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Overview and review of the Rogue USA Nylon belt [Article, free download]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

May 11, 2019 9:30:00 AM

Rogue US Nylon Lifting Belt

The Rogue Nylon USA belt can be had for $45. This is the best version of the Nylon belt Rogue has to offer. If you want to learn more about Rogue's belt portfolio read my article "Which belt to buy from Rogue" in which this overview has been originally published.

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Overview of the US Nylon belt

The Rogue USA Nylon lifting belt is fully manufactured in the USA and was created together with CrossFit champion Matt Fraser. The back panel is 5'' in width and tapers down in steps to 4'' and 3'' for the Nylon support strap. The velcro closing system comes with a smooth buckle and roller for quick and easy adjustments. This belt comes in three color variations; black, camo and gray/red. It can also be further customized with velcro patched near to the buckle. The inner foam frame has a ripstop exterior and antimicrobial inner material.

Pros of the US Nylon belt

This is the upper range option for Nylon belts. You will still be buying out of the USA and support the production in Columbus Ohio. This belt also gives you more options to make the belt look cool and fit your overall appearance. Especially for Crossfit WODs which go not that heavy on the movement, but require support, this can be a good belt. For many reps, the nylon will not be as aggressive as a leather belt on your body and it is easier to run around in it.

Cons of the US Nylon belt

A nylon belt that closes with Velcro gives a lot less support than a 13mm string of leather that might even hold up a bullet. I would not recommend squatting one repetition maximum attempts with a nylon belt on. In addition, you will need to replace these belts more often when the Velcro gives in. 

Alternatives to the US Nylon belt

If you are more into strength than overall conditioning you might want to consider the Rogue Echo belt instead. This is the cheapest rogue branded leather belt in the arsenal. If you don't care where the belt is manufactured you can also look int the Nylon belts in 5'' and 4'' width. They are only half the price of the US version.

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