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Overview and review of the Rogue warrior bar and bumper equipment pack

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Oct 12, 2019 9:30:00 AM

Warrior Bar and Bumper

Overview and review of the Warrior Bar and Bumper

The Alpha Crossfit package gives you 4 different items at a price of $1225 to cover your Crossfit needs. Learn more in this overview and find out about alternatives if you don't have the budget or need for such a big pack. This overview has originally been published in "Which Rogue equipment pack to get for an individual".

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Overview of the Warrior Bar and bumper

The warrior bar and bumper focus on the bare minimum to equip you with a set of plates and barbells. If you already have a lot of small equipment pieces flying around your home, this is the set to go for. The extra set of iron plates makes the picture complete.
The item list includes 
If you have everything in place except a barbell, this is a good set. Especially when you don’t want to think too hard about things. 

Items of the Warrior Bar and Bumper

This is the list of the Items of the Warrior bar and bumper set in detail. 


The Rogue Ohio Bar is the backbone of the Rogue barbell portfolio. It was one of the first barbell models to be produced in Columbus Ohio and has been going strong ever since. With this barbell, you will get an all-around workhorse with 190.000 PSI and dual knurled marks. If you want to add a little bit more color or inspiration go for the Froning or Fraser edition of this bar. You can also come up with your own design by using the Zeus engine. If you are more into Olympic lifting, have a look at the IWF approved Pyrros bar. Powerlifters might want to look at the Thor bar. 


The warrior bar and bumper set Includes the following bumpers for your journey 
  • (2) 10LB
  • (2) 25LB
  • (2) 35LB
  • (4) 45LB
This is plenty for most people to do their overhead lifts like the snatch and clean and jerk. Bumper plates are versatile, relatively cheap and forgiving. You use them indoors or outside, drop them from overhead and throw them about. They will be very forgiving. 
The only two disadvantages are that they are not as precise as other plates and take up a lot of space in the bar. To keep production costs down bumper plates have a higher margin for error compared to competition plates and calibrated steel plates to meet the weight which is actually stated on the bumper. With a high-quality producer like Rogue it is not as much of a problem as with no-name brands, still, expect up to 1kg of variance per plate with bumpers in the worst-case scenario. For calibrated plates and competition plates, we are talking grams. The other disadvantage is that bumper plates take up more space on the bar sleeve than Olympic plates. You can usually fit a bit more than 500 pounds on most barbells with using bumpers only. 


This set of Olympic plates from Rogue which comes with the Warrior bar and bumper set gives you:
  • (2) 2.5LB
  • (2) 5LB
  • (4) 45LB 
The small plates will enable you to go up in weight on smaller increments. 2.5lb and 5kb are usually bit done in rubber as they get too thin if you want to keep the same diameter as with the other rubber plates. The 45ers will give you the opportunity to load the barbell heavier than 500 pounds when you become a beast. With this set, you can also swap things around an enjoy the sound of metal plates when you are lifting or use the bumpers for your sled or butcher sled outdoors. Olympic barbells are great as they pack more weight in a more dense space. The disadvantage is that they can be very annoying to get off the ground and move around. 


HG collars will be easy to get on and off the bar and leave fewer scratch marks compared to spring collars on your bar. Rogue recently came up with a variation that is magnetic and stick to your rack. 

Pros of the Warrior bar and bumper

The warrior bar and bumper sets are great when you already have your facilities decked out and want to add a Rogue barbell and all the necessary plates to it. You will get a high-quality bar, bumpers and steel plates with this pack. A great choice for the single warrior who only wants to lift and is already strong. 

Cons of the Warrior bar and bumper

You will not get any infrastructure with this package. If you get so many plates you probably also need a rack for squats. Also, think of how and where to store them as the package does not cover that either. If you are a beginner, this is too many plates for yourself. You won’t be doing anything over 500 pounds for reps realistically. For the saved money on the Olympic barbells, you might get wooden rings or medicine balls to make your training more versatile.

Alternatives to the Warrior bar and bumper

Alternatives to the warrior bar and bumper set are:
Both of these sets will give you less weight to work with for the barbell, but more options to do a wider range of exercises.

Summary of the Warrior bar and bumper

The warrior bar and bumper set is the ideal setting for any home warrior who already has a small gym started at their home and now wants to go heavy or a veteran powerlifter who is fed up of going to the gym for various reasons. Just be sure that with all of these extra plates you also provide for safety in the form of a rack and plate storage. 

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