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How to run a faster marathon ? Run a pr 10K

Posted by Pascal Landshoeft

Aug 16, 2014 6:46:00 AM

At the Fingal 10k in Dublin on the 20th of July i ran a pr 10k of 39:48:


The 10k run was part of my current preparation to the Frankfurt Marathon on the 26th of October 2014. I am running for a good one and a half years and when i got the result i couldn't believe that i made it to the crowd who is capable of running 10k in under 40 minutes.

I got a feeling that i was onto something when i started slightly behind the top runners and was still going strong with barely anyone overtaking me. I passed the club runners who I admired when I ran the Finglas 10k last year. As i passed one of the senior runners who had been pointed out by the commentator at the beginning of the race I felt proud.


The things i did differently from the year before which definitely helped me run faster:


  • Made use of the bag tag to leave my bag comfortably behind
  • Arrived one and a half hours early, checked out the area and did a proper warm up
  • Left my I phone at home. The chip already measures your time 

Happy Runner after the race:

The Dublin race series staff is always helpful and was so kind to take this picture after the finish:




Tweet this one! You see a happy man after a 10k run with the magnificient port a loos in the background. The number 19 is also my birthdate.

If you want to go somewhere, have a goal:


Last year is set myself the goal to run a marahton and I did it. This year i set myself the goal to run a marathon under 3:05 hours and I am on track. You won't achieve anything without clear goals, because than you will not know how to prioritse. Set yourself a new goal today and be as happy as me. I improved my 10k pr within a year by 10 minutes. What will you do ? How will you do it ? Looking forward to your comments.


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