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Overview and review of the Rogue Alpha 5 package

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Oct 7, 2019 9:30:00 AM


5 Alpha

Overview and review of the Rogue 5 Alpha package

You can buy the Rogue Alpha 5 package from Rogue at $13.650. It delivers all of the necessary equipment to you which you need to run an affiliate gym for groups of 5. It will provide the infrastructure and material you need to get going. This article was originally published in "which equipment package to buy from Rogue".

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Overview of the 5 Alpha package

The 5 Alpha package is the smallest out of the alpha package series and has the following items in short:
This package gets serious about training 5 athletes in parallel on a high level. With this package, you get the necessary infrastructure, barbells and conditioning material to run your own gym. This is a good pick when you start out on a small outfit. 

Items of the 5 Alpha package

This is a detailed list of the items and alternatives of the 5 Alpha package. 

(1) 1000LB HG Bumper set - You choose the weights you want up to 1000LB

With 1000LB you can not go wrong. Just don’t invite Eddie hall over, he might take it all for himself. Bumper plates are great for outdoor and indoor training. They are forgiving on hands and feet of your clients, can be dropped from overhead and are less likely to chip than calibrated steel plates or Olympic plates. The only downside is that you can for less weight on a barbell. If no one lifts more than 500 pounds in your gym this won’t really be an issue. 

(1) Ohio Bar - Black Zinc Shaft, Bright Zinc Sleeves 5 Bar Set- 28.5MM Bar with Dual Knurl - Guaranteed for Life!

The Ohio bar is the backbone of the Rogue barbell portfolio. One of the first barbells which Rogue ever produced they have refined the design over time. This is a solid all-around barbell for any purpose. If you wanted a cheaper alternative look into the Rogue Echo barbell. If you want to spice things up with a little color go for the Fraser edition, Froning edition or design your own in the Zeus configurator. 

(2) ROGUE Bella Bar - 25.0MM Women’s Bar with Dual Knurl

The Bella bar is the smaller sister of the Rogue Ohio bar which comes in at 15kg. It also has a smaller diameter than the Ohio bar. If you wanted to add some color to your life opt for the Davidsdottir or Toomey versions of this barbell. 

(2) ROGUE 15LB Technique Bar - The Go to bar for technique training, the same distance between collars as competition bars

The Rogue technique bar is the weapon of choice to teach beginners the Olympic lifts or hone on the technique of seasoned athletes. You can also get these with technique plates to have the same dimensions as with the fully weighted bar. 

(1) ROGUE 9 Bar Holder

The 9 bar holder keeps your barbell set in place. You can alternatively look into a gun rack option which enables you to put the bars on the wall.

(1) 200LB Rogue Kettlebell Set - Choose your own variants up to 200LB

The Rogue Kettlebells you can choose from are made of cast iron. This means they will be hard on the skin if you do anything apart from kettlebell swings. Alternatives are the rubber coated and competition Kettlebells from Rogue. 

(5) Set of Rogue HG 2.0 Collars

Collars are a great option to keep your plates in place when dropped from overhead. They will also be easier on the barbell and produce fewer scratches than the spring collars. 

(5) Set of ROGUE Wood Rings

The wood rings can be used for all kinds of different gymnastics movements. They come with the necessary straps to attach them to the rack or ceiling. The more ambitious your routines become the more likely you want to anchor these into the ceiling. For this, you will need extra equipment.

(5) Rogue Medicine Ball - Can choose the weight up to 20LB

American made Rogue medicine balls toasted your athletes needs. With these you can perform slams, wall throws and coordination drills. Alternatives are the rubber medicine balls and Stronglifts throwbacks. You need to earn your batches and patches. 

(5) Rogue D- Ball /Slam Ball- Can choose the weight up to 30LB

The rogue d slam ball helps you to save face. For slams and drops, this ball is better as it does not bounce back as much. This makes the workout harder and gives you a lesser chance of hitting yourself in the face.

(1) 25' x 1.5" Climbing Rope with Eyelet - No bracket required

The climbing rope can be either used to climb, as a battle rope or to drag a sled. If you have high ceilings try to use it for climbing. Otherwise, let it function in your gym as a battle rope.

(5) Games Multi Side Boxes with 20" / 24" / 30" Sides

The multi side boxes are great as each of them is a 3 in 1 jumping unit. The only downside side is that you also will have to find space to store them properly. 

(2) S-1 Squat/Press Stands

The S1 squat stand is one of the smallest squat stands you can get from Rogue. You might also want to consider a yoke or fortis M4 as alternatives. A yoke will give you more options to store plates and to do conditioning. If you want a more stable setup for beginners to squat and bench press in the fortis M4 rack is a great option. 

(1) I-10 Infinity Rig - Now you can get pull-ups and squat racks with the same unit

The Infinity rig 10 will make 2 squat/bench stations and six pull up stations available for your CrossFit classes or other Pursuits of your clients. The Infinity is one of the older versions of rigs and has since then gotten two upgrades with the Monster lite and Monster series.

(5) ROGUE Benches

With these benches, you will be able to perform bench presses, dumbbells rows, and other exercises. Especially everything one legged will be easier with a bench to put your foot on. To make it even more versatile you might want to consider the adjustable benches

(5) Rogue SR-3 Speed Ropes

The Rogue SR 3 has become the widely used standard for performing double unders in CrossFit boxes across the land. There are upgraded versions with even fancier bearings and material available if you fancy. 

(5) Abmat

The Abmat supercharges the ordinary sit up and is part of many CrossFit WODs. The only downside is that chafing is not uncommon. To address this you can get one of the layer Abmat designs as an alternative. 

(3) Rogue GH-1 GHD

The Rogue GH1 GHD machine will help you and your athletes to build stronger lower backs. It can also be used for harder sit-ups and glute ham raises. 

(2) Concept 2 Model D with PM5 Rower

The concept 2 Model D is the standard rower for many years. With the recently 

(1) Rogue Echo Gym Timer

The Rogue Echo Gym timer is a simple but effective torture device for your CrossFit gym. You will have all the necessary times on display for the world to see. 

Pros of the Alpha 5 package

Pros of the alpha 5 package are that you get all the infrastructure which is needed to run effective CrossFit classes. The rig, squat stands, and GHDs will serve you well for years to come.

Cons of the Alpha 5 package

With more equipment comes a higher price tag. If you already have bumpers and pull up stations in your gym then this package is oversized for your needs. 

Alternatives to the Alpha 5 package

These are the alternatives to the Alpha 5 package 

Summary of the Alpha 5 package

The alpha 5 is an ambitious package for small boxes which want to start from scratch and conquer the CrossFit Olympus in no time. Already established gyms probably want to get more bars for their bucks to cover all of their existing members. 

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