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Overview and review of Hyperice Utility [Article,Video]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Mar 25, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Hyperice utility

Overview and review of the Hyperice utility 

The hyperice utility comes in at $75 and can be used on your legs and arms to cool them. The main advantage is that you get an ice bag which holds itself in place.

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Overview of the Hyperice Utility

The Hyperice Utility sleeve is designed to go anywhere except your back, shoulder, and knees for cooling. Hyperice has specialized products for this areas of your body. The hyperice Utility sleeve is designed to go anywhere on your limbs to ice the area. This is achieved by a bag which can be filled with ice cubes or crushed ice from your fridge. Hyperice is a good tool to blitz ice swellings at the side of a pitch without having to hold the ice bag in place. If you like cooling with ice bags and have problems with your elbows and ankles, the hyperice Utility is the right choice. The specifications are:
  • 3MM Premium grade compression neoprene with plush finish
  • A separate bag which can be filled with ice
  • Machine Washable
The hyperice line is designed for rehabilitation not support during exercise. Keep that in mind when you are shopping. If you want to wrap your knees like into the product line of Mark Bell and Rehband

Pros of the Hyperice utility

The pros of the hyperice utility are:
  • Ice bag
  • Compression
  • Big area covered
The hyperice utility will enable you to ice a big area fast without having to hold on to the ice bag. This is practical when you have to recover at the side of the pitch or want to rehab and still be able to move around the house. If you are prone to elbow and ankle swellings and big you will like the hyperice utility. 

Cons of the Hyperice utility

The cons of the hyperice utility are:
  • Ice bag
  • Setup
The ice bag itself is great. but of it rips or breaks in any other way you can not sue the hyperice anymore. As the bag is removable and needs to be filled with ice it is likely that you will damage the nozzle or the bag itself at some stage. This is the trade-off for being able to adjust how much ice you use and how you compress it. 
Compared to other sleeves for the arms and legs, the hyperice utility might be a lot more hassle depending on your setup. If you play in the NFL or NBA there is usually some ice cubes around which you can quickly put into the hyperice. For people who use it at home, the setup can be messy and leave the kitchen dirty after filling the bag with ice cubes. 

Alternatives to the hyperice Utility

The alternatives to the Hyperice utility are:
The freeze sleeve is a neoprene sleeve with an in-build cooling gel. This makes it a very convenient solution unless you object to the chemicals used to make the cooling gel. Compared to the hyperice knee sleeve it is the better solution in my opinion for recovery at home for average-sized athletes. There is no extra set up required and you can use it on elbows and knees. For away games, it might not be better as it is easier to ask a stranger for some ice than putting your gross sleeve in their fridge. 
If I was to spend money on hyperice I would spend it on the back solution. I have regular back pains from squatting and deadlifting. The usual icing solutions like a bag of peas or ice or hard to keep in place in the lower back. The hyperice back is ideal for that. 
The hyperice shoulder would the equivalent of the back version for the shoulder. I personally have no problems with my rotator cuff, but if you do this can be a good solution. 

Summary for the hyperice Utility

The hyperice utility is a nice piece of equipment if you want to ice a big area fast on your legs or arms. Especially when the swelling is fast and you can not go to a doctor directly. Generally, I think that the freeze sleeve is the more convenient option to apply to arms and legs. If I was to buy hyperice I would go for the back option as I struggle with lower back pain from deadlifts and it is awkward to hold a pea bag in place. 

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