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GVT and Strength [Article]

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Dec 7, 2018 9:30:00 AM

GVT and Strength

GVT and Strength


GVT helps with strength by providing bigger muscles. However, it is more important that you master the movement patterns for whatever you want to be strong at. This will ultimately determine how good the results are. 

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What are your goals 


Why do you research GVT and Strength? What do you want to achieve? Do you want to be happier with your life? Do you feel pushed around? Do you want to impress the other sex? Whatever brought you here it pays dividends to dig a bit deeper. When you get sick or stuck at a plateau it is important to have good motivators. There are three main motivators in fitness:


  • Looks 
  • Performance 
  • Health 


If you are all about looks you are chasing a hard goal. The looks we are presented with on TV and YouTube channels are the result of preparation and predisposition. Not everyone can look like Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift for many reasons. If that is the road you want to travel be prepared to be hungry, tired and angry. You will have to be very disciplined about your diet. That will be the main factor to determine that chiseled physique. Training and sleep are second to that on the priority list. Your choices will not always be healthy or help performance. 


If you are mainly about performance you are interested in results. You want the podium. If you can’t make the podium at least you want a new personal record. You will pick your exercises according to relevancy to your sport. The training is intense. Pushing yourself to the brink of puking is a regular occurrence. Health and looks sometimes fall to the wayside to get the next set done. 


The last group is mainly about health. You will like balance. The extremes are avoided. This keeps you injury free and happy. You don’t pull your hair out when you miss a session. When you start feeling the pain it is time for a tea. You might never look the best or win a trophy but your life will be more relaxed. 


As you are looking for German Volume training and Strength you most likely belong to the looks or performance crew. Mull this over and dig deeper to stick with training long term. 


German Volume Training 


German Volume Training is one of the most popular hypertrophy programs for athletes. Because of its popularity, there are many variations. My favorite one is:


  • 10 repetitions for 
  • 10 sets at 
  • 60% of one repetition maximum with
  • 30 seconds of rest between 


This template let me pack on 2.5kg of muscle in one month using the 



You can also use machines like the lat pull down, leg press and leg curl. Dumbbells are also a viable option. 


The biggest advantages of Stornglifts are its simplicity and effectiveness. The program is easy to learn and use. So far I have not found a better program to stimulate muscle growth. It always depends on the individual but German Volume Training seems to work for many. 


The biggest disadvantages of German Volume Training are the time it takes and lack of clear progression. If you rest for 2 minutes between sets you already spent 20 minutes in the gym doing nothing. This is why I like the version with 30 seconds rest. In addition, it is also hard to scale the program or know how well you are doing. This is based on the 100 repetitions per exercise. It gets harder, especially for beginners, to identify when and how to increase resistance. 




There are many forms of strength so it helps to understand what you want to achieve. The strength a climber needs is very different from the one a powerlifter provides. Strength for fighting is different from the one needed for running. 


If you want to develop strength for grappling and climbing go with the products from ironmind. They provide grippers and other material to strengthen your grip. 


Sports specific strength is a lot about motor patterns and leverages. Try first to fix those before packing more muscle on. Effectiveness goes a long way here. Find the weak spot where you lose the most to get to your target and plug that hole. 


If you just want to be big and strong, pick up heavy stuff as often as you can. Carry it around, put it down, pick it up. Interact with heavy material as often as you can. 


Does German Volume Training build strength 


GVT builds strength in the sense that in many cases a bigger muscle generates more force. As long as this mass does not become a hindrance to performing the desired task that is a good thing. 


What Stronglifts does not do is improve your motor patterns. Spent most of your time defining what you want to be strong at and practice practice practice. 


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