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Rogue ISO Leg Press vs TITAN plate loadable seated dip machine

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jan 12, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Rogue ISO Leg Press vs TITAN plate loadable seated dip machine

This is a comparison of the Rogue Iso leg press and the TITAN plate loadable seated dip machine including pros, cons, and alternatives. Follow the links for more details.

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Overview and review of the TITAN plate loadable seated dip machine $229

This is an overview of the TITAN plate loadable seated dip machine including pros, cons and alternatives. This article was originally posted in Which gym machine to get from TITAN. Follow the links for additional information.

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Overview of the TITAN  plate loadable seated dip machine

The TITAN plate loaded seated dip machine is a simple and effective machine to train your triceps. If usual dips are not enough anymore or are too hard for you than you can use this machine to start with the benefits or push them even further. It also a machine that is very easy to use for beginners or anyone who has to rehabilitate. The full specifications of the TITAN plate loadable seated dip machine are:
- Add weight to your tricep presses
- Adjustable seat height to fit athletes of all sizes
- Powder-coated paint job gives rust resistance
- Heavy-duty steel construction will last for years
- Optional bolt-down holes at the base, to add stability
- Installation is fast and easy – assembles in minutes!
- Footprint: 27.5-in x 30.25-in.
- Seat Back Height: 51-in.
- Seat Height: 17-in.
- Sleeve Length: 10.75-in.
- Handle Length: 16.75-in.
This is a good small machine for accessory work to your main goals if you can fit it into your gym.

Pros of the TITAN plate loadable seated dip machine

  • Easy to use
  • Plate loaded
  • Small footprint
This is a straight forward machine which is easy to use and beats a very low injury risk. This makes it an ideal machine for a gym where you expect a lot of beginners to be present.
The TITAN seated dip machine is also plate loaded which makes it a good option for the budget conscious home gym owner as you do not pay for the integrated weight stack that comes with other machines.
Another pro of the seated dip machine is that it takes up a relatively low small footprint on your gym for a machine that includes a seat. If you already have a chair in your home you might as well turn it into an exercise machine.

Cons of the TITAN plate loadable seated dip machine

  • Space requirements
  • Plate loaded
  • TITAN quality control
The TITAN plate loadable seated dip machine will take up more space in your gym than a dip attachment to your existing rack. If you have to work with a limited space than you will want to make the best of use and a dip attachment is probably the better option than putting another machine into a tight space.
Plate loaded machines are a great option if you are the sole user of your gym. If you have to provide facilities for many people at the same time  plates can become a trip and injury hazard. Depending on who you are targeting and the average fitness level of your clients you might want to lean towards machine that already have a weight stack attached to them. These cost more, but are usually safer to use and expose you to less risk as the owner of the gym than plate loaded machines.
Another con is the quality control from TITAN. While it is existent it is not as tight as with other vendors in the marketplace like Rogue fitness and Eleiko. That is natural result of competing at the low cost end of the market which TITAN decided to do. Also TITAN has several businesses across different verticals rather than focusing on fitness only. The result is that TITAN fitness is under a higher pressure to ship every unit that has been produced, even if it has minor quality issues. If you are fine with forcing some parts and applying some DIY to machines you have bought new, that is no issue. If you do not like this prospect, buy from another vendor.

Alternatives to the TITAN plate loadable seated dip machine

The TITAN dip rack attachment is an alternative to be used with your existing TITAN rack. These are easy to use and not that expensive. With this you can turn your rack in a dip station when needed and also get the dip attachment off when you want to do something else. This is a good solution in a home gym with space contraints. Ina commercial gym you might want to have the dip station permanently installed  and the dip seated machine becomes the better solution.
The Rogue Matador is a dip attachment for your Rogue rack. If you have a Rogue rack in your commercial or home gym you might eant to look into this option first before investing in an additional machine that does the same thing.
The TITAN power tower bench is a full gym for calisthenics including dips. If you are planning a home gym, but do not want to use weights, this might be the better option for roughly the same budget as getting a TITAN seated dip machine.

Conclusion for the TITAN plate loadable seated dip machine

This is a great addition for any gym that has the space to get dedicated machines for accessory work. It is easy to use and maintain and therefore will not create an additional headache in your gym like some pulley options can do. In a tight space you might want o look into rack attachments that will do the job rather than eating up more square footage with another machine.

