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Total Gym fit vs Rogue RE3 Echo rack [Article, Video]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

May 22, 2020 9:00:00 AM

Total Gym fit vs Rogue RE3 Echo rack

This is a comparison between the Total Gym fit and the Rogue RE3. Follow the links for more details.

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Rogue RE 3 Echo Rack

The Rogue RE3 rack comes in at $569 and is one of the low-range options for under $1000 from Rogue. Learn more in this review which was originally published in the Article "Which Rack to buy from Rogue for under $1000".

Overview of the RE3

The Rogue RE3 is a half rack for the athlete on a budget. It comes in black and is manufactured in Columbus Ohio. This is the lowest cost rack stand-alone rack that Rogue currently offers. It must be bolted to the floor for use.
The RE3 has a length of 28'' and a width of 47'' this bring the total footprint to 32''x53''. It is made from the 2x2'' 11 Gauge steel notes of the Echo Series and is therefore compatible with the beams and accessories form this product line. The height comes in at 90.375''. It ships with band pegs, a Fat/Skinny pull up bar and J Cups. The pin and pipe safeties have to be ordered additionally with this rack. 
This is a compact option for a home gym or a big facility that wants to buy in bulk and use economies of scale in their order. 

Pros of the RE3

The biggest pro of this rack is the price. You will get a full rack from Rogue very close to the $500 mark. This is rather the exception than the rule when you buy from one of the best in the market.

Cons of the RE3

The Echo series is one of the product lines of Rogue which has gotten less attention of the last few years in terms of development. If you always want to be up to date and get the newest upgrades, this option might not be for you.

Alternatives to the RE3

Alternatives to the RE3 are:
The RML 3W is a folding rack alternative that can be put flat to the wall after use. For this, it comes with the necessary equipment to attach it to the wall. This rack cannot be out in the middle of a room but can save you a lot of space. 
The W4 Garage Gym is an out of the box home gym system for the garage where the car is never parked in. The system gets mounted to the wall and also comes in around $500.
The R3 W is the echo version of the foldable Wall Mount Rack. Instead of the 3x3'' 11 Gauge notes you will get the 2x3 Gauge Steel.

Overview and review of the Total Gym fit [Article, Video]

Overview and review of the Total Gym fit

This is an overview of the Total Gym Fit and alternatives. This article was originally posted in "which total gym to get". Follow the links for more details.


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TOTAL Gym fit $1599 - $2500

The total Gym fit is either a top range option for your home gym for individual use or an option for a professional environment where you have space and want to train more than one person in parallel. The main features of the TOTAL Gym fit are:
  • FREE streaming workouts
  • 12 Levels of Resistance
  • Over 85 Exercises on One Home Gym
  • 450lb User Weight Capacity
  • Arrives Fully Assembled
  • Lifetime Warranty on Frame, Extended 2-Year Warranty on Parts & Priority Processing
The Total gym fit still comes with accessories, but not as many as the GTS. Look closely at which attachments you want to get if the range of exercises is not sufficient compared to the TOTAL Gym GTS set. The warranty is shorter and also the frame is made of less sturdy material. In turn, you get a lower price point. 

Pros of the Total Gym fit 

The total gym fit has twice the levels of resistance and 2 years instead of 6 months warranty compared to the next model down, the Total Gym XLS. It is still a full commercial gym in one machine. You will also have fewer attachments to store and understand compared to the GTS. Overall this is a very solid option for home gym owners or a budget option for a commercial setting.

Cons of the Total gym fit

Compared to the Total Gym GTS the width of exercises drops considerably from 200 to 85. This is mainly due to getting fewer attachments. If you have a heavy use environment you will also have a higher likelihood of having no warranty left when the Total gym breaks down. The price is still high for a homeowner who just wants to exercise at home.

Alternatives to the Total Gym fit 

Here are some alternatives to the Total gym fit, if you were looking for something more challenging:
The concept 2 rower D is the gold standard of rowers in the market. If you want to workout from home and don't like running, this is the machine to get. It comes fully equipped with a computer and different resistance levels. If you have rowed before in a gym you will most likely have sat on the concept 2.
The Rogue Echo bike is the best value for money airbike which is currently available in the market. If you want to save space compared to a rower or just prefer cycling over rowing for your cardio training, then this is the right machine to get. 
If you prefer free weight training at home and have a shed to convert to a Crossfit gym, the Rogue Alpha package will give you everything you need to start and get going. You only might want to add a rack or squat stand if you do not have one already.