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Rogue Monster Lite Rig 2.0 vs TITAN Outdoor power tower

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jan 10, 2021 9:00:00 AM

Rogue Monster Lite Rig 2.0 vs TITAN Outdoor power tower

This is a comparison between the Rogue Monster Lite rig and the TITAN Outdoor power tower including pros, cons, and alternatives. Follow the links for more details.

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Overview and review of the TITAN Outdoor Power tower $319

This is an overview of the TITAN Outdoor power tower including pros, cons and alternatives. This article was originally posted in Which gym machine to get from TITAN. Follow the links for additional information.

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Overview of the TITAN outdoor power tower

The TITAN outdoor power tower is a good option for anyone who wants to train and their backyard. If you want to take your general fitness to the next level, this power tower is a good choice. It has extra solid steel tubing and an additional blue powder coat which protects it against the weather. The full specifications of of the TITAN outdoor power tower are:
- Heavy duty steel construction.
- Simple bolt together design.
- Weather resistant hardware and tubing. 
- Heavy blue powder coat. 
- Base Footprint: 29" x 49.5"
- Height: 86"
- Distance Between Uprights: 22.5"
- Dip / Push-up Bar Width: 26"
- Pull-up Bar Width: 48"
- Pull-up / Push-up / Dip Bar Diameter: 1.25"  
- Frame: 3" Tubing.
- Color: Blue. 
- Weight: 98 LB.
This is a great outdoor option for anyone who can already do some pull ups and dips. If you are not at this fitness level you might want to get something that helps you lose weight first.

Pros of the TITAN outdoor power tower

The pros of the TITAN outdoor power tower are:
  • Extra coating
  • Thicker tubing
  • All in one for bodyweight training
The extra coating of this power tower will make it last longer if you can not put it under shelter in your backyard. Other power towers will not come with this extra coating and therefore run a higher risk of corroding. Especially if you have extreme weather conditions and no shed or carport to put it in, the extra coating will be beneficial.
This power tower also offers thicker tubing than other power towers which makes it more stable in your backyard. Still, ideally you put it on solid ground and even weigh it down or bolt it for maximum security.
This power tower delivers the necessary setup to do anything you need in the realm of calisthenics. You might also get a pull up bar and other gymnastics equipment for a similar price.

Cons of the TITAN outdoor power tower

The cons of the TITAN outdoor power tower are:
  • Price
  • versatility
  • Not for beginners
While TITAN offers a support system of a proper business behind this product you might not necessarily need it for something as simple as a power tower. You can get a power tower cheaper on amazon and Craigslist. It might be not as sturdy as the outdoor power tower but with a little bit of patience you can grab one for a third of the price of the TITAN product.
The outdoor power tower is also not very versatile for the footprint it takes up. If you were to get a squat stand with a pull up bar attached you will get something very similar, but with more training options as the uprights will have holes for attachments.
A power tower is not a good option for beginners, especially if you are a little overweight. Pull ups and dips are challenging and can be frustrating if you do not Bek g the necessary fitness level to do at least a few of them.

Alternatives to the TITAN outdoor power tower

Alternatives to the TITAN outdoor power tower are:
The Titan tower power costs slightly less than the outdoor power tower as it does not have the additional coating. Apart from that it is the Sam model.
If you also want to add a bench to the power tower the TITAN power tower bench is the combination for you. This opens up more stability to the structure and further options for exercises.
The Rogue Jammer pull up bar is a great option to put over your kitchen door. Whenever you walk in or out of your kitchen you do as many pull ups as you can to stay fit.

Conclusion for the TITAN outdoor power tower

The outdoor power tower is a great option for anyone with a big backyard or garden to train with their own bodyweight. If you have teenagers at home and no space for a gym indoors, this can be great without I beating too much money and exposing them to injury.

Overview and review of the Rogue Monster Lite Rig 2.0




Price: 1.795$ - 5.095$

This review was originally posted in the longer article "Which strength equipment to buy from rogue" in which you can read about 25 products of Rogue which cost more than 1.000$. The Rogue Monster lite rig is a good start to your home gym or commercial gym targeted at the general public. See the details in this article.

