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Overview and review of the Rogue Squad package

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Sep 8, 2019 9:30:00 AM


Overview and review of the Rogue Squad package

You can buy the Rogue Squad package for 8 at $11.250. It will provide the material you need to get going for a group of 8. This article was originally published in "which equipment package to buy from Rogue".

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What else to consider from Rogue

Overview of the squad package

The squad package is aimed at a team on the ho and does not provide any stationary infrastructure. You will get enough bumpers and bars to train 8 soldiers in parallel. The shortlist of equipment is:
With this, you can run a full 
CrossFit class for 8. The only thing missing would be pull up stations and benches

Items of the squad package

This is to give you a little more detail around the items in n the squad package.


The squad package includes the following plates 
  • (16) 10LB
  • (16) 25LB
  • (16) 35LB
  • (16) 45LB 
Bumper plates are great as you can use them indoors as well as outdoors. You can drop them from overhead and they are also quite forgiving on feet and hands. Bumpers are less likely to chip compared to steel plates. The only downside is that you will have a lot more real estate on the bar to get the same amount of weight. If you have a lot of people in your gym who squat and deadlift more than 500 pounds you might want to stock some more plates. 


The rogue Ohio bar was the start of the production of barbells at Rogue. This piece of metal builds the backbone of the barbell portfolio. With 190.000 PSI this is your all around barbell choice. If you wanted to go a little cheaper there is also the echo bar available. If you want to go a little more individual you can opt for the Fraser or Froning edition of the bar. With the Zeus engine, you can even design your own. 


The Rogue HG collars will stay in place to keep your plates in place when you do a lot of Olympic lifts. In addition, they are also easier on the bar than spring collars which are more likely to leave scratches. 


The rogue wood rings will enable you to do complex gymnastics with their most advanced clients and progress less experienced towards their first pull up. They come including the necessary straps to set them up with a rack and to hang them front the ceiling. They don’t come with the anchor points. So if you want to hang them from the ceiling watch out for additional material from Rogue to do this. 


The Rogue medicine balls are made in America and can be used for wall balls, slams and everything you and your clients will hate in the world of conditioning. With this pack you get: 
  • 6 20 LB 
  • 2 14 LB 
Medicine balls from Rogue. If you mainly do slams you might want to look into the slam balls to protect your client's faces. Medicine balls have the tendency to bounce and there is always someone in the class who manages to slam them right back in their face. 


The Rogue SR 3 speed ropes are the current standard for double unders in the CrossFit world. You can also find more into date versions with better bearing and even lighter material, but this is the one to roll out to bigger groups. This rope is designed for speed, not necessarily for tricks. 


You will get 10 cast iron Kettlebells with the purchase of the Squad package from Rogue. The standard sizes are 
  • (2) 35LB / 1 pood
  • (6) 53LB / 1.5 pood
  • (2) 70LB / 2 pood 
Which gives you a good variety of Kettlebells which assume a slightly stark get than the average crowd to train. If you do a lot of cleans and Turkish get ups you might want to consider the rubber coated or competition Kettlebells from Rogue as they are easier on the skin. 


The concept 2 model d rower is a great option to train for endurance with low impact for the joints while still activating the whole body. The concept 2 rower has been a time tested industry standard for years. With the relatively new PM5 monitor you also have the opportunity to have virtual races between the rowers. An alter stove to the model D is the model E. The seat is a bit higher and the frame is sturdier with the model E. This makes it a good option for taller athletes or when you do a lot of rehab work. 

Pros of the Squad pack

The squad pack is mobile and assumes a strong training group. The money saved on infrastructure is put towards good bars and more weight to create more challenging workouts. 

Cons of the Squad pack

You do not get benches, GHD or a rig with the squad package. While this makes the setup transportable for your squad, it will leave you short for doing the full range of CrossFit exercises.

Alternatives to the Squad pack

Alternatives to the squad package are

Summary of the squad pack

The squad package is a great option to train heavy with a team of 8. The material can be transported and you get a good quality base. Being mobile comes at the price of sacrificing the exercises which need infrastructure like kipping pull-ups, very heavy squats or any bench work. 

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