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Overview and review of the Rogue RML490 [Article, Free Download]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

May 6, 2019 9:30:00 AM

Overview and review of the Rogue RML 490 


The Rogue RML 490 rack comes in at $983 and is one of the better options for under $1000 from Rogue. Learn more in this review which was originally published in the Article "Which Rack to buy from Rogue for under $1000".

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What else to consider from Rogue

Overview of the RML490

The RML 490 rack is the no-nonsense full rack version from Rogue for the smaller pocket. with $983 you don't break the $1000 ceiling and still get a great piece of equipment. The RML 490 is available in black and made in Columbus Ohio. It weighs in 336LB.
The dimension of the RML 490 as 49'' in width and length for a footprint of 53'' by 53''. The height is standardized to 90.375''. The RML 490 ships with J-Cups, Band Pegs, and safeties to get going once you receive it. A fat skinny and a skinny bar are also included for pull-ups. The stell notes are made from 3x3'' Gauge Steel with Westside hole spacing.
This rack is a good option if you do not want to get fancy and stay within budget. With the Monster lite series, you also get one of Rogue's long-standing lines with great customer support. 
The Rogue RML-490 is a great option when you want to train Westside at home or if you want to upgrade your gym to attract more powerlifters. IT is compact and does the job for the big three lifts and beyond.

Pros of the RML 490

One big pro as the price tag and what you get for it from Rogue. Being just slightly below $1000 it does not go over the psychological barrier that many buyers set for themselves when going out to buy a rack. With the two bars and westside spacing, it also leaves you with a lot of flexibility for different setups to push your total to the max. 

Cons of the RML 490

The RML 490 has no numbering of the holes, no color option and is also fixed in height. This puts it at a disadvantage compared to other Rogue racks. In addition, you also enter the monster Lite series of Rogue which usually has fewer updates with new upgrades then the Monster series. 

Alternatives to the RML490

Alternatives to the RML 490 are
The RM4 fortis would be roughly the same budget but in the Monster series of Rogue. If you don't care about the westside spacing but think that having numbered holes would be better for you, go for the RM4 Fortis instead. 
The RML 490C is the same rack but adds a splash of color. If you always wanted your rack in blue or orange to match the rest of your gym, furniture or interior design, this is the option to go for instead. The only con is that it comes in with a price which is slightly above $1000. 
The RML 690C is an option when you need more storage space and want to have a full and a half rack in one. This is the option which will help you to get more utensils and strength equipment on the rack, rather than the walls of your gym. 

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