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Overview and review of the Rogue Fireteam package

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Aug 4, 2019 9:30:00 AM



Overview and review of the Rogue Fireteam package

You can buy the Rogue Fireteam package from Rogue at $4.850 to set up for 4. It will provide material you need to get going. This article was originally published in "which equipment package to buy from Rogue".

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Overview of the Fireteam package

The Fireteam package fits out your gym to run classes for four Crossfitters in parallel. The items are: 
With this, you are doing well to get your first set in place to train a small group of strong individuals with high-quality equipment. This package can be easily transported. 

Items of the Fireteam package

This is an overview of the items in the Fireteam package with more detail. 


The 230LB packages are split into the following denominations: 
  • 8 10LB plates 
  • 8 25LB plates 
  • 8 35LB plates 
  • 8 45LB plates 
Bumper plates are great to train indoors or outdoors as they can deal with most surfaces well. They are also very forgiving on toes and fingers in case they get between the plates. The only downsides are their lack of accuracy and size. Bumper plates are manufactured with less precision than the competition and calibrated steel plates to keep costs down. Therefore you might have a fluctuation of 1kg per plate. This is ok for general training purposes but not for competition. The other downside is that you can not max out the weight on the bar with bumpers. If you have a lot of athletes that can deadlift and squat more than 500 pounds you should also invest in Olympic plates or steel plates. 


The Rogue Ohio bar builds the backbone of the Rogue barbell portfolio as one of the first bars to come off the production line from Columbus Ohio. It is made of 190,000 PSI steel. This bar is the best value for money bar you can get from Rogue for all purposes. If you wanted to save some additional money you can go to the echo bar. If you want some more color and inspiration go for the Fraser edition, Froning edition or create your own design with the Zeus engine. 


The Rogue HG collars are a great option to keep your plates in place while not leaving scratches on your barbells. The standard you usually find in Gyms across the country is spring collars. These are more likely to do damage to the barbell. The Rogue HG collars are also designed with rubber to protect the bar from direct exposure to the hard plastic. Another alternative to the HG collars would be the OSO collars. 


These American made gymnastic rings will keep your fireteam in form. Make sure that you fix them to a high point if you want to perform complex movements to have some distance between you and the floor. 



The Rogue medicine balls are a great tool for conditioning. You can use them for wall balls, slams and throws. Combine them with a GHD Abrams for a great core workout. The fire team package lets you pick 4 balls for up to 20LB. 
 If you are looking for a budget version of the medicine balls you can opt for the rubber version. If you mainly do slams get the slam balls instead. Fewer members of your groups smashing their own faces in. 


The Rogue SR 3 speed rope has quickly become the standard for double unders in the CrossFit world. 

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