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Overview and review of the Rogue Platoon package

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jul 14, 2019 9:30:00 AM


Overview and review of the Rogue Platoon package

The Rogue Platoon package is designed for 12 and can be bought for $18.775. It delivers all of the necessary equipment to you which you need to run an affiliate gym. This article was originally published in "which equipment package to buy from Rogue".

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Overview of the platoon package

The platoon package is aimed at the military and assumes for individuals who are training hard. Therefore you get a little more bumper weight but no extra racks or squat stands in this package. Here is the shortened list: 
With this, you can run full classes anywhere. You only need one transporter ready for the equipment to move around. If you wanted to get this for your gym to stock up on plates and bars this might also be an option. 

Items of the platoon package


12 230 LB Bumper plates 

You will get the battle-tested bumper plates from Rogue which will be forgiving to the floor and the feet of your clients. You will get the following plates:
  • (24) 10LB
  • (24) 25LB
  • (24) 35LB
  • (24) 45LB
These will give you a pair of each plate per person when 12 are training in parallel. If you are looking for all weather plates, bumpers are probably your best option. If you wanted to save storage and sleeve space opt for Olympic or calibrated Olympic plates


The Ohio bar builds the backbone of the Rogue barbell portfolio. This was one of the bars that went off the production 
Made at Rogue Manufacturing in Columbus. 190,000 PSI steel bar with dual knurl marks. Guaranteed for life against bending or breaking. Includes Black Zinc plating with Bright Zinc sleeves version.
If you would like a more cost-efficient alternative look into the Echo bar. To spruce things up with color and make your gym a bit more inspirational you can opt for the Fraser or Froning version of the Ohio bar. 


The rogue HG collars are designed to hold your plates in place even when the bars are dropped repeatedly. They will also protect your bars from getting scratches compared to spring collars. If you want to save some money go for these instead. Spring collars are the most cost-efficient tools you can get for securing plates. 


These American made gymnastics rings made of wood will enable your group to hone their gymnastics skills. Whether you want to perform muscle ups, dips or more advanced ring work, the Rogue rings have stood the test of time. They include the necessary straps to wither attach them o a rack or the ceiling. The necessary anchors for hanging them from the ceiling are not included. Especially for the most advanced movements, it would beneficial to have the rings coming from a high ceiling. 


With this package, you will get 
  • 8 20LB 
  • 4 14LB 
Medicine balls made in America by Rogue. Medicine balls are great for slams, wall throws and coordination exercises for your clients. If you want a cheaper version you can opt for the rubber medicine balls which are not American made. If you want to protect your clients from hitting themselves in the face slam balls are a great option. They will not bounce back as high as medicine balls.


The SR-3 has risen to be the standard in the CrossFit community to perform the double unders which are part of many WODs. Jumping ropes have been part of sports performance drills for a long time. This type of rope is specially designed for speed, not necessarily for trick movements. Rogue also has newer designs with better bushing and lighter material, if you wanted to step it up a notch. 


With this package, you get 16 Kettlebells in the following denominations
  • (4) 35LB / 1
  • (8) 53LB / 1.5 pood
  • (2) 70LB / 2 pood
  • (2) 88LB / 2.5 pood
The Kettlebells are cast iron with flat bases and color-coded handles to easily make out their weight. If you only do swings these will suffice. If you work a lot with Turkish get-ups and kettlebell cleans you might want to consider the rubber coated Kettlebells or competition Kettlebells from Rogue. These will be easier on the skin. 


The concept 2 model D rower is the industry standard for rowing machines. This machine has been time tested at the CrossFit games and many gyms all over the country. 
This version includes the newer PM5 monitor which enables you to have races between different rowers. The necessary software is included. I hear and read a lot of good about the PM5 monitor. An alternative to the model d rower is the model E. If you have very tall athletes or work a lot with rehab clients this might be a good choice. The seat of the model E is higher and therefore easier to access. 

Pros of platoon package

The pros of the platoon package are that you get 230LB for each person you want to train. with. The Kettlebells are also a little on the heavy side. Great when you have a whole platoon of testosterone filled soldiers who want to blow off some steam after a mission. This is also addressed with having no jump boxes for this package as the military base this is designed for probably has plenty of boxes to jump on if needed. 

Cons of the platoon package

This pack provides no infrastructure to work with. You will have no benches, racks, rigs or other gym material. This is good when your platoon is constantly on the move and has an allocated truck to store training material in. Not so great, if you are running a stationary facility. There is also no mix between the bars to accommodate women. A Bella bar here or there might be good for a complete picture.

Alternatives to the platoon package

Alternatives to the platoon package are

Summary of the platoon package

A platoon package is a great option for twelve people who want exactly the same and have a lot of strength. The package is aimed at a group that has to do a pop-up gym at any place and therefore does not provide infrastructure. It could also be used to upgrade an existing gym to a CrossFit facility. Just make sure you have enough pull up bars around. A big bonus is that the bumpers are covered. 

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