Overview and review of the Rogue ISO Leg Press




Price: 4.750

This review was originally posted in the longer article "Which strength equipment to buy from rogue" in which you can read about 25 products of Rogue which cost more than 1.000$. The Rogue ISO leg press is a machine for the advanced athlete to perform the leg press. See the details in this article.

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Overview of the Rogue ISO Leg press

The Rogue Iso Leg press is one of the products of Rogue which have recently appeared in the portfolio. In my opinion, you can clearly see that Rogue wants to use the Lat pulldown machine, Prone Leg Curl and ISO Leg press to gain market share in the commercial gym sector to diversify their business beyond CrossFit gyms. While Rogue has already mastered the mass production of barbells and rigs, the production of big machines is done more manual. You might get a cheaper, more refined machine from somewhere else who has specialized in these for decades. Still, this will be most likely not American made and definitely not fit the rest of your Rogue gym setup. 
The future looks promising as the Rhino Belt Squat has been a great release with a positive reception in the market. I am sure rogue will take the new technological developments from the 50 cals (locking system) and the Rhino (Pulley System) to create more refined machines in the future which will take over the market. 
The Rogue ISO press can load up to 2475lb and has four load pegs. Rogue claims a 60% true weight ratio for the leg press. Machines are often criticized that too much of the load gets lost and does not have an effect on the lifter. This is why you see some people on Youtube leg pressing a bunch of plates and four Chinese girls on a leg press machine. They have better leverage than in a barbell squat. 
The Rogue ISO leg press weighs 708lbs with a footprint of 64'' x 98''. It is 98'' long, 64'' wide and 47'' high. 

Pros of the Rogue ISO Leg Press

Rogue has paid attention to the feedback from other machines by working on the true weight ratio. The four loadable pegs will go down well with your stronger clients who like big machines and also cannot find sufficient machinery in other gyms. 
The fact that each leg can be addressed individually will be interesting to rehab clients and professional athletes alike. Not many leg press machines bear this feature.
You will also get a machine that has been made by American hands in Columbus. There is quite some work to be done to finish this beast and you will always know that this has been done by an American.
A leg press machine is also less intimidating to many clients than a barbell squat. Anyone who feels like they are hurting their back with the barbell squat can be put on a leg press machine instead. 

Cons of the Rogue ISO Leg Press

The leg press machine is a single purpose machine with a relatively big footprint. This does not make it a suitable option for most gyms with a small footprint. You will also be buying outside of Rogues core business with less volume. Expect that customer services have fewer options to help you out with parts/replacements/repairs as the order volume on these is lower. There is less storage to draw from and all parts are welded together for the ISO (which means if you want to return it, they probably have to weld another from scratch or move someone else's order). 
For this price, especially if you buy multiple, maybe ask Rogue whether you can inspect the machines on site before delivery. Bring your biggest and smallest athlete/client&relative, Based on the test ask whether small alterations can be made before the machines are finished (coated etc) and shipped. 

How many clients should this leg press bring you?

If you think that the ISO leg press will bring you 16 new clients who pay you 50$ on a 1-year retainer it is worth the investment. This will yield 9.600$ net new revenue against an investment of 4.750$. Adjust the numbers for your own gym accordingly.

Alternatives to the ISO leg press

Here are some alternatives to the Rogue Iso leg press which come in at roughly the same budget. 
The Rogue Wingspan Rig only costs about 250 USD more but is an all in one gym for that price. You have a pull-up station, rack, lots of storage room, a crown pull up bar for various grip variations and space to store up to five barbells. While the ISO leg press is on one end of the spectrum as a leg training giant, this is one of the most versatile options from Rogue in the same price range.
This would be an alternative for a weightlifting gym that has no need for pull up bars and has a lot of space. You have to teach your clients how to drop a bar safely when there is enough room. The Rhino belt squat can be used by athletes with shoulder injuries or for heavy squats/volume work. It still loads enough weights for mere mortals. 
The belt squat is the poor man's version of the leg press. It does more for balance and natural movement patterns and can not be loaded as heavy as the Rhino Belt Squat or Leg press machine. If you already have jerk blocks or pylo jump boxes this is probably the most cost-efficient version to get close to a leg press. Be aware that the setup is tedious and the injury risk is high if you do not assist your clients in setting this up.


With the Rogue Iso Leg press you will get a fully welded, American made leg press machine. The specialty of this leg press machine is that you can work one leg at a time or both optionally. With some extra space to add plates to the leg press and special attention to a maximum carry over of the weight to the lifter this leg press is for serious gyms that do not want to compromise.

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