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Overview of the Rogue Monster lite rig

The Monster Lite Rig is the little brother of the Monster Rig. The main difference is that the bolts and holes which are used to attach equipment are smaller. Monster lite uses the same 4'-6'-4' pattern as the Monster series. You will get 3x3'' 11-Gauge steel uprights for a solid base to built your gym around.
With the 2.0 upgrade, you are now able to choose different colors for your rig. Rogue also worked on the overall stability of their rigs compared to earlier models including different beams. The double pull up bars have been swapped for single pull up bars to make muscle ups easier to perform. The main ideas of the rigs are that you customize them in many different ways to your personal needs. You will get to choose from three different editions which are:

  • Base 2.0 Edition
  • Standard 2.0 Edition
  • Racked 2.0 edition
which are increasing in price as more material is used in each of these versions.
The base 2.0 edition comes with double pull up bars at the top for stability and to do pull-ups. This version is the most cost-efficient and leaves the most room around the beams to allow free movement. If you are on a budget and do a lot of cardio drills which are mixed with weightlifting and pull-ups. This is great for a gym with members who do are not much interested in powerlifting and whose fitness levels are not very high. The downsides of the base edition are less stability compared to other versions and obstructions when you want to do muscle ups. You also have fewer options to upgrade in the feature as the top beams do not provide holes to attach additional equipment too.
The standard edition mainly changes the top part of your rig. The double pull-up bars are swapped for beams. This frees up space for muscle ups along the rig, gives it more stability and options to attach extra equipment at the top of the rig. Examples can be climbing ropes and the Rogue climbing boards. You still keep the option to move freely around at the bottom. This is the right choice for gyms that have a bit more budget, want more upgrade possibilities while still being able to move around freely. If your members are gradually getting fitter you also might consider changing a base model to standard model.
The racked edition gives you the most amount of metal for the Monster Lite rig. You will create half racks at the back of each squat/bench station. This also provides more options for storage and more stability to the entire rig. If you have a lot of big football players around who move heavy weight and do little to no pull-ups or running around in the gym, this is the configuration to get. The downside of the racked edition is that any kind of running inside the rig for circuit training is not possible. You will also have a harder time to maximize the number of people doing pull-ups in parallel. 
The Rig is available in 10', 14', 20', and 24' from Rogue. It can be prolonged to whichever length you want based on your available space. The combination of the edition and length will determine the price. The longer the Rig and the more material is used, the higher the price tag will be. With these various lengths you can create the following stations for your gym:
  • 10'
    • 2 Squat/Bench stations
    • 5 pull up stations
  • 14'
    • 4 Squat/Bench stations
    • 6 Pull up stations
  • 20'
    • 4 Squat/Bench stations
    • 9 Pull up stations
  • 24' 
    • 6 Squat/Bench stations
    • 10 pull up stations
 Take some time to think about what you are planning in advance.
  • How many clients should the Monster lite Rig bring you
If you think that the Monster lite Rig will bring you 6 -17 new clients who pay you 50$ on a 1-year retainer it is worth the investment. This will yield 3590$ - 10.190$ net new revenue against an investment of 1.795 - 5095$. Adjust the numbers for your own gym accordingly.

Pros of the Rogue Monster Lite Rig

The monster lite rig gives you the freedom to play with many different configurations. It also comes in at a lower price than the Monster series Rig which can help if you want to save costs. Most of the accessories for rigs also cost slightly less in the Monster Lite version than the monster version. It will be easier to transport and disassemble than the Monster rig if you have to that often. 

Cons of the Rogue Monster lite Rig


The Monster Lite rig is not compatible with all Rogue equipment. As Rogue is pushing into the machines space now expect that most of the heavy machinery will be only or firstly available for the more stable monster construction. Also, some of the accessories you can get for the Monster series might not be available. If you exactly know what your gym should look like and you will have no needs for future upgrades, go for Monster Lite to optimize your price. If you are unsure how your gym and client base will develop, go with Monster to leave you with more options.

Alternatives to the Monster lite series

Here are some alternatives to the Monster lite series which you can consider:
This is the minimum configuration of the big brother of the Monster lite series which includes:
  • Base edition
  • Rig length of 10'
You get the same rig, just a bit more sturdy and with more upgrade options for the future. I am always a fan of overengineering when possible. Especially when you do not buy a long rig this upgrade makes sense as you only spend about 100$ more. The longer the rig gets, the more it hurts your purse to go for Monster.
This is the maximum you can go to on the Monster Rig. As you can see the difference in price between the maximum config for Monster Lite and Monster is 1.000$. Pay special attention to these economies of scale when you are outfitting a very big gym. You also might want to consider buying separate RM6 racks instead of a Rig, when you already see a need for so many heavy duty squat/bench stations. That leaves you with more options to utilize your space as you are probably not going to run around a lot in this config anyway.
  • 1x RM6 @ 2.000$
The rogue RM 6 might be an alternative for home gym owner. Think about how likely it will actually be that all of the family will train at the same time in the garage or basement gym. It is probably a lot less than you think. In this case, it might be a better alternative to get an RM6 instead of a 14' Rig to accommodate the needs of your family. If you run your personal trainer business from home ask your self how many clients will you have at the same time and what are their needs. You can get up to three people on an RM6 to train in parallel and save some depth in your basement.


The Rogue Monster lite Rig is still a very sturdy build, even though it has a bigger brother with the Monster Series. When you want to build a very long rig this might be the better option than the Monster series. This is the go to option for mere mortals who do not weigh 140kg and deadlift 900 pounds.

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