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Overview and review of the Rogue SM2.5 [Article, Free Download]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Aug 12, 2019 9:30:00 AM


Overview and review of the Rogue SM 2.5 Monster squat stand


The Rogue SM 2.5 squat stand comes in at $744 and is one of the better options for under $1000 from Rogue. Learn more in this review which was originally published in the Article "Which Rack to buy from Rogue for under $1000".

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What else to consider from Rogue

Overview of the SM 2.5

The Rogue SM 2.5 Squat stand uses the beams of the Rogue Monster series and creates a very sturdy squat stand. This stand is built in Columbus, Ohio and comes in black. With the flat foot design of Rogue, it does need to be bolted to the ground.
The SM2.5 has 1000 lb weight capacity and comes in at a height of 103''. The steel notes are made from 3x3'' gauge steel. The overall footprint comes to 50''x54''. This stand comes with J Cups in the delivery to get you up and running. 

Pros of the SM 2.5

A squat stand is a great alternative when you want to do weightlifting training. It gives you more room to throw the weight about than in a powerlifting cage. It is also less material in case you have to fill an entire gym, have to transport the stand often or want to able to change things quickly. The SM 2.5 will be easy to transport and serve you well in these scenarios.

Cons of the SM 2.5

A squat stand by itself is not ideal for powerlifting. If you count in the safety arm spotters you will be close to $1.000  again and might as well go for a full rack that costs a bit more but leaves you with a full cage and safety for the bench press without having to buy extra accessories. 

Alternatives to the SM 2.5

Alternatives to SM 2.5 are:
The SM3 comes with the same specs except that the height is different. This option is for your tall athletes. If you want to outfit an entire gym maybe mix the SM3, SM2.5, and SM2 to serve various heights. It is also a good way of adding a very high pull up bar to your gym without having to invest in an entire rig or rack.
The SM2 is the smallest of the Rogue Monster squat stands. It comes in at 90.375''. This might be a good option when your ceilings are low or you are a smaller athlete with no need for a very high pull up bar. 
The RM4 Fortis rack is an alternative to the squat stands which comes in at roughly the same price if you count the spotter arms. If you want to powerlift this might be the better investment of your money than having a squat stand.

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