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Book Review: I never knew that about Ireland

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jul 30, 2014 11:00:00 AM

Review of "I never knew that about Ireland" 


The White House, symbol of American political authority was invented

 here. Coca Cola launched its success story from this very country. The ideas for the Sydney opera house, Louvre Pyramid and one of the longest buildings in the world, the Kasai International Airport Terminal, sprung from the mind of the children of this very place. If you expected this place to be the U.S.A., France, Germany or China stereotypes fooled you. This all comes from Hibernia, Ireland.

Another book which I discovered whilst waiting for a plain to Amsterdam. "I Never knew that about Ireland" was written by Christopher Winn who makes a living of coming up with quiz questions for television and newspapers. While he was traveling Ireland he merged his talent for observation with wit, irony and charm to deliver entertaining 289 pages .

The book presents the information by province and county of Ireland stating fact or myth about locations to see in the area. Plenty of topics are being covered from politics over fairy tales to successful businesses and inventions. You will get the opportunity to venture to places not to be found in a regular travel guide as Winn insists on strolling off the usual touristic path to find solitude, relaxation and knowledge.

Everybody who is trying to learn more about Ireland, intents to travel to Ireland or lives in Ireland as a foreigner will find interesting information in here to impress at the next dinner party or to feed their hunger for knowledge. The book is written with entertainment , not science or history at heart.

This was one pleasant read and I recommend it to everyone to plan their own discovery tour through Ireland. I wished someone gave this book to me when I just had arrived at Dublin airport for the first time in 2009. Back then I was just to occupied with myself to stop by the airport book shop.

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