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How to rescue a cat and improve your run time on 5 miles

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Jun 29, 2014 1:52:00 AM

How to rescue a cat and improve your run time on 5 miles


 No, i didn´t get chased by a dog holding a cat to improve my 5 mile run time. Even though this might be a good idea to run faster, especially if the dog is big enough. The weekend of the 28.06.2014 has been pretty eventful for me as I rescued a cat from drowning in the liffey and ran a 5 mile personal best. And it seems it is still not over, as I am going fishing tomorrow.


The cat rescue


First things first. On the 27.06.2014 on my way home from work at North Quay Wall Dublin to Conolly Station I heard a splash in the water basin behind the pub harbourmaster. On closer inspection it turned out to be a cat which for whatever reason had fallen from the apartments down into the Liffey.

Unfortunately there was no way out of the water and the best thing the cat came up with was to cling on to a rope and go into freeze mode. I watched the spectacle unfold whilst the local security guard sneaked up to me and I reacted: "Look man, there is a dog (by that time i still thought it was a puppy dog) in the water, I am not up for anything fishy." 

I asked the security guard how deep the water was, checked for the next exit out of the water for humans and a Romanian who lived on the ground floor offered a bucket and rope to hoist the cat out of the water once I got it. I stripped to my underpants and jumped.

The water was not as cold as I had expected and I swam over to the perceived dog, just to realize it was a cat. Bingo, some scratches on top... nice. I put the cat into the bucket and it got hoisted up.

I dried myself with a towel that was handed to me, left the cat with the Romanian family and made my way home by train. If anyone knows the owner of this cat please point him/her out to me. I would like to know the cats name. In the picture you can see the unknown cat and my co-rescuer.



The Irish 5 Mile runner


After my swimming escapade in the Liffey, which hopefully won't have any flesh eating consequences, I went to the Irish runner next morning driven by my lovely girlfriend. I stuck to my running plan so far this year and guess what: it made me run faster. After talking to the very friendly ladies from the help desk to get my race number, who already had been on the phone with my girlfriend earlier in the week, I made my way to the first wave of the race. This year i will be starting the Irish race series with the no.19, which is also my birthday. 

The race went good and started of with no rain. I was able to run solid & keep my pace. Clean form and breathing throughout the entire race were my companions. The track was, as usual in the race series, well laid out and organized. For the last half mile I managed to shout "Come on" at one participant and start a mini race to the finish line with him. I think it was a good boost for the both of us.Whoever you are, if you read this reach out to me ;)? After the race it started lashing rain, I hope none of the 40 - 50 minute group had too much trouble with that. 

In total 3120 runners participated. Winning time was 24:18 by Brandon Hargreaves. I finished with a chip time of 32:52 in place 215. My crossfit training and the treadmilling in Bostons definetly paid of. 

All of this I am doing to be the best man I can possibly and raise money for cancer. If this made you smile, sigh or inspired you, maybe take the time to donate 1€, because a guy had the courage to jump into the Liffey to rescue a cat and to run 5 miles in the rain. 


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