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Overview and review of the Concept 2 Model D

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jul 13, 2019 9:30:00 AM

Overview and review of the Concept 2 Model D

The Concept 2 Model D comes in at $900. In this article you will learn more about the product itself, its Pros and cons and alternatives you might want to consider. This article has originally been published in the overview "Which conditioning equipment to buy from Rogue".

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Overview of the concept 2 Model D

The concept 2 model D rower is the bread and butter product from concept 2. This rower can be used by athletes of all sizes and ages. From low-intensity rehabilitation work to high-intensity racing between top athletes anything is possible with this machine. This is also a machine which you can most likely test yourself in a gym near you, which can not always be said for the other machines available on the Rogue website. The concept 2 model D comes with the following specifications: 
  • Color black/white 
  • Assembled in America 
  • 57LB weight 
  • Length 96”
  • Width 24”
  • Height 14” (seat)
  • Foot print 8’ x 2’ 
The concept 2 rower is the go-to option in the industry. You can not go wrong with this one if you want to stick up on a rower for your home gym or commercial facility. 

Pros of the Concept 2 Model D

The pros of the concept 2 rower are
  • Little impact 
  • Scalable workout 
  • PM5 monitor 
Working out with the concept 2 rower will be lighter on your joints compared to other endurance workouts. As you will slide back and forth this machine can also be used when a high impact is not possible due to injury. 
With the ten different settings for resistance and multiple workouts to choose from the computer, you can scale it in every direction. From intervals to long distance and races everything is possible.
The PM5 monitor is quickly becoming a standard which other endurance computers have live up to. In the reviews and testing I have done it comes out on top for connectivity to your phone and other machines for racing purposes. 

The cons of the concept 2 rower are

  • Space requirements 
  • Specificity 
The concept 2 rower is can be hung on a wall or broken up into two pieces for better storage. Still, at full length, it takes up considerable space compared to an Airbike. Especially for home gym arrangements, this might be a killer.
The rowing motion of the concept 2 is not specific to most sports. If you want to ensure that your training is as specific as possible a treadmill or bike might be the better option for you. 

Alternatives to the concept 2 Model D

Alternatives to the concept 2 model d rower are:
The model E rower is a great alternative with a higher seat. If you work mainly with the rehab clients or very tall athletes this is a good alternative. In addition, you also get a sturdier hold for your PM5 monitor.
The Rogue echo bike is a great alternative if you want to save space and money. This machine might even give you an even better workout, especially if you want to do interval training. It also takes up less space than the concept 2 rower unless you mount the rower to a wall. 
The TrueForm runner is the ultimate treadmill. You will need no access to power as it self propelled. The only downside is that it is about five times the price of the concept two rower. 

Summary for the concept 2 Model D

The concept 2 model d is a safe bet for all endurance needs which want to be low impact. You can place it in a big gym with a horde of strong athletes or a boutique gym specialized in rehab of the 50+ women. The pricing is average and it also has been on the market for a long time.

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