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Book Review of John F. Kennedy Portrait of a President

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jun 17, 2014 2:30:00 AM

Book Review  of John F. Kennedy Portrait of a President


What would you do if you faced the world at the brink of annilation? How does a political leader keep a clear head while the world is looking up to his administration? How does it affect you personally and your beloved ones? Hugh Sidey delivers incredible insight into the life and mind of John F. Kennedy in his book “John F. Kennedy: Portrait of a president”.

Hugh Sidey was in the White House Press Corps at the beginning of John F. Kennedy’s administration in 1960 until his tragic death in Dallas in 1964. The defeat at Bays of Pig Invasion, the overcoming of the Cuba missile crisis and other crucial moments of the Cold War took place in this period.

The book covers the timeframe of John F. Kennedy’s term as president from inauguration until the Dallas shooting. It mixes facts with the tragedy and humour of the character of John F. Kennedy, his family and his staff covering events from various angles.

The portrait delivers a brilliant performance especially regarding the life of the first lady in the white house and John F. Kennedy’s most basic principles that influence his decisions. It falls a bit short in describing criticism of the “New Frontier” politics and how some Americans believed Kennedy didn’t connect to the average American caused by his background.

I highly recommend this good book. It is educational, easy to read and inspiring to learn more about this period. If you want to aquire more knowledge about the Cold War or have an interest in how to become a more effective leader this is a must read.


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