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Will barbell stunt growth? [Article, Video]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jan 12, 2020 9:00:00 AM


Frequently asked questions about barbell training

Will barbell stunt growth?

This is a quick overview of some of the most frequently asked questions I get when I talk to people who are interested in barbell training. Some of the answers might surprise you.
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Will barbell rows help deadlift

Barbell rows and other pulling motions are underutilized in many programs you find on the internet. Everything has to be a compound exercise these days. There is merit to that logic. Training without any accessory exercises will leave you weaker than also getting to the points which otherwise are overlooked. 
The barbell row starts at the knees and ends at the belly button or hips. Ed Coan and Cailer Woolam, both elite deadlifters in their prime, attest that bringing the row up also increased their deadlift. The debate is usually around whether the row should be performed strict or with “body English”. 
A strict row means that the barbell is moved only by your arms and back muscles. This is the preferred option for bodybuilding. This way of performing the exercise isolates the muscle groups you want to train and pump up. A barbell row with body English means that you use momentum to complete the movement instead of staying static.

Will barbell stunt growth

I think this is a myth parents tell their teenage children to keep them out of the gym. The barbell itself will not impede growth. Malnutrition will. So while this is probably a cop-out low by some parents the real answer is a bit more intricate than that. 
Strength training can bring on growth. In fact, I would encourage envy children who feel like they are too small to start training pull-ups, push-ups, and other bodyweight strength exercises. This will bring on adrenaline and testosterone for growth
While barbell training does not stunt growth it is still a good idea to discourage juveniles from using heavyweights. This is especially true when they are unsupervised and have not gone through the growth spurt that comes with puberty. While barbells will not stunt growth, a major injury during the growth phase of their teenage years will. 

Can barbell snap

Whether a barbell snaps depends entirely on its quality. The lower the price for a new barbell the more likely it will usually be to snap. Be very careful with the very cheap ones from Amazon. Good quality barbells from Rogue Fitness and Titan Fitness are more likely to bend before ever getting near snapping. Even for bending the bar permanently you would need superhuman powers that even the strongest humans in the world currently don’t possess. Just stay away from the cheap crap. 

Can barbell help lose weight

A barbell can help lose weight, especially if you use it in circuit training. Barbell complexes can burn fat. Keep in kind that the main lever for gaining or losing weight is your diet, not which exercise regimen you follow. Get the kitchen sorted first. 

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