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What home gym is best [Article, Video]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jan 18, 2020 9:00:00 AM

What you need in your home gymWhat home gym is best


This is an overview of what to get for your home gym and how to approach the task. Good planning is everything for a project like this to come out in the budget and happy with your decisions. Make sure that you buy hat you are actually going to use. This article was originally published under “what you need for your home gym

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What home gym is best

The home gym you actually use is the best one you can get. It is easy to get carried away when you equip your home gym. The budget will mushroom and need cuts if you are not specific about what you want to achieve. Here are some tips: 

Goals for your home gym

Before you buy anything to put down in writing 
  • What are your goals 
  • What are your plans 
  • What are your challenges
  • What is your timeline
Take time to determine these points and make this a manifesto. A written plan like this can be the reference point for any decision further down the line. Make this a long process so that you won’t have overlooked anything major. One hour spent on panning is five hours saved in execution. Still put down a date by when you want to act to avoid analysis paralysis. 

List of exercises 

List all of the exercises you are currently doing regularly. Not training regularly yet? Don’t invest in a home gym. It is likely that you will not use it. If you exercise less than three times a week your home gym will most likely not be the magic fix. Push the current arrangements to the limit so that you can be sure you will get your money's worth from a home gym. Once you train three times a week make a list. 
  • Which exercises do you do regularly?
  • Do these exercises support your goals? 
  • Which exercises are you not doing that support your goals? 
  • Would extra equipment fix this?
By elimination, you will get more bang for your buck. Make sure that the equipment you buy covers the exercises you are doing the most. 

Survey the area 

Once you have your list of goals and exercises ready, survey the available space. Answer questions like:
  • How high is the ceiling 
  • Will the flooring take the beating
  • What is the square footage 
  • Are any construction pieces obstructing heavy equipment 
  • Which way do doors and windows open 
  • Where will the equipment be stored when not used 
  • Can I get the equipment to the room where I want to j stall it 
  • Heat?
  • Cooling?
  • Electricity?
  • Water? 
Based on this design space you will actually use. If you are into yoga there is no point in getting a power rack and having a great view and peace with a view is a waste of good money if you like training in a dungeon while listening to Rammstein. 

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