you might want to look for treadmill motors in the 3 - 4 CHP range to make sure that they will last longer, as they will have to take more miles.
The Nordictrack FS5i is an alternative elliptical to the ACT 7 commercial. It will take up more space, but comes in at a lower and provides a longer stride. You will also be able to use the Free stride technology which makes this a three in one machine. If you have space and want an elliptical, this might be the better option than the ACT 7.
The TrueForm Runner is a self-propelled treadmill that is targeted at high-performance athletes. This is a great option if you want to do sprints with abrupt starts and stops or very gradual acceleration. Commercial gym owners might be tempted by the savings in electricity, as this machine does not have a motor. The belt rests on bearing which makes it possible to propel it yourself. The TrueForm runner i generally considered one of the best of this kind of treadmills, This is also a reason why it comes in at a high price. 
The Assault air runner is a cheaper alternative to the TrueForm runner in the self-propelled treadmill space. While the cost is lower the reviews of this treadmill usually are not as positive as for the TrueForm runner. Main reason being is that the TrueForm runner seems to have a better calibration of the bearing. The Assault air runner tends to make you faster than you actually are which can create a weird experience. 
Last but not least I personally like the Rogue Echo bike a lot. Especially for use in a home gym. It is compact, sturdy, and comes in at a reasonable price for what you are getting. It is space-efficient and ideal for doing a 20-minute workout which will burn the maximum of calories. 

Summary for the ACT 7 commercial

The ACT 7 commercial is a great compact elliptical for home use or in tight gym settings. It will also be less prone to error than the other free stride models of Nordictrack based on the design. Overall, the ACT 7 commercial is not a focus design of Nordictrack's, but still available for purchase in the Uk market. 

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